Thursday, 25 August 2016

We lose our dog, Bibi....and other lamentations and observations


     News was received to-day, after our return from our little hideaway in rural Mexico, that our main dog, Bibi the Labrador, had died after a brief illness.  He was about six years old, and had been active until recently.  Our majordomo advised us this morning as I had dialed down some business orders and objectives.
     This came as a bit of a surprise due to the fact that he had seemed to improve over the past two or three days.

     He was an exceptionally good canine.   He will be missed


     We move on to the issues of the day.   There is an election on the horizon;   certainly several of our readers have noticed that.   It has become something like choosing between having an extreme attack of nausea and vomiting or a migraine  headache.

      Both of the major party candidates speak and act as if, once elected, they would be autocratic dictators.....deigning, ordering, mandating, and implementing policy

     One will order a wall to be built (maybe) and another says there will be free college and amplified Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI) at all public universities.

      In each of the examples the acts would normally require considerable Congressional and State participation, funding, approval, and modification.  But neither of these two seem to have much use for these apparently outdated institutional imperatives.
     Each appears to be disposed to rule by Executive Order.   It sounds good to the bulk of the electorate who think in two dimensions, or in hopes of receiving special favors, or who can say things like, ".....but we need change."

     It is difficult for this observer to understand the reasoning of pundits and people who want more and greater change, ostensibly because of how bad things have become, even though during the last election cycle almost all of them voted for "Hope and Change".

     It makes indelibly clear, however, that the "Progressive Movement" and all its ghoulish acolytes never wish for solutions to the social and economic problems....even international relations problems...because people of that movement rely on the short memories of the hoi polloi.  And the "Progressives" propose more programmes to solve the problems that were caused by the programmes that have brought us the nightmares of hundreds and hundreds of medium-sized and large urban areas in the United States of America.

We shall try to speak to other issues to-morrow.   There are observations about Mexico and Texas of interest, and other matters.
El Gringo Viejo