Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Paul Harvey - 1965 Warning to America Speech


     Pardon the paranoia, but we have typed this up three times before this time, and  each time, upon return, the writings have been sent to the Planet Zenox.  Only (Sir Edmund) Hillary's server could have been wiped clean enough to have done that. Therefore our commentary will be short. 

     We begin this brief set of commentaries over several points, simply looking for a reset button to put order to the scrambling eggs that now serve as a replacement for what was left of my brain.   The admonitions of Paul Harvey concerning what would happen if we were ever so stupid so as to follow the path that we have followed.....have all come to roost  (I'm sorry.  We meant to say 'to chick'.  Or is that anti-PC as well?)

     We have come to the conclusion that there is a worst-case scenario.  It is not quite a tie for last place.   The worst case is to have a certifiably psychotic, anti-American, narcissistic, pathologically mendacious,  national socialist, presumptuous dilapidated old hag at the helm of the Ship of State.   The Ghost of Paul Harvey Aurandt compels us to this conclusion.  We are out of last chances.

El Gringo Viejo