Saturday, 2 July 2016

Sent from our spies in Extreme Central Texas - A Real and True analysis of Benghazi


The observers from the outpost in Extreme Central
Texas received this communique that can only 
be reviewed by the OROG Community and/or 
anyone that community might wish to reveal
this reconaissance.   We submit it to the readers
as a set of valid observations and very probably
extremely accurate deductions.

Xxx, Xxxxx, et al,
I know you have all been waiting for my erudite analysis of the
Benghazi report.   Sorry to be slow, but the social, cultural and
athletic distractions of The Villages have lured me away from
any serious reading.  I mean, should I stay in and study the
report or go out and play pickleball with a really hot 65
year old chick?  And by “hot” I do not mean the
temperature in Central Florida.
I have spent a few hours reading the report and my primary
conclusion is based on something I learned as a young action
officer on the Joint Staff.  This was during the Carter
Administration and my job was working papers on Foreign
Military Sales (FMS) policy.  My immediate boss was an
Army Col, but he was a nonentity, so I normally got my
guidance from Ace Lyons.  At the time Ace was a new one
star and not greatly concerned the minutiae of FMS.
However, we were often required to go to interagency
meetings on FMS subjects and he would ask for a
quick briefing. 
One evening I was attempting to talk to him about a subject as
he was packing up his briefcase to go home.  I was in the middle
of my passionate defense of the Joint Staff position when he
interrupted to ask for the bottom line.  I said that the bottom
line was that the State Department guys did not understand that
in 10 years………….
Ace:  Don’t be stupid!
Me:  Sir?
Ace:  You said something about the State Department and
10 years.
That is just stupid.  What do you think the long range planning
horizon is over at State?
Me:  (Knowing the insults usually came in groups of three.)
 Nine years?
Ace:  That is dumb even for a 1310.  But, let me teach you
something about the way things are in these meetings we go
to.  No one at my level, and very few at your level, in the
State Department can think of anything beyond the next
Presidential Election.  That is it.  Just until the next election.
When the military talks about long range planning they
ignore us unless there is to be a press release.  Then their
only concern is the effect the wording might have on the
Ace’s words seemed a bit harsh at the time.  But, Ace
when on to the 4 star level so perhaps he had a valid
perspective.  His words did come back to me many times
during a later Attaché tour and 10 years as a contractor
working on State Dept programs.
The thought that State’s planning horizon was only out
to the next election came back again as I read the Benghazi
report.  It occurred to me that I had been looking at the
problems from a military perspective and so much of what
was done simply did not make sense.  So many things that
happened, or did not happen, were in Ace’s words “stupid.”
But, in reading about the various meetings and e-mails
it occurred to me that it was basically a State Dept 
problem (with the CIA as a silent partner) and I should
look at it from their perspective. And suddenly it was
all crystal clear.
The REAL problem was that there was an election in less
than 60 days. The prime directive therefore, was to
minimize the bad press.  Fortunately the video that had
cause a bit of a demonstration in Cairo presented a way
to place the blame for the deaths on right wing idiots.
How could the Administration be blamed for a morally
justified riot that happened with no warning? 
In the first few hours after the attack, there was the
minor problem of getting the people and bodies out
of Benghazi.  Doing that in a way that would establish
and preserve the fiction that the “video” was the cause
of the “riot” was important.  The last thing they wanted
was to have some door kickers going into Benghazi.
That might make it seem as if there might be an
organized military opposition.  What if there was
a fire fight and a marine was killed?  Would that be
a combat death?  NOT GOOD!  
The answer was to keep the military away from
Benghazi at all costs.  Tell all the military commands
that an evacuation was arranged and they should
hold positions (can you say “stand down”) and then
hope the evacuation took place without any
opposition.  If we communicated to everyone
in Benghazi that we only wanted to get our bodies
out and that no retaliation would take place,
perhaps no one would attack the convoy to the
airport or the vulnerable aircraft on the ground.    
Once everyone was in Tripoli it was just a matter
of telling everyone as often as possible that there
had been a riot over a video, and then keeping that
idea operative until after the election.  Fortunately
they could throw the creator of the video in jail, etc. 
So, on Sunday, a few days after the attack, we have
Susan Rice going on all five Sunday morning
political shows to propagate that lie.  I have
watched all of her appearances on YouTube.
My absolute favorite is the State of Union
appearance with Candy Crowley.

Candy certainly knew the truth and was too
embarrassed to ask the exact question Susan
needed, but she got close. Close enough for
Susan to get all of her well-rehearsed talking
points in while Candy sat in silence and did not
interrupt.  Here is the link to the YouTube 
portion of the show:
With the party line established by Susan,
it was only necessary to hold on for a few
more weeks until the election. They could
trust most of the press and media not to ask
difficult questions, Romney to be too much
of a gentleman to seriously raise the issue,
and various talking heads to discredit FOX
or any other media that got out of line.
Questions about the attack were raised by
various Senators and Congressmen but
they were not widely covered.  Susan Rice’s
“talking points” were questioned, but that
was a side show and only added to the
confusion.  The statements of the families
of the dead were an unfortunate footnote,
but not a major problem as only FOX
covered their anger and grief.
And it worked perfectly.  Confusion about
Benghazi reigned supreme and nothing was
as widely covered as Rice’s Sunday
appearances.  Anyone who raised
questions was accused of being a
conspiracy junky by the Kool-Aid
drinkers.  Add a few more lies about
keeping medical plans and doctors
and the election was won.
After the 2012 election the time horizon
shifted to the 2016 election.  So the game
plan became one of delay, obstruction,
executive privilege, etc.  Only a Republican
congress would do any serious investigating,
and every committee would have loyal 
Democrats to loudly proclaim the probing
was a political witch hunt.  CIA director
David Petraeus was the wild card, but he
screwed up and allowed himself to be
So now we just a few weeks from the 2016
election and the plan is working nicely.
Unfortunately the Benghazi committee
discovered the Clinton email server issue,
but the results of that investigation can be
delayed until well after the election.  Then
a new time horizon can be established.
When I previously assumed the lack of
military response to the attack on the
Consulate and Annex was a massive screw
up, I was dead wrong.  It was obviously
part of an extremely well-conceived plan
to get past the election with the falsehood
that the video was the culprit.  It was so
easy.  Keep telling the lie, deny, obstruct,
and win.  Who can argue with success?
I will cease being interested in the
command center/military response
aspects of the Benghazi catastrophe.
I am now certain that the plan to keep
anyone in uniform far away from the
action was in place very early in the
evening.  Marines in Rota?  Give them
uniform changes and send them to
Sigonella.  F-16s?  Even if they were
armed, fueled and ready to launch
they would not have been used.
One would not want another accident
like what happened at Desert One in
1980.  If a shoulder fired missile shot
one down it would be big trouble.  How
could one fit that into the video/mob
scenario?  It was best to just tell
AFRICOM that the evacuation
would take place without any
need for cover and there was
definitely no need to send
anyone in to recover anything
from the Annex or the wreckage
of the Consulate.
Looking at this through Ace’s lens,
everything falls into place for me.
Even the minority report is logical
if you believe they knew and supported
the plan from the beginning.  
As of this moment I am officially
bored with the whole Benghazi thing.
Bored..... and revolted.

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