Friday, 22 July 2016

Returned....burned out....but....

     We returned on Tuesday, mid-day.   Uneventful drive, made good time and good fuel mileage.  Pretty full of woe and disdain, etc.   A fairly rotten political scene for El Gringo Viejo.
     But, at least (Sir Edmund) Hillary has been spared the fate of Scooter Libby, Martha Stewart, and Charles Colson who were readily thrown into the central government pokey for holding FBI raw data personnel files, making misleading statement to the FBI, and that horrible thing Scooter Libby know....that horrible thing.....all those horrible things....(?).

     The FBI has a perfect record of covering for (Sir Edmund) Hillary, something like 0 - 18 by this point.   It is because of that fact we went out on a limb before departing for our little adobe hut in the Mexican outback a couple of weeks ago.   To wit:

(2 July 2016)   "As the OROG nation watches, and millions of other observers cease breathing to as to focus on the outcome of the Great (Sir Edmund) Hillary Interview with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, El Gringo Viejo reassures all that nothing will come of any of this.   Take one teapot, put two hundred million tonnes of landfill and septic discharges into said teapot, pour it out on the central government's system of justice as it relates to the Clintons, and the Obsolete Press as well as the FBI will assert that (Sir Edmund) Hillary is now qualified for Beatification because of all she has done for Women and Reproductive Rights and Everything.
     "In seriousness, the FBI's collusion with (Sir Edmund) Hillary in so many things....such as framing the White House Travel Office staff and even sending one to prison (conviction later overturned), and the forwarding of over 1,100 raw data personnel files (simple possession of each file a felony) at the demand of (Sir Edmund) Hillary, along with, at a later point, the raw data file of Linda Tripp to (Sir Edmund) Hillary when she demanded it, plus so many other collusions with Her Majesty....we can be absolutely assured that she is not only going to remain un-charged in these matters, but she will probably be given a glowing apology for ever having  had to suffer the troubling little pin-pricks of suspicion from all the little people, and sniveling investigators who actually thought they had any right to even look at Her Highness, much less interrogate her."


     In any regard we have a few pictures from your home in the Mexican outback:

 Here, El Gringo Viejo checks on the quality of some of the
 several hundred avocados that adorn the corner of the "long
 west-facing corridor".  Like the Iguana said, "Time's fun when
 you're having flies,"

     Truth be known, these are not actually avocados.  Many, if not most, of the "avocados" we and the Mexicans eat are actually "paguas"(PAH  guahs).  What possible difference can that make at this point?   Almost none.   BUT!  The pagua is larger and almost always covered with a skin that is "fire-engine green".   The seed of the pagua is also larger both in terms of overall ratio of seed to meat inside and in comparison to any regular black-skinned avocado's seed.

This tree has suffered all kinds of wind abuse.  It may have
 even had some indirect lightning damage.  But it
continues to produce, and prosper.  We have  another such
  tree down 
a few yards lower down on the property
that also is a  good producer.  Almost any tropical
 fruiting thing grows and prospers in this
 area and with this soil. 

    We shall have more things upon which to report after a return from the dentist's office later this morning.
El Gringo Viejo