Friday, 17 June 2016

Continuing with Report and Opinions


     We continue with our reportage and opining about various topics since our most recent return from our little hideaway in the middle of NoWhere, Mexico.   These matters will be addressed heater-skelter, due to the fact that, as a geezer, it is necessary to advance as something is remembered.

      There was a bit of a delay yesterday because of the better three-quarters requirement that we visit the Cathedral of the Roman Catholic of Diocese of Brownsville.   This is an easy-to-miss Cathedral.   Although there is ample parking in the middle of downtown Brownsville, Texas, it seems as though there is no  real rush of people going in and/or out.

     It is best that we comment about Father Pietre Keralum who was a "mounted missionary" and a brilliant, traditionalist architect.  His works, whether in the saddle or in the pulpit or in the design and construction of truly magnificent, if understated churches, are still legendary.   This fact is true after even well after 125 years have elapsed since his departure from this life.   More about this very significant preacher in the future.

    As an aside, we visited the Stillman House Museum....worth every penny and minute.  AND...we went to the old Oyster Bar in downtown, finding it pretty much like it was but up-dated (neither of us had been there during the previous 50 years).   It was all but a perfect experience.  Not cheap, but nowhere near expensive.  Service, food perfect and the ambience dull, boring, calm, and therefore also perfect.

     We were going to start from the beginning and move back to the future.  The events in England however, with the death of the Member of Parliament, caused us pause.   It was relevant to the other issues, such as the people of Orlando, Florida coming into contact with Radical Islamic Terrorism.
     Reporters have little noted, and apparently nor long remembered, that their favourite example of a place without sin is a place like Great Britain.  Complete acquiescence to the notion that confiscation of firearms in private hands and possession, no matter how otherwise legally and responsibly used, was not to be permitted.
     The United Kingdom solved all that problem with this confiscation.  With the flooding of that United Kingdom with ''Commonwealth people" during the past twenty years, and the utter Islamisation of precincts as venerable as London itself, other forms of violence has become more fashionable.   Like the Irish Republican Army (a common, run of the mill group of marxists and anarchists), the Islamic terrorists turned to just blowing up busses and subways and people with bombs or whatever.
     Somehow the French, Belgians, and the rest of Eurolandia have managed to allow Radical Islamic Terrorists unbridled access to all nature of firearms and suicide vests and pressure cookers and  whatever else can be used to destroy infidels and heretics....especially homosexuals and heterosexuals and reverse retransgendered blimp pilots, (and people who can remember the lyrics to Cockles and Mussels, Alive, Alive, Oh!).

     Our point?   Please forgive us, but with the thousands of Draconian laws and controls on firearms of any kind, a person known to be a kooky-bongo, diagnosed and certified, can still managed to shoot and knife an MP who is campaigning in public.   Shades of Arizona.

     What the Brits need is a law against guns and the use thereof.  And we need to get rid of the other 17,000 - plus law controlling, restricting, and prohibiting firearms here in the United States of America as well.
     Since the best place for kooks and Islamic Radical Terrorists to shoot and kill people with alacrity is in some designated "GUN FREE ZONE", it would be best just to get rid of everyone and make the entire nation a ''gun free zone".

     We try to talk over the noise, although our interest in doing so diminishes with each of these events   We listen to people such as those found "hostessing" The View, who lament that "....anyone can just walk in and buy a fully, semi-automatic weapon".
   The left requires a vapid, insipid body of drooling followers or they would have no significant following.  Long I have wished to have enough muster to be able to post a sign at the entrance of every progressive school and/or college.   That sign would proclaim:




2016 DEATH TOLL : 284
     As just a friendly....or not so friendly....aside.   We always like to point out that Obamaland, up on the north end of the State of Illinois, where New York Values and Chicago Values and Community Organiser Values meet in a friendly Progressive frenzy, there is almost total abolition of anything that has to do with anything firearms.

     This year alone, Chicagoland deaths by felony firearm engagements number 284.   That total comes after about 160 days.  Nothing is said in the national Obsolete Media...and very little of significance is stated by the local media.   Chicagoland is on a path to have over 700 killed by guns, that by law do not exist, because they have been outlawed.

     While there is a bit of wringing of hands, shredding of raiment, and sitting in the ashes....nothing is done....and frankly nothing can be done.  Midnight basketball?  Food Stamps?  Perhaps free housing? Let them eat cake?


  The sins of the fathers will be visited upon the first and second and third generations, yea! even unto the fourth.   That is what is happening.    With thousands of families having no paternal structure or discipline, and living almost entirely upon the largesse of the public exchequer, and receiving the shallowest of moral instruction or none at all, it is inevitable  that great numbers of the young will be led into the way of iniquity.   The young will stray and follow the evil, for they know not the good.

    Until souls are restored, or until all those who dwell in iniquity and self-adoration and gratification are departed.....there will be no peace.

     The ones most responsible are those who have sold these wretches into the slavery of public assistance so that they, the elite social progressives, can live in the big houses and have the gated entrances into their exclusive subdivisions with the armed guards.   After all, who would want to live around the wretches they have created?


We depart for a moment.  More later.
El Gringo Viejo