Thursday, 19 May 2016

Fernandez de Kirchner, Maduro, Rousseau....all washed up and no place to go, but further down

Populations of the South American Nations

                           2014             /     2015

Brazil                 202,033,670       / 203,657,210

Colombia             48,929,706        /  49,529,208

Argentina             41,803,125        /  42,154,914

Venezuela                  30,851,343   /  31,292,702

Peru                     30,769,077         /  31,161,167

Chile                    17,772,871        /  17,924,062

Ecuador               15,982,551        /  16,225,691

Bolivia                10,847,664         /  11,024,522

Paraguay               6,917,579         /    7,032,942

Uruguay               3,418,694          /    3,429,997

Guyana                   803,677          /       807,611

Suriname                543,925          /       548,456

French Guiana       255,455           /       261,729

Falkland Islands        3,052             /          3,058

South America

        410,932,389    /  415,053,269

      It is a scene akin to Pompeii, or perhaps a combination of Hiroshima and Dresden in 1946, and south Chicago, with two cups of blended brains of Nancy Pelosi.  Three of the top four names on this list of South American nations, Brazil / Argentina / Colombia are in veritable shambles.   They have been reduced, after several years of rule by marxist demagogues, to crumbling reminders of the decay of Cuba during the past 50 years.

     Mrs. Fernandez de Kirchner used her two terms to drag Argentina, predictably, into a morass of currency collapse, coupled with massive inflation, steady deterioration of public facilities, pointless lectures and blame casting, demonization of the productive sectors, and general corruption.  Argentina was number three in the Americas in 1960, behind places with funny names like The United States of America, and the Dominion of Canada of Her Majesty's Commonwealth.  The Republic of Cuba followed Argentina in an near tie for that third place position.

     We are speaking not so much in gross national product terms, but rather in the level of general education, per capita income, medical availability and practice, consumer and product availability and quality.   Now Argentina speeded up its decline to presently find itself well down on the list, as does Cuba, Haiti, and others of the workers' paradises so ardently hoped for by Bernie's and (Sir Edmund) Hillary's zombiecrats.
     It is well to remember that the La Sen~ora Cristina Fernandez was a member of the marxist guerrilla (preceding word pronounced gae - REE - yah ) known as "Los Monteros.  That group was a 1st cousin to the Sendero Luminoso and the visions of Ernesto (Che') Guevara  in "her time", but reformed to "work within the system" (sedicion en ves de guerra {sedition instead of war}).  Working "within the system" was never anything more than a phrase to Cristina....a girl with a German grandmother with the name of Wilhelm.   She was another of the white leftists who abound in the New World who feel compelled to save the masses with free food, housing, medicine, in return for servile servitude and worship.

     One dirty secret, do not tell anybody, but Barry, and (Sir Edmund)Corkscrew, and even Bernie the Pinko all want what Cristina wants.....access to wealth by taxation....not just to high wages...but wealth.   The labouring classes who happened to have set-aside pensions similar to 401s and State Employees' Pension plans etc., learned and could not believe it was true.  But there were active plans, and implementation was beginning with the preparation of legislation in the lap-dog Congress to begin a taxation.  That levy would be of instruments, certificates of deposit, savings accounts, bonds of medium and long term, foreign "insertions" and deposits, precious metals and jewels, collections of paintings and firearms and antiques and properties and the like.  In short, take from the rich and give to the politicians to buy votes with other people money and property.
     The problem is that many union workers learned fairly quickly that they were part of the "rich".   Frequently a long-term worker might find that he/she might have 53,000 +/- USD on deposit in a pension fund that is titled in his/her it should be. That is the was of the  Texas State Employees and Texas State Teachers' and Education Employees' Retirement System.   It should be done this way, and not as the American style Social Security System Ponzi-scheme.
      But, fear not!   Cristina only seemed to want something "reasonable" like four per cent per annum.   But, fear....and be very afraid!   Cristina had become frumpy and damaged in the cranium, apparently (sound familiar?...with a name that rhymes with 'Billary'?) She thought she was the re-appearance of Evita and the people would love her forever and drown her plumed and ribboned black horses drawing the black and glazed carriage with her silver coffin with roses thrown of a thousand colours by the adoring masses.    But not so much.   Even the downtrodden labouring masses came to hate Cristina.....not Evita....but Cristina.
     Where does sin, avarice, self-indulgence, and greed end and Shirly Temple begin?  Cristina wanted the people's money, and Evita wanted to be gazed upon and cherished.  Both were deranged, and if forced, were I to be an Argentine, to choose one or the would be Evita.  All of them...Jane Fonda, Frida Kahlo, Barbra Streisand and a thousand other thrippets who think they are the first ones to worry about the poor and peace....who pretend to equality to that poor, self-deluded girl....Evita....are not qualified to drink muddy water from her slipper.   Hillary care about "the poor"?   Can we be very serious for a moment?


    Now, comes Venezuela.  The weeping masses, learning of the death of Father Hugo Chavez, the military dictator of Venezuela who gave so that the masses could have.   They wailed and bewailed when he died of all kinds of 'social' diseases.   He went for treatment to Cuba, because Cuba has the best medical system in the world, and it's all "FREE".  There were even thrashing and gnashing of teeth in the streets among the professionally poor in the streets of Caracas when Saint Hugo died.....people howling, "Who is going to take care of me????  Oh! Who will give me what I need?"   It was a beautiful send-off to a jerk who knew that there are enough people who are stupid and ignorant enough to believe in the phrases, "Hope and Change" and "A cada quien lo que necesita! (to each what he/she needs)."

   The political godfather of the present president was Hugo Chavez, a totally deranged egomaniac.   Hugo's successor, Nicolas Maduro, is equally deranged, not quite as smart, and pitifully unskilled in the arts and science of governance.   Within two years since the demise of Chavez, Maduro has managed to give away all hope of normalisation of the economy or society.   In short, things were desperate because of Chavez's "print and spend" economic philosophy, coupled with his continuing harassment of the productive sector.  When the price of oil fell, Maduro became a useless Nero presiding over a country in total ruin.
     Food riots....can the OROG imagine a food riot in Venezuela...basic supplies, toilet paper, pampers, canned goods, even tropical fruit and vegetables, even fish and shellfish....unavailable.  But, the blame, as is the case with all marxists, is laid at the feet of the businesses and persons who provided what once was a bounty of food, drink, and product.   Venezuelan currency is all but worthless at this point.  People have turned to using deposit-bearing soft drink bottles as a form of currency in rural areas, in lieu of bolivares.
     Food and currency and banking and supply riots, along with daily (and day long) demonstrations by people who grew accustomed to Chavez's largess, still want their free ride, and they want it now!   Oddly, this time they are blaming Maduro, and not the "rich people".

     In Venezuela, a military take-over should be anticipated and is probably necessary by this point.

      As far as Brazil is concerned, this story is terribly and boringly complicated.  Thankfully, it can be closed, at least temporarily, with the knowledge that Dilma Rousseau has been impeached, and like her sister-in-crime, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, she is being convicted and further charged with all nature of massive fraud, theft, and misrepresentations.   She has been removed from office.
   Rousseau, Fernandez de Kirchner, and Maduro....all phoneys, all marxists, and hopefully all washed up. 

More later.
El Gringo Viejo