Wednesday, 20 April 2016

FOX News circles the bowl.....

     The breathless, hyperventilated exultation of and by FOX News and others of the Obsolete Press concerning the Great Victory of Donnie Boy can be readily tempered when considered, as it is said, "in context".  While the Trump people and their apologists point out the "unfair rules" and other such GOP defects and obstacles Trump has had to endure, they are elated over their Great Victory.

(1)   To begin, all of New York's electorate, totalling right at 10,000,000 registered  electors managed to pour out to endorse Donnie Boy, The Deal-Maker.....except for the facts that (a) 30% of the electorate could not vote, because only those registered as Democrats or Republicans could vote, excluding all those registered as Independents and (b) fewer than one million people bothered to vote in the Republican Primary because in New York, who cares what the Republicans do? , and (c) one might ask,  who wants to vote in a "rigged primary" where there is little or no proportional division of the vote in terms of delegate assignment?
     File the above paragraph under, "I will whine, accuse, bully, and  generally throw a typical spoiled child's tantrum if anything offends me about another candidate's gaining of delegates, but whatever I receive is mine and good.   So shut up."

(2)     FOX News was pointing out that Ted Cruz won only 48.5%  of the Texas Republican Primary vote back in March, while Donnie Boy took over 60% of the New York total.   FOX News and any other Obsolete Media outlet conveniently leave out that  (a) when Cruz was running in the Texas Republican Primary, all 16 GOP candidates for nomination were, by law, still listed on the ballot.   Kasich and Dr. Carson were still active in the campaign.   Rubio had only shortly before had been active.....and for instance Carla Fiorina and Rand Paul picked up 3% of the overall vote, as inactive candidates.
     Donnie Boy had an abbreviated candidate list of three candidates last night, and was a favourite son.   Donnie Boy and the Obsolete Press and FOX News also failed to point out that Ted Cruz's vote total in the Texas GOP Primary (1,300,000) essentially dwarfed the entire vote total in the New York contest (900,000), and was almost triple what Donnie Boy picked up last night.

     Donnie Boy was awarded forty-some odd delegates by his showing in the Texas primary, while New York rules gave Ted Cruz none of theirs.   One does not see Cruz nor his posse moaning, whining, and/or threatening others about this "rigged, crooked election" reality.   Kasich with over a quarter of the vote was awarded only five or six delegates.

(3)     To sum up, it does not really matter what the Republicans do in their primary in New York, because the hideous combination of consumer and abuser interests in that State, housed almost entirely under the Democrat tent, will prevail in any General Election....rendering all their Electoral College votes to the forces of socialism, government dependence for "minorities", and constant collusion with mafia-like business and labour interests.
     FOX News and the Obsolete Press have begun the predictable "Turn Out the Lights, the Party's Over" song.   They are anxiously hoping to have the two very worst, most morally and ethically detestable, corrupt persons possible facing off for the November Event.   They gotta be proud of their spawn.


    We need to remember that the enemy is both the Republican Party and the Forces of Mindless Blather.   Robert Taft was denied the Republican nomination in 1952 because he was "too conservative", and the "establishment" blue-blood, northeastern Republican king-makers recruited General Dwight David Eisenhower to run against Taft for the Republican nomination.   They even recruited a "right-wing" hero, Richard Milhous Nixon to serve as Vice-President to the General.   A slight consolation prise for the conservatives turned out to be that Eisenhower generally governed as a hands-off, laissez faire executive, with few exceptions.   He said, when asked about his greatest regret during his two-terms of service, that....".....the appointment of Earl Warren as Chief Justice to the Supreme Court was the damnedest fool mistake I ever made."   It was hard to hold a grudge against "IKE" after that.
     So, what does multiple balloting look like after a lot of floor fights and strong-arming?  Please behold, below:
Presidential Balloting, RNC 1952
Contender: Ballot1st Before Shifts1st After Shifts
General Dwight D. Eisenhower595845
Ohio Senator Robert A. Taft500280
Governor Earl Warren of California8177
former Minnesota Governor Harold Stassen200
General Douglas MacArthur104
     The Republican Poobahs and Shamans also engineered the theft of the 1976 nomination, holding in for Gerald lieu of allowing the far more popular Ronald Wilson Reagan is another example.
   The record of the "Enlightened Ones" of the eastern seaboard aristocrats is almost perfect in recent times.   Building upon Herbert Hoover, they gave us during the Latter Days, King George the First in 1992, Bob (ADA) Dole, (Sen. and Col.) John McCain, and the Rev. Mr. Mitt Romney.  Now by their own clumsiness and "benign arrogance" they have produced the Spawn from Heck, Little Donnie"....laissez les bons temps rouler!!"

     We now return to our previous themes to be published later the morning.  Those refer to our recent stay and activities at our hideaway on the face of the Sierra Madre Oriental in Nowhere, Mexico.