Friday, 18 March 2016

A Conundrum, two choices between the lesser of two evils, and The Virtuous walked into a bar one time....


We have a conundrum in that we have a choice between the lesser of two evils vs. the virtuous.

It is not the “Art of the Deal” that will be our undoing but the art of the fox.  Trump is not unlike Guido da Montefeltro’s prowess in Dante’s Inferno where he professed the “art of the fox”.  As a Ghibelline general, his mastery of the “art of the fox” made him successful in his scams whereby he was never called to account.  Later in his life he disguised himself as a Franciscan Monk hoping to fool God to get to Paradise.  His Machiavellian persona did not fool God!  In Inferno Guido gets his just reward.  Cosmic justice prevails as it will with the “Art of the Deal” maker Donald Trump (hopefully it will not prevail too late).

And as for the Ohio Machiavellian, he is simply a selfish little man.  He holds himself above the fray insinuating he is altruistic and will save the country.  His disguise is also thin.  He couldn’t even admit to Hannity that his plan was to win the impossible, that he could not say he is looking to throw the GOP nomination into a contested convention when in reality that is all he can do.  That at the cost of all the people of America.  If he had the courage to do what is right and just he would get behind either of the other two remaining candidates.  I hold my nose it it is Trump but I detest Kasich.  Let us pray for cosmic justice once again.

The only true patriot and virtuous among them is Ted Cruz, who by all fairness should prevail but for the insidious art of the foxes.