Friday, 4 March 2016

La Malagueña - Trío Tariácuri (con letra)


This is posted not so much to jump upon anybody's bones, but to commemorate that we are not all immigrants.  Some....many....of us are colonials, such as your humble servant, but more especially the other side of my daughter and son and their progeny's ancestry.   Mine is long enough, but their mother's in Texas causes my grandchildren to be 14th generation Texians.   By me, they are only 7th.   In Brittanic America, well....yes, my children are 16th generation....through Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, and Pennsylvania.  But my wife's people had people inside and outside of the Alamo as best we can figure.   All were were my Yankee great uncles....brothers of my grandfather....from the Pennsylvania 96th Regiment of Volunteer Infantry....wrong side...but heroes none the less, dying for their cause.

     This song is placed here for my children, their friends, and such to understand from whence my wife is ancestrally derived....which is Andalusia in Spain, and from those areas such as Valencia, Huelva, and Malaga.  Beautiful and intelligent women abounded there, too many to count.  They were relieved of their burkas and veils by the Christian Knights from Galicia by 1492 and continued their practice of Christianity, "more Catholic than the Pope"....even unto this day in places like Saltillo, Monterrey, places between, and among the ancient settlers in Texas.

     The complexities are a joy to relate and to argue upon.  My granddaughters have this high intelligence and cunning wit...all of them.   They are grey and green and blue and purple of eye and think faster than should be allowed.

    A man almost 70 years of age should be able to outthink a child of 7 years of age...but such is not the case here.  These are the prides of our family.   One is not shown because the computer is grumpy.   I shall send the computer to bed without supper.  (and see if I can fix the problem by morning. We have another granddaughter we wish to show, but the computer prevents such.)