Thursday, 3 March 2016

Eva Peron ♥ No llores por mi Argentina ♥

We have found Evita, leaving the grave and wandering through the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, looking for those lost children she never had....looking for those false promises that she never meant to keep.   Evita was braised in golden hue.
The new Evita,  a demagoguette who wanted to ride the horse of another national socialist demagogue....Donaldo Trumpo, the re-incarnation of both Mussolini and El Peron, Presidente de Todos.   Should you see her, she might look something like the woman wanted below.

This warning:   She is armed and dangerous.  She has also exposed her children to wild bears.  She can gut and strip a Moose in less than three minutes.  

this is done with neither  joy nor laughter