Friday, 5 February 2016

Political Commentary from El Gringo Viejo - Perhaps sound and fury signifying nothing....but some things just need to be said

   We have attempted on three or four occasions to submit something worthy of the OROG community concerning the political situation in the United States. We lament that almost all Republicans forget the rule that Ronaldus Magnus set forth in the olden days;

     Thou shalt not eat of the meat of the pachyderm.  Not of the black or of the grey or of the white pachyderm.  Thou shalt not speak ill of the pachyderm nor disgrace him or her, neither bull nor cow nor calf,  in public or private in any way.

     So, now we move on forward, with a primary process that would embarrass any self-respecting inmate in a criminal psychiatric hospital.  The Democrat Party, now far distant from any sense of sanity....Scoop Jackson, John Kennedy, Daniel Moynihan....all gone.  We are left with Debbie Wasserman Schultz....who hath neither the intelligence of a dead rock nor the soul of a scorpion.  She, as (Sir Edmund) Hillary Corkscrew, lies without hesitation about any and every thing.  She has created chaos within her own party and presided over the single largest decline of the Democrat Party in the history of its post-Reconstruction existence.

     Nothing she says makes any sense, and upon fact checking, nothing she has said really has any orientation around truth or fact.   The Democrat Party has become a cobbling together of disparate interests whose last concern is the general state of the Republic.  Each group is intent upon clawing their way into the purse of anyone left who is stupid enough to believe in self-sufficiency, traditional values, self-defense, and deferred gratification.

     The Democrat panoply of great statesmen?   Bernie and (Sir Edmund) Hillary Rodham.....truly inspiring psychotics who are committed to demagoguery, invasion of the Nation's exchequer, and self-indulgence.

     They are the best leaders of a party composed entirely of parasitic draculas who want their hearths and unprofitable businesses paid for by others.


     The worst of all of this is the gaggle of Republicans....(almost all of whom would be better than any of the Democrat Party alternatives)....but, who are intent upon eating elephant steak.

     Please ladies and gentlemen....please....give us the quiet, inspiring word.   Point us to the ridge, not to be safe and secure, but where we can serve to defend the flag that is so despised by the "Progressives" and secular humanists.   Please say something beyond, "I will keep you safe."

      Say and promise something that makes sense.  Abolition of the Internal Revenue Service, whether H and R Block likes it or not.   Replacement of the insane tax system with a very simple, terminal sales tax of 12 per cent;  no "value added tax" at each stage of transfer of product.

    Propose and establish the process by which the Secretariats of Energy, Labour, Education, Commerce, "Health and Human Services", the Bureau of Indian Affairs, much of the Secretariat of Justice. and certainly the Federal Emergency Management Agency.   Simultaneously, while privatizing the entire Social Security System's mess, we could certainly do without the Secretariat of Housing and Human Development as well.
     If anyone proposes the repeal of the Obama Socialised Medical Initiative (OSMI) and its replacement with a better alternative, he/she should be sent to Alaska to keep Sarah Palin company in her dodderage, which has obviously advanced to a critical, perhaps terminal, point.   It is obviously best to simply allow the OSMI to die a miserable, painful, and permanent death and be replaced simply by competition and cash reserve accounts, now un-afraid of usurious taxation.

     Governments that seek to establish "social democracy"  and "fair income redistribution" must of necessity become totalitarian.   It is, however,  truly odd to consider that Mexico does not have an "estate (death) tax".  Draconian income taxes against the upper and upper middle income people, and a 16% national sales tax, yes.....but no "estate tax". 

     We were going to go up and down the list of the GOP candidates and register our critiques of their performance and proposals, but to what end or purpose?  There are two or three left who are worthy of consideration.  Cruz, Rubio, Dr. Carson....perhaps even Annette Funicello....but presently they are covered by shill and jive....pointless noise that demagogues bellow when they have nothing else to ''Let's make American great again!!!"

     There are still those of us who can remember a similar dingbat named Ross Perot who specialised like the present dingbat in saying things that made no sense.   Our present dingbat appears to be a person that might possibly be chewing marijuana while taking methamphetimines....he speaks in short bursts, phrases that have no discernible meaning, that he repeats several times before moving on to another frenetic topic that is never really developed into anything coherent.  It is similar to H. Ross Perot's soliloquies such as:

     "There's no big thing here.  You're drivin' down the road and the engine acts up, you gotta get out and put the hood up....that's what you do.  You gotta get out and put the hood up, and then you gotta look for the problem, that's all....It's as easy as pie.   There's nothin' to it.     And then when you find the problem then you gotta get at it. gotta get at it.   And it's not goin' to be easy, no sir.   It's not gonna be gotta get your hands dirty and get in there and fix it....and then after a lot of really hard work, maybe you can drive a little further down the road...yessir, that's what you gotta do."   Sound of the crowd roaring approval drown out the rest of Mr. Perot's instructive.
     The present braying deranged low-grade demagogue is having fun playing the role of a real campaigner.....Perhaps he still sees himself starring in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Breaks all the China in the Cabinet remake.  My best estimate is that he is going to retire from the race fairly soon after losing interest in the new toy.  His entire performance has been so frenetic and childish that anyone who can find his own toothbrush should be able to see through this poseur.

Let me go nibble on my No-Doze and drink my Air-wick and get back on track.
El Gringo Viejo