Friday, 15 January 2016

Pitiable Governess....and such a sad thing to squander the affection of so many to please so few


     Your golden coach has turned into a pumpkin, Madam Governess.   You rose to a peak when you became the Tea Party favourite when running for the position of Governor of the State of South Carolina.  You kept in tow the mossback Republicans and erstwhile conservatives and melded a solid majority.   You have been a somewhat reasonably good governess.

     Then, there was a horrid murder committed by a deranged white man who was the product of the system.  What system?   A boy acts up in class, seems to be always in a state of agitation, is mischievous, acts the clown in class, then lo and behold, he winds up in the Nurse's Station of General Foghorn Elementary School in Bug Scuffle, South Carolina.
    He then listens while the nurse and the lazy or male-hating teacher suggest to the parents that Jimmy needs to see a doctor in order to obtain the medication that will be necessary for limiting his "hyperactivity".    Jimmy goes to the doctor and that medical professional prescribes, during the coming years. a battery of psychotropic drugs.
      Jimmy becomes a Zombie, wandering through life with a dull glazy stare.  He begins to brood, instead of riding his bicycle up and down the six blocks where he lives 200 times in one afternoon while singing "Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog" at the top of his lungs.   He used to have a "B" average in school, but by that time he is "ready'' to graduate from high school, he is in special classes and his averages are not even kept.
     He has made "friends" with boys of his own kind.   They make fun of him, because his Maid and Governess was Aunt Mahalia, a Negro woman who was the 4th most important person in Bug Scuffle, Black or White, a  small but important city in South Carolina.    The call him "nigger-lover" and suggest that Aunt Mahalia is actually his mother or grandmother.  Three or four dumboes do their work on Jimmy.   This is bad, because Jimmy wants to belong to something and the boys who did their work are all sons of white-trash who belong to an essentially inoperative anachronism known as the Ku Klux Klan.
     Jimmy winds up going to meetings of the ten or twelve white-trash whose business it is to hate people who were born.   Born to people who determined for the baby what the baby would be.   Jew, Catholic, Negro, whatever.  They mirrored, of course, the high-brow intellectuals of the 1915 - 1960 period who desired the elimination of those categories from the human race, especially in America.   Who believed such things?  Woodrow Wilson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, Robert Byrd, Margaret Sanger, and almost all "progressives" and Prohibitionists, the first cousins of the Ku Klux Klan and the American National Socialist Party.
     So Jimmy walks into a prestigious, mainly Negro Baptist Church in Charleston one night, and finds a Bible study group composed of a bunch of folks who could probably teach at the Ph.d level at any Divinity School of any Seminary or University.   White folks are always welcomed at that neighborhood and somewhat intentionally Black Church.   It's a Southern thing...and you have to be Southern to understand it.  This Church serves, at times, as a catharsis for folks in sadness and crisis.   Many White Southerners will go "back pew" to a Black Church to absorb the music and purifying words of strong sermons in lieu of paying a "therapist".   The Spirituals and strong, purifying words are known to cure all kinds of emotional and even physiological injury.    Yes.   Part of the mystique of the South is that many White Folks think that many Black Folks have a telephone connection with a clearer connection to the Trinity.   This "knowledge" is the difference between Klanners (a small minority) and Confederates (a huge majority). 

     So, to take down a flag in order to absolve so interior defect in your own conscience, Madam Governess means that you are ignorant of the actual nature of what transpired and you have no interest in learning.   My family lost 5 dead in Confederate military service.   While the Reconstruction measures hanged the commander of Andersonville POW detention, no one answered to the thousands who died during or shortly after their internment at Camp Chase, Ohio.
     My people did not own slaves save for two or three very elderly who were willed by last testament and who refused manumission.   Further I have, as do many Southerners, blood of the Blue that was wasted in the effort to put back together what Mr. Lincoln wrent asunder.   My grandfather lost two brothers to Confederate arms.   One was lost to the advance of Longstreet's advance near New Salem, Virginia on 3 May 1863.   The other was lost, harassing the rear guard of Bobbie Lee's main body as he retreated in good order from some place called Getty's Burg, Pennsylvania.   Those Union heroes, brothers, were with the Pennsylvania 96th Regiment of Volunteer Infantry.
     And this was being done by an Army commanded by a General who owned Slaves fighting an Army whose general did not own Slaves.  Which was which?
This is probably the best flag to fly in formal
and political terms.  The other banner is a
war banner.   A pronouncement of battle.
Both are appropriate for their deployment
     And this was done during a war in which the wife of one president threw ashtrays and such at her handmaiden, screeching that that woman (she was a Negress) was part of what was responsible for the death of her brother-in-law, a Confederate cavalry officer;   while the wife of the other president literally adopts a young slave child by the name of Jim Limber, because she and various ladies, black and white, witnessed a Negro man (a major slave-owner) beating the child in full view, on a public street in Richmond.  The ladies threw themselves and their massive skirts, +with maternal fervour over the nine-year-old child, and the wife of the President of the Confederation then took the child in hand.   She incorporates him into the household as a true child of the family....being advised that there is no adoption in Virginia at that time, she is advised by a judge that he be taken as a charge  and folded into the family (also very extra-legal)....and this child takes the table and bed, and becomes the prime bud of Jefferson Davis's eldest son for the duration.   Jim Limber.

   Flag that you struck was the wrong flag, admittedly.   Many preferred the political, formal flag of the Confederacy as a small reminder of a peculiar time in American History.   The bellicose Battle Flag....Stars and Bars...has a special place in terms of honouring the Confederate military.   But the appropriate flag, for where it was displayed, was and is the political banner.

     Also, please understand, Madam Governess, that two Indian Nations declared war against the Union at that time, the Choctaw and the Cherokee.  They flew a flag similar to the one above with the names of their Nations emblazoned on the base of the banner.   Only one side had the only Mexican/Spanish General officer in the War....only one side had Jews serving at Secretary of State or Treasury....only one side had French/Spanish/Catholic general at four-star general command.....only one side had 1,100 Jews serving as political executives, i.e. mayors, country/parish commissioners, country judges for instance. To wit:

(drawn from academic sources of high repute)
     After the Fort Sumter incident seven Indian Nations officially allied with the Confederate States of America. Those nations were the Cherokee, the Choctaw, the Chickasaw, the Creek, the Seminole, the Shawnee and the Seneca. 
     The Indian Nations came from the Oklahoma Territory, which is where they had been driven to during the infamous "Trail of Tears." Cherokee chieftain John Ross, in a proclamation announcing the formation of an alliance with the Confederate States of America on June 19, 1861, stated, "The probabilities are, that the next few days will witness the most momentous developments in the history of the continent. Of one result we feel assured, and that is of the final success of our great and glorious cause, and of the eventual defeat and humiliation of our vaunting enemies."
      The most well known leader to come from the Indian nations was Stand Watie. Watie was a prominent man in the Cherokee nation and intensely Southern in sentiment. He was born in the Cherokee Nation of Georgia in 1806. He attended mission school, became a planter and published a Cherokee newspaper. He was a leading member of the faction that supported Cherokee resettlement in the West, and signed the Treaty of Echota in 1835 that led to the Cherokee removal to Indian Territory (Oklahoma).

     From the beginning of the war efforts made by Ben McCulloch and Albert Pike to secure for the Confederacy the alliance of the tribes of the Indian Territory. Stand Watie and others of his class were anxious to form this alliance, but John Ross, the principal chief of the Cherokees, hesitated. After the decisive victory of the Confederates at Wilson's Creek, the party represented by Watie succeeded in persuading Ross to join the South. Before that time General McCulloch had employed some of the Cherokees, and Stand Watie, whom he had appointed colonel, to assist in protecting the northern borders of the Cherokees from the raids of the "Jayhawkers" of Kansas

     When the Cherokees joined the South they offered the Confederate government a regiment. This offer was accepted, and in October, 1861, the Cherokee Mounted Rifles regiment was officially part of the Confederate Army with Stand Watie commissioned as colonel. Over the next three years Watie's command engaged in numerous raids, small actions, and skirmishes in the Indian Territory and surrounding areas. General Watie's guerrilla tactics inflicted heavy damage and loss of life on Union troops and supply trains.

     General Watie was one of four pure or almost pure-blooded Indians to achieve the rank of General within the Confederate military.   Union Indian (formal members of tribe or nation)  generals or officers....?   Zero.
      The Confederacy had far more pensioned for service to the this or that State who were coloured than did the Union.   All those who served under command of military authority....combatant and close combat support, meaning the sawyers, wrights, smiths, cooks, musicians, valets, tack and beast tenders, and combat personnel who were Negro received their pensions beginning primarily in the late 1880s.   The most maligned Confederate General, Nathan Bedford Forrest had a Praetorian Guard of his slaves of whom he requested that they join him at the beginning of the War Between the States.   All who were of age and ability to serve stepped forward.   He told them that their formal letters of manumission were already drawn up, and upon victory those letters would be delivered.  As the War went on, Forrest delivered the letters without condition, and every former slave stayed.   Amazingly, although all went through the worst of the worst combat, none was severely wounded nor mortally wounded.   One was blown off'n his mount by a cannon-launched bomb (howitzer?) and had an ear injury that caused him to lose his equilibrium.   He was once listed as a deserter until he was found and it was seen what his problem was.

     And on and on, Madam Governess.   So, you throw me and my people under the bus and spit upon the graves of my ancestors.   You have a shallow understanding of the nature of the ridiculous "peculiar institution".  You have no understanding of the facts of the issues surround the War Between the States, choosing to cleave to the notion that it was Slave-owners versus the sainted Father Abraham who wished to emancipate the slaves from their chains.
     Like you, Father Abraham was just another charlatan, thinking and stating publicly how convenient it would be to be able to send large groups of Negroes to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec to dig a canal before the French could do it along the northern Isthmus of Colombia (later Panama').   Why?  Because in the words of Father Abraham, "The Negro is more suited to working in the tropics".

     Remember, one of your idols, Margaret Sanger, addressed the women's auxiliary of the Ku Klux Klan, twice, during their national convention, endorsing their opinions about the control and elimination or expulsion of the inferior races.   You genuinely do not want to know what Margaret Sanger would have done to you and your family, had she and her huge group of effete northern and/or British and German, upper-class, intellectual Fabian Socialist madmen managed to achieve all of her objectives.

     Now you lecture me and mine about why we should wish to discriminate against people who want to chop my head and my family's heads off?  Will you personally assure and guarantee that you will filter all the Moslem hordes who are running from the hell holes of their own creation that they will not set up their miserable Sharia Law hell holes here, and begin their honour killings here, as they are required to do?  I am more intelligent and discerning than you, and I cannot protect you from such a fate.   How can a charlatan fraud such as you protect my granddaughters?

     Madam Governess, I tire of speaking to the deaf and showing to the blind.  You are and forever will be a charlatan, a chameleon, and a deceiver.  I supported you, and you squandered that fielty in order to please the secular humanist re-writers of history.   May the curse of your happiness forever bring you sadness.

El Gringo Viejo....