Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Ahead of the "State of the Union" snooze. A word from Mr. Nowhere Man


Associated Press heads up jobs report article with "JOBS REPORT SHOW A SIZZLING 290,000 NEW HIRES FOR DECEMBER!"

     The article continues with the predictably glowing report about how Father Obamaham has saved America because 290,000 people found jobs in December....in all sectors of the economy;   except mining and manufacturing.  

     It was a show of the success of Obama's overall economic policy to force the rich to pay their fair share so that shovel ready jobs could finally be given to the oppressed people who were clamouring to work, but who had been denied that opportunity by George Walker Bush.

    Unmentioned?   Well, it turns out, like most things Obamaham, not to be "very true".   So the liberals, progressives, socialists, marxists, and nihilists roll their collective eyes and say, "There he goes again.  Just because Father Obamaham is a Negro.  It's all pure racism!"

      "Excuse please," say Charlie Chan.  "May be White man playing Chinese-American detective, but Confucius says,'If truth falls upon you like boulder on coyote in Roadrunner cartoon, then you dead." 

     Curly, Larry, and Moe come forth with a scroll, and Moe unrolls the scroll and reads, "Hear ye, Hear ye!  Whereas the lunacy and criminality of the current administration has outstripped all possible understanding, we wish to remind the American electorate that job gains during December of 2015 included at least 50% part-time and probably temporary employments. 
      "This dovetails nicely with the Democrats pushing a choice between an avowed marxist or a bolshevik totalitarian who thinks she deserves to spend public money on every conceivable comfort and convenience for her formidable....uh....er....presence.   And on removing the bloodstains from her resume'.
         "A report that Susan McDougall refused to testify against (Sir Edmund) Hillary back in the day because everyone who had decided "go state" wound up pushing up daisies is brought forward to remind people exactly how (Sir Edmund) Hillary and Billy Jeff Blythe play "politics".
           "And the departing saviour of the poor and the oppressed and the exploited, and those who never quite pick every correct number on their lottery tickets and who blame Republicans and conservative Blacks and Latins for that form of "indiscreet white convoluted inverted White/Conservative Privilege.

      We have to remember everything that was done for them.   More free money, AFDC, Section 8, electricity/utility subsidies, free telephones, food stamps, Head Start, WIC, Social Security Disability, free attorney's services and public defenders, free abortions, free whatever. and fill-in-the-blank wish list commodity or service.

       "And.....and....of course the crown jewel, FREE MEDICAL SERVICES.  The free medical services were there anyway, of course, because of Medicaid.   But!  The Medicaid Programme failed to give appropriate credit to Father Obamaham who gave the people FREE MEDICAL SERVICES instead of just a common thing like Medicaid that covered every street shooting, every gaggle of single moms with six children coming to the emergency room because one of her children had a fever, and every wino who keeled over into the ghetto gutter, to the heroin-needle sharing, trans-reverse ungendered, HIV-AIDs victims.
       "But Curly, Larry, and Moe do laud and magnify the name of Obamaham because he managed to have more people without "health" insurance upon leaving office than before his entry to that office.  But at least he renamed the thing, so he cares....or something.   At least children aged 75 or over living at home with their grandparents can be added to the grandparent AARP - Platinum Insurance Health and Perpetual Eternal Life Policy."

       Curly and Larry and Moe and yours truly, El Gringo Viejo are required to add that we personally approve Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street as representative of the centre of American political and social thought, and that we endorse and approve all such inventions including the Treyvon Martin National Day of Atonement .   We also demand that this day replace all other "Federal" holidays.

     Curly, Larry, and Moe have been asked to invite the American electorate to celebrate Obamaham and (Sir Edmund) Hillary for their great victories in the battle against berserk, deranged Islamic nut-cases who think that crucifying 9 - year old girls after they have been raped by deranged, Islamic nutcases, is "justifiable".    Had it not been for the "Lines in the Sand" and the identification of "JV groups" who represent no threat to the world, one can only imagine how bad things might have been.   After all, the only casualties that matter are the ones caused by the Imperialist, nouveaux colonialist, oil-company sponsored, American interests.

      There is not enough electricity available in the Republic of Texas to allow us to proceed with the massive tsunami of deceptions, devious explanation,  pants-suits, dead potential witnesses, shovel-ready lies, and so forth.   
       Huma Wiener and Valerie Jarrett need to determine if the time has come to head for Persia or maybe Moscow in order to avoid the March of Justice.
   Remember that the horrid, corrupt, terrible Mexican government has Naval Infanty and Army soldiers who risked life and limb to charge into a home known to house desperate, heavily armed, drug trafficking, murderous scum.     
Refusing all alternate remuneration (bribes), they found, detained, arrested, and re-transported a piece of human debris like El Chaparrito Guzman and five of his closest buds.....back to prison.

      Perhaps Obamaham and (Sir Edmund) Hillary should try to escape via the storm and septic sewers of Washington, D.C.

      The Ghosts of Benghazi will certainly be awaiting (Sir Edmund) Hillary.   No one will await Barry Soetoro, for he was a merely twig on the limb on the branch of the trunk of the tree of George Soros and the marxist movement in America.  He is/was the true "Nowhere Man".   A teleprompter reader, reading the words Valerie Jarrett wrote for him.

      And, for the sake of the Nation, Dr. Carson and Rand Paul and Mario Rubio should unite and back Senator Cruz.   Otherwise we shall have dilettante  clown for President.   Even the dolt Bloomberg pointed out that Trump inherited 1.6 billion dollars, and had he placed said money in US Treasury Bonds at the time of his inheritance, he would have 6.1 billion dollars.
     His estate is valued at 1.6 billion dollars to-day.

Great businessman?

More later, 
El Gringo Viejo