Monday, 28 December 2015

Back Up in Texas


     We made the run back to the border to-day....a very busy highway scene from the outset to the final landing.   After being gone for a month it will take a bit of time to get back in the saddle.  Salient commentary and observation will  be forthcoming sometime in the morning.   Right now we are trying to clear out the various backlogs of spam and making necessary email responses. 

     The view from south to north is certainly dismal.  It seems so very strange that real live Republicans could be so willing to endorse a form of "Hope and Change".   Listening to the overnight radio smorgasbord was at times depressing to the extreme.  So many people made their point by stating that "Trump believes the way I believe" when in fact they frequently had no idea what Trump's positions and procedures are or would be on a wide range of issues and problems. 
     Couple that fact with the reality that Trump has touted his friendship for and with Billy Jeff and (Sir Edmund) Hillary and even recently declared that (Sir Edmund) had done a wonderful job as Secretary of State.
       I personally find Trump's broad brush "pronunciamentos" vaguely similar to Al Sharpton's lunacy.  But we shall keep as much of an open mind as possible.   More later.

El Gringo Viejo