Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Republican Party wants alms, and they will give me a "free gift" so that they can take the money and stab me, and one of mine, and the entire mule-team pulling the wagon full of RINOs in the front, back, and/or wherever.

Dear Mr. Reince Preibus:

      It has been my pleasure to have supported Republican candidates since the age of 5, during the Eisenhower / Stevenson elections, when my brother and I passed out Eisenhower / Nixon pamphlets in front of the McAllen, Texas main post office.    My mother ran the Democrats for Eisenhower Hidalgo County Headquarters which was about 30 times larger than the Republican Headquarters….because Republican leaning people in those post-Reconstruction constructs of the Southern political scene, conservatives had to operate within the Democrat Party structure.   My grandfather did not speak to my mother (his daughter) for three years,  because she was supporting Republicans for President and Vice-President.   In that year, the Democrats and Republicans, in their primaries, voted to nominate Allen Shivers for Governor, because Eisenhower declared he would restore the Tidelands Mineral Rights to Texas and Louisiana (stolen during the Reconstruction by the Central Government in Washington, D.C.)  The Democrat Primary had almost exactly 100 times more votes cast than did the Republican Primary….because that is just the way it was in those years in Texas and the South.

     My brother (aged 10) and I (aged 5) made an agreement and a pact.  “Why should we do this game?  If we agree with the general Republican position, then we should be Republicans”….was essentially our position.  My brother went on to be a "Queso Grande" in the Republican Party, serving as the AA to John G. Tower, in Washington, D.C. and later as the Executive Director of the Republican Party of Texas….and then later as one of the founders and the Executive Director of a special impact PAC with the name of Associated Republicans of Texas, that concentrated on electing state representatives, county officials, state senators, and other significant public offices on the premise of being committed once and for all to push conservatives into a majority voting bloc as Republicans.   He also brought the notion of fund-raising via direct mail into vogue in the mid 1960s, being not among the first, but the first to perform such magic.   The checks required three people to process, full time, in the Littlefield Building  on Congress and 6th in downtown Austin.   It serves to mention that John G. Tower is/was the Godfather of my brother’s first son.

     As a younger person, during my sophomore and junior years in high school,  I served for two years as the overwhelmingly elected, against two very, very fine fellows as the President of the Teenaged Republicans of McAllen.   During our administration this Club became the largest such club in the United States with a membership of 600.   For instance, we raised enough money to lease nine busses and pay for the road meals of 400 of those members whose mommies and daddies (back when there were such things) would let them go to Austin (300 miles away) for a rally in support of Jack Cox in his race for Governor of Texas against a fellow hand-picked by LBJ…by the name of John Connelly.   The municipal auditorium of the City of Austin was filled to the rafters…..and the largest delegation???  Hidalgo County and the City of McAllen….not Dallas, not Houston, not any of the “big cities” but little ole’ McAllen.  (actually quite a nice oasis and advanced municipality).   Later, this humble servant was very active in various Republican efforts….elections, party organisation, and even running a pretty good campaign, (thanks to my wife and a few friends) for County Commissioner, Precinct III of Hidalgo County, Texas where Democrat to Republican ratio was, and pretty much still is, about 40 - 1 in favour of the Democrats.   We should point out that my wife was the official secretary of the Republican Party of Hidalgo county for two terms.

     Now, Mr. Priebus you ask for me to pick up my “free gift” for a contribution of 75 Yankee dollars or more.   You say you really need me on the “team”.  Since the time we “self-identified” as Reaganites, the Republican Party at all levels, including here in Texas until very, very recently made certain that I was perhaps qualified to nail signs together and / or run and get coffee for the “important people” in the operation.    When we sponsored the “Rush to Excellence” visit by a nobody like Rush Limbaugh in 1989, here in McAllen….it costed us a fortune….one of four small businesses that ponied up the required 1,000 Yankee dollars to sponsor the event.  It was overwhelmed at the McAllen Civic Centre.  Many thousands of people arrived,   Not present?   Local Republican officials…RNC, etc….Limbaugh to them and the Country Club Republican establishment was a racist, a loose cannon, a shock-jock, and something that would be gone within 18 months.   This was while the Republican National committeewoman of the district declared that her Mexican American voter recruitment effort was to " over as many of them as I can on the  way to the polls."  This was while the Latin cohort in the local party was about 40% of the total group, including the country clubbers.

     I say to you….”Leave me alone”…..Will you not, as soon as you might have received this and other small contributions, stab the small contributors and me in the back, front, and side for the millionth time?  You will allow or push forward methods and maneouvers to defame, denigrate, and ridicule the “snake-handlers, hillbillies, hayseeds, hicks, Klanners, troglodytes, Tea-Baggers, and (shudder) Confederates, and foot-washing Christians”.   I say to you, take and burn any record of my affiliation with you.   We know that you have manners and methods to invent stories of defamation.  We know that even now,  you all will begin to release all nature of stories about Ted Cruz and perhaps even Dr. Carson of Sen. Paul….or any of their supporters upon whom you can “dig dirt”.
     We know that you will render any such information to the Obsolete Press, and that you think such a gratuitous act will grant you the pass to the correct cocktail parties in the Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard and the finest saloons and restaurants in Georgetown and Manhattan….but remember, they think you are the same as us, only controllable.   Remember how many times the Obsolete Media has stabbed the “correct moderate Republican” in the back, immediately upon nomination for higher office.

El Gringo Viejo...