Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Lunacy, OWS, Nihilism, Anarchy, revolution within revolution, sabotage, sedition, ignorance, narcissism.....Wondrous Porridge of Doom, Death, and Disaster

  We  know that this is a bit strange, but it really, truly seems that we have fallen into Wonderland, where all the words in this posting's title can find their definitions.   We urge all grandparents who have grandchildren to go and speak to those children if they are in the 6th to 11th grade range at public or private school.

This is the Head of the Journalism Department
 of Sacramento Mao - Obama University
     Serious consideration must be given to this business of trundling off to University.  Very sober and deliberate choosing must be done, especially in these days.  The Hanukah  - Feast of the Nativity - New Year celebrations are going to provide especially grandparents, uncles, aunts and older cousins to barge into the lives of the younger relatives....if only briefly.  Talk to them about technical training, regional public colleges, local community colleges, that are associated with good provincial State universities.   Tell them El Gringo Viejo graduated from Southwest Texas State University, as did his daughter and son and son-in-law.

      It should be, in this writer's opinion, very clear that any attendance at an Ivy League school and/or any of the two or three hundred similar schools (City College of New York, Wellesley, and the like) is hopelessly pointless.   This is not limited to the private schools, as we note in the parenthetical, because almost all the mega-cathedrals of public academia, such as the University of Texas (especially Austin campus) are as bad as their Ivy League counterparts.

     These schools have become the equivalent of "re-education camps" for recasting middle-class, upper-middle class, and affluent vacant skulls into mindless proles chanting, "Oh! How we love to carry dung to the dung heap for Chairman Mao".    The inmates are subjected to full-press peer-pressure, professorial bullying and ps
y-ops measures not un-like the POW camps run by the Red Chinese during the Korean War.   Between indoctrination sessions and stuporous episodes at the Bierhauses that surrounded the various campi most inmates at these institutions of "higher learning" are normally zombied-out  by the middle of their sophomore year.   Witness "Goldwater Girl" (Sir Edmund) Hillary who gave a stellar, marxist-oriented commencement speech at Wellesley. 

Millions  and millions of dopes and dullards who genuinely
see your children and grandchildren as organ donors
for their children and grandchildre
     Worse than all of the above is the fact that all of the above is now being mixed in with "student organizers", who have been in the area since during the "Hands Up - Don't Shoot" mess in Ferguson, Missouri.   These are the same refuse who used to be with ACORN, then Occupy Wall Street, and now various manifestations of (Only)Black Lives Matter.  Many of the aggrieved Missouri  Negro demonstrators are whites who are either sincere and stupid, or battle-hardened Occupy Wall Street Soros Zombies. 

     "But, but, Old Gringo, why are you calling these people names and making fun of them?"

    In truth, there is no name- calling here.   These people arrived at a so-called university, and were fed a line of marxist bilge for three semesters.   Believing and knowing nothing before arrival, they readily filed into the brain-transplant  quirofano (antique Spanish for operating theatre) and came out as super dopes and dullards.  Sometimes such persons are referred to as "cannon fodder".
Another success of OWS, Black Lives Matter, Soros
rent-a-mob, and Social Democratic forces at work.
Detroit, Michigan
This "victory" by the nouveaux Viet Nam War Protestors will leave great institutions such as Mizzou as vacant and dead as an overgrown Southern Plantation or an abandoned steel mill in Pennsylvania.   Why would Division I football players, who are almost all receiving an almost totally free education with free grades for kinda-like attending styrofoam classes in "Gender, traffic lights, and television control devices  - The Racism Challenges of the coming centuries" feel like they need security blankets.   Why is something more needed to make them feel safe against the racism they suffer on apparently by-the-minute basis goes far beyond silly and frivolous.

   The institution throws in the towel and yields to absurdity, lies, posturing, marxist-styled community organiser threats, and thereby relegates the "school" to the dust-bin of history.   It will be best left to the ones who won this battle.  Within weeks they will be turning on themselves.  Before the beginning of the second semester there will be shootings, drug dealers, and pimps.  Violence, especially against women, will become commonplace on the campus.  But they will not be even faux students.  They will be capos of, for, and by the 'hood.  Enforcers, bicycle-mounted watchers, territory defenders, and baggers.  Security guards will take on a different image and purpose.  Soon the school will look like Detroit.

    It is exactly like the the forever-in-turmoil "universities" in the south of Mexico, as in Oaxaca, Michoacan, and Guerrero States where there are never ending sit-ins, marches, rowdy "meetings" that had been called to settle differences between contesting pro-marxist factions.  It is depressing madness.   The OROGs remember my stories about the Iguala ridiculousness.  (We exempt from blame the various Mexican University Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, and Veterinarian Science which range from very good to excellent.)

     Mizzou Administrators...you all are a bunch of wimps and milquetoasts.  Boorish bullies must be confronted forcefully or else you will have to carve out "looting free zones" in every central part of every university campi.