Saturday, 14 November 2015

Lies and purposeful ignorance make for a poor foreign policy



     Please.   Enough of this incompetent poseur;  he who is more concerned about bringing into the United States un-vetted Syrian and Middle Eastern refugees while he allows Syrian and other Middle Eastern Christians to rot and the Kurds to go un-armed. 
   Please, let us bring an end to this ghoulish personality who is more concerned about whether homosexuals here can marry their transgendered sisters, while in the middle east where Sharia rules, homosexuals are slaughtered without a second thought.  This is in spite of the fact that so many of the ISIS rank and file as well as commanders, actually are homosexuals.

     This blurb in the video posted above, was set up like a T - Ball stand with a faux baseball to hit, so that Barry could take one more  victory lap around the stadium with his multicoloured flag of "inclusion" and "pride".  It was so reminiscent of that magic moment when HRH Barry reminded Candy Crowley, during the 2012 presidential debates with Romney,  that he did say the word "terrorism" in the White House Rose Garden, "Don't you remember, Candy, we agreed to that," he deigned royally, and of course Candy lied and said, "Oh! Yes.  I remember now." 
      Presidential debate history, you gotta love it!

     Pres. Barry took the bait yesterday  swung, and hit the non-impact inertial-negative baseball for another homer, and completed his run around all three bases, and jumped over the net to hug Stephie, just in time to hit the links, or go back to that Big White House all lit up with Gay Pride lights for Friday the 13th, to learn that his side had committed one more act of workplace violence.

     The Acolytes of the Religion of Peace had struck at places where people work.....deservedly famous family saloons and young heterosexual lover's saloons serving the finest beers, wines, and canap├ęs.....a centre of debauchery where people could listen and dance to ghastly, loud, heavy metal American "rock and roll" wearing skimpy  and outlandish clothes,   and a silly soccer game where people wasted their time watching men run up and down a playing field, kicking a silly ball.   HRH Barry, do you not agree that their time would have been better spent, as your communist friends Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorhn think, killing Hebrew children in occupied Palestine instead of these other self-indulgent pursuits?

     I mean, the problem is not that we have too many totally deranged Moslem nutters who kill more Moslems than anyone else....more Jews and Christians and Agnostics and others....The problem is those T-baggers who are so racist that they think government budgets should be balanced.   Right, President Barry.....?

     We await the spill over about the arms and munitions shipments from Libya to ISIS-controlled territory.....where you painted yourself into a corner by having (Sir Edmund)Hillary a bit to close to that action.   You should have kept a closer eye on her chief operative, Sydney Blumenthal....but now you have to sweat out whether (Sir Edmund) Hillary's noose might also fit your measure.   Will the literate tire of you before or after your useless remaining days?

     You have to worry about whether the National Enquirer might finally decide that the story about three sexual harassment lawsuits brought by three different men at Harvard will finally be "discovered" before 20 January 2017.  One might have to wonder if just one member of the Obsolete Media would, or could, or should finally actually print or post something to tell the adulating masses that their Emperor caused Harvard to have to negotiate three different settlements with men who declared that they had been sexually harassed by the guy with the Indonesian Passport in the name Barry Soetoro, exchange student.   Carney did state that the White House was "vaguely familiar" with the story.   (inquiring reporter never reposted to White House duty)

     Will there be one so brave with heart so strong so as to point out that both Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Robinson were given the chance to surrender their law licences in lieu of having them taken by disbarment.   Very much like those other icons of propriety, Billy Jeff Blythe and (Sir Edmund) Hillary Corkscrew.
      We should point out that in the case if Billy Jeff, his was ordered surrendered by a judge who had at one time been a student in his class at the University of Arkansas Law School, and in spite of that, actually did not suffer a lip-bite severe enough to take stitches.

     One might wonder from which part of Dante's Inferno this foursome ascended.  One might wonder why Ben Carson and Ted Cruz and Mario Rubio are vetted, framed, gotcha'd! to death, and essentially harassed to the extreme.    And none, save for the rarest of occasion,  of the felonious foursome receive questions beyond  "boxers or briefs?" 

     Dynamic social democracy at work.  Guard your wallet, and protect your children and grandchildren from the mindless soul-eaters from Hell who want to give those children "free education" and 1000 other nice things.

El Gringo Viejo