Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Travails and Travels


     We are almost back in the saddle, after driving 1,100 miles in two different countries over a period of four days.   Babysitting and baby-approval tasks were the stated reasons, but I am afraid it was mainly just an excuse for the better half to get to see the granddaughters, whose numbers seem to be expanding exponentially.   It is living proof that people of colonial English, Spanish, German, and American Indian ancestry breed like rabbits.

     It is necessary to clear the moths and spiders from the "little grey cells" before moving on to more important matters.   We were treated to a television show yesterday while making a stop for a bit of breakfast at a little restaurant we use as a respite during our travels back and forth between the Border and Central Texas. 
   Lamentably, the large screen television was readily viewable from anywhere and was further infected by the fact that it was tuned to the NBC "Today" morning programme.   It became apparent before a couple of minutes had passed that the "Today" show had turned over its entire facility to air the latest "Let's Get to Know the Really, Really, Really, Really Real (Sir Edmund) Hillary by giving the nice old lady about 10,000,000 USD-worth of free campaign time on national television."
     It was truly an amazing display.  A scene complete with pleasantly dull looking zombies, sitting around in a diner, dressed as though for a wedding or funeral, six camera angles, the requisite lap-dog "reporter" asking really tough questions, "What is your favourite colour?"  It seems that it might have been in New Hampshire or Iowa.   It was an openly pro-Hillary NBC endorsement event.   How many times does the public have to "get to know" the "real  (Sir Edmund)(Corkscrew)(Cattle futures)(1,000's of scandals) Hillary?

     (Sir Edmund) Hillary managed to do what all national socialist psychopaths do so easily.  She condemned the "Republicans" for "politicising" the Benghazi Issue by holding hearings about the matter, while almost simultaneously tromping over the bodies of those murdered by another deranged leftist madman during her rush to forward the effort that ultimately will result in total firearm confiscation in the United States.
     (Sir Edmund) Hillary could not, did not wait for an instant before hypocritically demanding "gun-control" initiatives so that these horrid incidents "can never happen again".   She was, in other words, in full compliance with her life-friend-enemy, Father Obamaham in racing to the microphones to "politicise" the tragic event in Oregon.

      Sorry, (Sir Edmund) Hillary, but you ain't no Deborah Kerr.  You are very similar to the woman who wrote the book, The King and I, as though it were a true account of her time in Siam.    Anna Leonowens, the author of the tome, "The English Governess at the Siamese Court" essentially wrote a couple of books that were a mix of truth and falsities that were presented as truth.   That makes her something of a Sister of Hillary....probably still lurking around in those precincts where the ghosts of Eleanor Roosevelt and Margaret Sanger reside.
     The whole scene is like that stupid video of Hillary talking about sexual and physical abuse of women (posted yesterday on this blog), when she herself was the prime facilitator of America's number one misogynist.  Good Grief....Bimbo Eruption Control division of the Clinton Campaign and Presidency, anyone????

Thanks for being here.  Contributions from our esteemed contributors are coming up....all interesting....fairly brief.....and worth the read.
El Gringo Viejo