Tuesday, 6 October 2015

People Choose Free Candy Bar over Free 10 oz Silver Bar (Worth $150) in ...

This submission is brought to us from our people who hold down our positions in Extreme Central Texas, perilously near the quagmire of the Peoples' Republic of the City of Austin and the County ofTravis a few miles to their East.  They are busy having a good time, as well as building the wall that will keep the oozing blob of stupidity and political correctness and marxism from spreading into the remainder of The Republic of Texas.

Chocolate or Silver?

This explains a lot about the American public:
     Sometimes the best way to show how ignorant and dumbed down the general American population is, is to offer them a choice in order to test whether or not they know what's going on around them (it's called "reality contact"), or how aware they are of their own voluntary servitude.
  This is an apt little scenario on which to rest your case.  Media analyst Mark Dice offers random people their choice of a Hershey chocolate bar or a 10 oz silver bar (Worth $150) in an experiment.  And remember, these are the people who are going to be voting for a new president next year!!!!!!!!

    We have a bunch of dumb people in this here country.  And.....they walk among us!