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Second Man Arrested In Deadly Gang-Related Drive-By Shooting

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index17-year-old Isaac Cerda donna shooting suspect
A second Valley gang member is behind bars in the expressway shooting death of a Brownsville teenager last week. 17-year-old Isaac Cerda was identified as another of the four suspects who were in a Ford Focus that drove up to a Ford Mustang on Expressway 83 in Donna. One of the gang members opened fire on the Mustang, hitting 17-year-old Javier Olmedo in the head.
The suspected shooter, 21-year-old Rolando Rodriguez of Donna was arrested several days later, and charged with murder and engaging in organized crime. Cerda is being held also on organized crime, as well as drug possession, charges. Investigators are still working to track down two other suspects
Two points:   This is Satan's spawn from the last amnesty.  That amnesty was another Trojan Horse the Democrats trotted out.
   They took advantage of the fact that the Mexicans, the Mexican/Spanish colonials, the Braceros, and the Wetbacks of the period before 1970 were, in their 91%, a complete positive for America and the Republic of Texas. 
     We are now, daily, inundated with this total septic slime.  The first point is that all the people who came in during the last amnesty....the "originario" along with every known relative down to the third mistress of the cousin of the brother-in-law of the great-grandmother of the "originario", were allowed to ride in on the coattails with said "originario".   The word "originario" means nothing more nor less that that individual upon whom and from whom all subsequent actions are based.
     The piece of syphllitic camel vomit pictured above is one of those who was born here, but of what used to be referred to as "questionable ancestry".   If I had to estimate, and beware of my estimations because they are frequently either dead on or "within the margin of error", this piece of scum has been  arrested between four to eight times and detained for serious misdemeanours and/or felonies as a juvie, and is probably under parole and/or probation at this time.   He is certainly the spawn of the people we tried to tell the White House back in the time of the first Great Amnesty were not real Mexicans or anything like that.
     It was obvious to us that they were from the indisciplinate, parasitical class of people who would search out and avail themselves of every available "free" benefit that all good parasites require.
      Racist?  Ethnic bigotry?   Please.  The English have them, the Spanish have them.  The Germans and Japanese have them.  Parasites, malingerers, bums, slothful, lazy, and disposed-to-criminality-type people.  One thing for certain....the mommies figure out or already know how to barnacle onto the AFDC, HeadStart, WIC, Lone Star Card, Section VIII, etc.
     When folks are surprised that there are so many "Hispanics"  who are cleaving unto the Republican Party, although we have been told by the Obsolete Press that the opposition to "La Nueva Amnestia" would end any chance of Republican success at the polls, we can only shake our heads in sadness.   The fact is that a majority....perhaps even a large majority....of the Latin element in the Republic of Texas is disposed to....will probably for the Estampeda de los Elefantes".    One of our best electoral instruments?   The dumb s.o.b. pictured above.
     Here lies Rolando Rodriquez.   Born without a soul.  Suffering from terminal food-stamp poisoning.   Defaming an otherwise noble and positive group because of his hubris, mental and emotional retardation, and narcissism.....Rolando Rodriquez and all his ilk who turned the Magic Rio Grande Valley from a pleasant little dump on the border where everyone almost or pretty well "got along", into a combat zone of Changos (gorillas).  We commend this sub-human organism to the Cosmos, hoping that something can be done to prevent any further of his type.
     We request that all OROGs try their best to differentiate between amnesty slugs, anchor baby slugs, and Central American arrogant, demanding gimme-gimme slugs and the substantially positive Latino group....heavily intermarried (reference President of the Republic of Texas and his wife and progeny at this moment. El Gringo Viejo has the same situation)....and integrated into the productive economy of Texas.
     This request/admonition is especially important during these times leading up to the elections.   Words like "they all" or "they are all doing...."  and so forth, we need to remember that our door is open to all people of faith and understanding of common law.
      Remember that the Latin thing in the Republic of Texas is very complex.   All of its failings are the fault of the vote-buyers who need and demand and dependent class. Most of our (Texian)(Tejano) Latin group is not in that demographic cohort.   Most of the Latin blue-collar, skilled and semi/skilled, professionals (doctors, dentists, farmacistas, accountants, teachers/professors), small business people, and ranchers/farmers are Republican, and ultimately ultra-conservative voters.   Remember Cruz and Rubio.
     And the final point is.....?   When the Bishop of Rome and Obama speak with weepy tones about the poor prisoners who are imprisoned solely because they are "minority" of extraction.....and their crimes were so, so, so, very inconsequential, we really should give them early-out or parole.....I mean....who are we to judge?
        The problem with all of this is that the prisoners usually had pled guilty to a lesser felony because the DA was offering to drop "all the other pending charges" in order to obtain one felony plea of "guilty, your Honour" on one significant charge.   So when the Rev. Obamaham grants early-outs to these nice aware , they were not charged with the entire panoply of their crimes.   Clearing dockets at times is more important than being reasonable.
More later,
El Gringo Viejo