Sunday, 11 October 2015

El Zorro speaks with more wisdom than: Obama, Democrats, United Nations, Euro-appeasers, (Sir Edmund) Hillary....choose one and all and/or many more.



El Zorro contributes this excellent analysis:

Most of us have been wondering, or not, the reason Obama keeps referring to the current Islamic State to ISIL as opposed to the original Acronym ISIS which stands for “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”.

ISIS, the acronym, stands for :Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”.  That is what the Al Qaeda in Iraq successors called themselves as they planted their black flag in Syria.

ISIL, the acronym, stands for Islamic “State of Iraq and Levant”.  Obama and his administration members carefully and consistently refer to this Islamic terrorist organization as ISIL.

The difference is between the last letter in the acronym, “Syria” and “Levant”.  We know where and what Syria is but most do not know of the Levant.  The Levant consists of a geographic area that includes states and area on the north from Jordan extending south to Egypt.  

The significance, as far as Obama is concerned, is that he does not want the U.S. to be involved in Syria specifically.  For that reason he is opposed to using ISIS.  Further, he has no love for Israel.  In that regard, Israel is approximately the geographic center of the Levant.  Obama is determined that the U.S. will be out of the region during his presidency and does not care at what cost politically, financially or at the expense of our stature in the World.  He will drag his feet all through the remainder of his occupation of the White House which will allow ISIS to grow to the boundaries of the Levant.   

The liberal media has mindlessly fallen for Obama’s devious conversion (ISIS to ISIL) with seemingly no understanding of his strategy.  Islam will ultimately succeed in crushing Israel if Obama is not exposed for this and all his other carefully chosen verbiage not to mention his lack of support for our Middle Eastern Allies, Jordan Israel Egypt, etc.  

Considering the fact that Vladimir Putin is supporting Syria’s government and apparently avoiding damage to ISIS/ISIL all of the European continent and Africa are at risk of becoming victims to a Russian Islamic coalition in the near future.  If that happens, the World will find out firsthand about Shar’ia.  That might sound far-fetched; however, look how far Islam has come, just since Obama was elected, and how far U.S. influence in the world has fallen.  We have almost lost our standing as a world power.  Our military has been substantially diminished by downsizing and its leadership has been compromised by Obama appointments.  Our allies no longer have confidence in us and are turning to Russia and China for financial and military support.  Americans are demoralized as Congress will not stop the president and the Courts support him.  The Constitution is being subverted by all three branches of government.

Islam will not stop at the Levant.  They want a world caliphate.  Whether intentionally or through ideology, Obama is complicit.  If his party and sympathizers are re-elected there will be little hope for our society.  If he cannot be neutralized for the rest of his term, the damage may not be repairable.  In any event, short term the U.S. needs conservative electoral success in 2016.  Long term, the Constitution has to be strengthened (Article V Convention of States) to prevent the kind of lawless destruction that has been wrought the last seven plus years.

J.R.Hathorn, Sergeant, USAF, Vietnam/ retired.......

Why ''Levant"?
     Drawn from the latinate-based words in French and Spanish, levantar for example in Spanish, or "to lift, or to raise up" is somewhat related to the name "Lucifer".  That name means everything from Satan, Satan's son, to lamp-lighter....and it associated with the rising of the sun.   Levant came to mean 'the eastern lands' and to much of the known world well into the Christian era, the east of the Mediterranean Sea merited being known at "The East".   Marco Polo  and others ruined that concept, but the name continued.
    The French, British, Spanish, and others during the colonial times used the term to displace the names of the various tribes, nations, kingdoms, and assorted ethnic and racial groups in the area.   Why?  For the same reason people say, "....they were a bunch of Spanish people..." when in fact the people were Mexican.   Mexican was a dirty word to some, especially in the lower and uneducated classes. so they would subsitute Spanish for Mexican, in order, in their mind, not to offend.
     So, in order to follow diplomatic niceties, it was thought better to use the ancient trade word....Levant...for the calling them Levantine.   So what the Arabs and Jews called the Mashrig (east lands) the rest of the world called Levant.   West in the Mediterranean scope in Arabic is Maghreb....and in Latin...Hispania (west lands).
     The "dirty name" frequently used for people from that area, even into the last century as Assyrian or even Syrian and frequently Jews were referred to, mistakenly, as Assyrians because it seemed to sound better to the speaker or writer than Jew, Hebrew, or Hebe.

     And speaking of Hebes, we have a President who hates Hebes, and will celebrate the day the ghouls of ISIS storm the tiny nation and invoke the wrath of Herod upon the babies, then the women and children, and then every non-compliant Ishmaelite, every Jew, every Christian, every agnostic, atheist, or other faith person....and then spread through the world until the sun will never set upon the beautiful call to worship song sung from the minaret by Obama's imam.  (his words, not mine)
El Gringo Viejo