Wednesday, 9 September 2015

New Granddaughter - Scarlett Giselle


   We report that the family was delivered of a new child, a girl who will be baptised with the given names of Scarlett Giselle.  She put up a bit of a struggle concerning the eviction from her former address, but finally yielded to greater force and numbers at 7:10 pm, yesterday evening.  It should also be noted that she weighed in after the struggle and a bit of "first howling" that possibly set the decibel record for the facility, and perhaps even for the entirety of Texas, also at the weight of 7 - 10.   We wonder if this portends something of importance or if it might be a message from the Big Guy upstairs? 

     Before long, however Scarlett had the maternal attention and family/crowd approval sufficient to allow her to grab a bit of shut-eye in the "outside" world.

This classic portrait is from about
30 minutes after the Stork began
his flight back to his chimney.

   We share this "bundle of Joy" with the OROG community throughout our reading and writing area.   Thanks for your time and attention.
El Gringo Viejo