Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Catechism - All Lives Matter - and then a dose of (Sir Edmund) Hillary

(grill) ALSO KNOWN AS AN ASADOR (ah - sah - DOR).

It is a little difficult to tailgate with it, but heck,
 getting there is half the fun, right?
     In seriousness, any finca, quinta, hacienda, or similar in a rural area, especially in Northern Mexico that does not have a simple, straight-up, parrilla, is a nowhere place. 
     We also have a true, real live, seven-foot deep"pozo de barbacoa" (pit barbecue) of the true classical style.  Some soon day we may be putting it back to work now that we have a bit  of predictable guest-arrival starting up again.

Catechism and All Lives Matter:

    We are subjected to the analysis of causation of the prolonged affliction of bad schools, bad neighbourhoods, bad life outcomes, bad health, illegitimacy, drug addiction and marketting, and all such ills on a daily, almost hourly, basis.   Democrats have the best analysis and the best solution.   Racism and money.   They describe the source of the problem and then the solution.  Et Voila! Fait Accompli!!
     Republicans wring their hands and identify the symptoms but never quite make it to the cause of the socio-cultural disease.

   (1)  FACT
  Six trillion dollars after the beginning of the War on Poverty (tax,tax - spend, spend - elect, elect), forty-five years of denying social gravity and pushing young girls into marrying their Uncle Sam.

   (2) FACT
     Incessant driving of the presence of Yahweh from the corridors, classrooms, and auditoriums of public and even private schools.
  Most at fault among the private schools?  The Orthodox, including the Roman Catholic and Anglican sects of the Christian Church.  Protestants have some blame for abandoning their snake-handling, river-side baptisms, foot washing, and Hell's Fire and Brimstone sermons.
   The Orthodox have been completely absorbed by liberation theology, also known as Communism with a Cross....an impossibility on the face of it.

     What has not been absorbed by liberation theology has succumbed to the notion of moral relativism, Utopianism, and the secular progressive agenda. The entire Christian Church has more and more absentees, and more and more people who can figure out different ways to say, "Well everyone should have his/her own standards of right and wrong.   All this God stuff is silly, and besides that I don't believe in any God, and God is dead anyway, 'cause I saw that on television.   And Sunday, I'm tired, and I have a lot of things to catch up on and everything."

     It is interesting to go through the old programmes from the ancient days here in McAllen, Texas.   The Commencement of 1954, where a Roman Catholic priest, the pastor of Our Lady of Sorrows, along with our priest, Father Rollo Rilliing of Saint John's Church - Episcopal, and the Rabbi of Temple Emanuel Louis Herman all prayed over the coming in, the going forth, and the being there, for and on behalf of the soon-to-be graduates of McAllen High School.

     At our Easter Vacation Assembly, before dismissal in 1959, I remember very clearly the priest from Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in McAllen giving the students a pleasant send-off by carefully describing, on a blow-by-blow basis the nature of the sledging of nails the size of railroad spikes into the lower arms and legs of the Nazarene, and what the physiological effect of such an exercise might be.   Three girls fainted.   It was quiet all over Lamar Junior High School as 1,200 urchins and adolescents departed for a week's "vacation".

     (3) FACT
     Public Assistance always reverts to paying off those who are feared to be capable of burning down the bakery if there is no free bread.  Private charity is always....always....preferable when done sincerely.

     When the purpose of bearing young becomes gaining additional dispensations from a government programme....food stamps, housing, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, free Medical....then Satan has won.

     The fact will always be that a child's heart is given by his/her mother.  A child's soul is installed by his/her father.    Violation of this rule results in ruin.  We recognise that there are exceptions (Dr. Carson, for instance) and we recognise that a good bench can and does frequently make up for the absence of a father....uncles and grandfathers who are responsible and who have the time and disposition to nurture and to provide a positive male example.


     Begin the immediate reduction of benefits to the consumer group by 10% per year.   AFCD and Food Stamps must be completely phased out, no matter how much the liquor stores, lottery vendors, casinos, and grocery store chains howl and moan.   School lunches (60% wasted food - Farm Bureau loves it and ethanol to save the planet), and FEMA (what sense does it make to take money out of an area so as to come in and "save" everyone when that should be a task of the locale?  It is strictly crony-capitalist, pea-and-walnut shell game.)

       Immediately privatise the Social Security System, abolishing the disability part by taking no further applications.   Immediately privatise the Medicare system, and abolish the Medicaid programme.   Most of the American population now never knew nor heard of Charity Hospitals.   Such facilities could be resuscitated because they were no worse than what Medicaid is now, and they were substantially less expensive because they were locally controlled and financed.
     The Social Security disability and SSI programmes are overwhelmingly corrupt and heavily abused.   It is long past time that the institution be "fundamentally transformed".

    We must eliminate the engines of corruption that have turned many of our businesses and business people into vassals and beggars.   We must destroy those agencies that have enslaved millions into a prison of perpetual poverty of purse and soul.   We must release the eagles and let them soar!!! 

     So long as the corridors and classrooms are devoid of those reminders of a greater Cosmic Presence and a basic Catechism of life conduct....the Golden Rule, the Beatitudes, and a sense of propriety....then all the money and social work in the world will only make matters steadily worse.

All lives matter.

(SIR EDMUND) HILLARY - The Odyssey of Hubris and Deceit

     She delivered an insulting, arrogant commencement harangue as she left Wellesley.   She gained a position as a cub on the Senate Watergate  Special Investigation Committee.   At a page-turning point in the life of that committee, she was fired, with the added comment by the Special Counsel in charge of the investigation that he would never give Hillary a recommendation because she was lazy, did poor work, was untrustworthy, and she was a liar.
     She persistently (three times) over-rode the orders, agreed to by all the personnel, save for one, to consent to the notion that Richard Nixon should have right to counsel during the proceedings of Impeachment and the subsequent trial in the Senate.   She was caught leaking confidential material repeatedly, and she was caught blabbing confidential proceedings and meeting conversations to friends, radical Democrat operatives, and the press.

      There is no way she could have helped but know that that white-trash hillbilly over there was the guy who was the most famous draft dodger and woman beater circulating in Washington, D.C.   He had managed to beat the rap, by the intervention of Clinton's political godfather, of the sexual assault of an English Lord's granddaughter.

(From Politico magazine)
    Rhodes scholar Bill Clinton allegedly raped 19-year-old Eileen Wellstone at Oxford in 1969.  Wellstone says she was sexually assaulted by Bill after she met him at a pub. A retired State Department employee later anonymously told Capitol Hill Blue in 1999 “There was no doubt in my mind that this young woman had suffered severe emotional trauma…But we were under tremendous pressure to avoid the embarrassment of having a Rhodes scholar charged with rape.” 
Bill left Oxford with no degree (96% of Rhodes Scholars get degrees). 

     It is thought that Billy Jeff Blythe's get-out-of-jail card was the quick intervention of Senator J. William Fulbright, the Chairman of the very powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Billy Jeff's political godfather.   Her Majesty, the Queen determined in her wisdom to allow the wayward boy to leave so as to avoid an international incident with the Colonies across the pond.
     Eileen Wellstone was left with a ripped and torn lower lip, requiring many stitches, a dislocated shoulder, and a broken jaw.  Nothing serious....move on along....nothing to see here.   Her grandfather was a respected elder of the House of Lords.

     Since that union, between a narcissistic young hag who espoused marxism as the solution for all the little peoples' problems and money for the solution to her problems....and a narcissistic white-trash coward, woman-beating bully and draft-dodger, proven liar under oath (at the sacrifice of his law license), and well-practiced shyster and fraudulent operator....we have America's couple.   Why?  Because they will forward bolshevik and national socialism and abortion on demand, anytime, any place favored by the effete and elite who control the popular media and popular culture.

Makes you proud to be a member of an electorate that could vote for this pair and for another dolt who could read "Hope and Change" on a teleprompter.  Elective democracy, anyone?
El Gringo Viejo