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Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre


Entrance to the Quinta


The multi-purpose parlour of the Quinta
     This package offers to the bidder a stay of at the little adobe home of Diana and David Newton in the outback of a rustic and charming part of rural Mexico.  The little place is located about 24 miles northwest of Ciudad Victoria adjacent to the high Sierra Madre Oriental ranges.  It is a picturesque and somewhat antiquated, intensely farmed area, yet adjacent to great stretches of the "forest primeval".  Your home will be found situated on the spring-fed Rio Corona, lined by 500 to 1,200 year old cypress trees.

A view from your little adobe home
     It is on the very edge of an ejido community named Francisco I. Madero and it traces its history back to the days of opulence represented by the Hacienda de Santa Engracia during the Spanish Colonial period.  That hacienda compound still exists and will be visited, in that it is less than a mile from your adobe home.

     This offering is well directed to those who are serious to somewhat serious about birdwatching.  The grouns of your home are heavily wooded and structured to attract birds coming in from near and far. Our area's annualized bird specie count is in the vicinity of 450.

     Butterflies abound as well.  We happened to have built right on a major flyway of the Monarch Butterfly.   Dragonflies and all nature of interesting beasties call the Quinta's grounds and surrounding Home.
El Gringo Viejo,
surveying his "estate"

      Your home is truly adobe, built by fellow Episcopalians, selfishly to enjoy, along with those who deign to "come down the road" to our little place.   It is built in the ancient, Spanish Colonial, somewhat Spartan, military style.  You have a private entrance and a private bath. And full run of the rest of the house....refrigerator, television, etc.  We even have a telephone!
 Foregoing or including such things as birds and butterflies, this offering is excellent for a couple who would appreciate some of the above, and a lot of time just to amble, relax, and do nothing.   Perhaps relaxing on our famous "long, west-facing corridor" imbibing in any number and presentations of liquids, and eating a couple of really nice meals each day would be reward enough.

     This is the perfect place to sit in your huge rocking chair (mesadora) and read your Agatha Christi or whatever  and let things pass by without need of attention.     At night the lightning bugs and the  Milky Way are always ready to put on a good show.  During the afternoons and early evenings you might even see a bobcat or some foxes;  one can even be content that the bears have managed to recover their populations, but they remain up in the mountains.
    Your home is truly adobe, built by fellow Episcopalians, but selfishly to enjoy along with those who "come down the road" to our little "mud hut".  It was built in the ancient Spanish Colonial, somewhat Spartan military style.  You do have a private entrance and, of course, a private bath.   And, you have full run of the casa, including the refrigerator, the satellite television(SKY). We even have a telephone that can connect the guest to "back home'' on an at cost basis.
The famous long,
 west-facing corridor
      We offer a stay of at least three nights.  There are things to do and see, or not, as the guest wishes.   Days can be full, or totally relaxed, or any combination thereof.  It is recommended that the guest(s) choose dates between 10 February and 1 June or between  20  September - 10 December so as to avoid heat of Summer or the worst of what Winter has to offer.  If the prospective guest does not have "climate issues" then any time is fine.

     We do request a minimum of two weeks notice before your arrival, and we would need to know how the winner of this very pleasant "estancia" would prefer to arrive.   Arrangements can be made for transportation to and from.  The highways are adequate to excellent for those accustomed to driving in Mexico.

  We would like to hear from the winner at the earliest possible time concerning what kind of travel arrangement would be to the clients' liking.
     Also we have excellent water, and bottled water, and we have electricity of the same kind used in McAllen.   Alcohol and soda pops will be sold at the lowest price in North America.  Smoking is permitted, outside only.   For more about the Quinta click here:

The Rio Corona
About 220 yards from your front door