Friday, 21 August 2015

Crowley's Analysis - The skullduggery widens and deepens in the Royal Court, as the days shorten for the Reign of Obama


     Dr. Monica Crowley is a much better than average analyst and commentator concerning matters about and around Foggy Bottom.  Our spies and contributors from Extreme Central Texas have forwarded her latest article which details her thoughts concerning the source and purpose of the Torment of (Sir Edmund) Hillary, Queen of the Universe.   The entire article can be accessed at this linkage: 

          Earlier during the evening of this date, the obtuse and overbearing blowhard O'Reilly attempted to shout down Dr. Monica, repeatedly referring to her research, impressions, and conclusions as "conspiracy theories".   Mr. O'Reilly did not look good, once again, as he chose to brow-beat his own guest so as to demonstrate his supposedly superior thought processes. In this particular contest, he loses before he begins, again.
     Crowley is of the mind that all of (Sir Edmund) Hillary's problems come from the White House.   She, and many, believe that the Queen of the Universe is not the person Obama wishes to continue the "legacy" of his accomplishments.  The animus that exists between and betwixt Michelle and Hillary, and Obama and Hillary, and Bill and Obama, and Valerie Jarrett and Huma is pronounced, wide, and deep.

     In a way that some consider inspired political manoeuvering, the White House went to the trouble to either set-up or to actually catch General David Petraeus with his security clearance down around his ankles, so to speak.  For a relatively minor, but significant, breach of security regulations in the handling of classified documents, the four-star general general was run through the legal wringer,  forced to resign, pay fines, and suffer various and sundry other punishments, all painful and embarrassing.

     There are even those who think that his "biographer" who also served as a mistress of sorts, served as a finger on the hand of the White House in setting up Petraeus for the fall.   The thing is that the good General was punished fairly seriously for a fairly minor, but real, breach of security protocol.  So, when the time would come to analyze (Sir Edmund) Hillary's condescending and truly peculiar monstrous breach of security protocol as Secretary of State (just think of all those miles she flew), Valerie Jarrett could begin a steady leak, leak, leak of information about the matter.   Valerie Jarrett knew from (Sir Edmund) Hillary's first days at the helm of the Department of State that the Esteemed Secretary of State was wheeling and dealing on State time, but without any consideration to the penetrability of her official and under-the-table business dealings...(as in the Haiti gold mines for her brother, among scores of other felonies).   (Sir Edmund) Hillary was fascinatingly, blithely unaware that everybody else knew everything she was doing, while She, Herselfie thought she could sell tickets to "The Mohammed Video War".

     Dr. Crowley fails a bit in not questioning why Father Obamaham "coupled-up" with (Sir Edmund) during those moments immediately following the debacle that was the fall of the consul and arms and munitions stores at the consular compound in Benghazi.   He had to tie (Sir Edmund) to the event and shine a pathway out of the morass that (Sir Edmund) had left him, that fateful night when Father Obamaham left and went to the fund-raiser in Las Vegas.
     Of course, we remember that Father Obamaham had ridiculed the business community for flying in company jets and holding events and conventions in Las Vegas....short weeks before flying off himself to said destination.   The irony of (Sir Edmund)'s advertisement during the 2008 campaign, about having an adult at the ready when the dreaded phone call comes into the White House at 03:00 hours, was something akin to the meth-lab white-trash blowing themselves up during a batching of the crystal.

     All this is why....the ''Keep your friends close during political times, and to also keep your enemies closer" adage....Obama had (Sir Edmund) front and centre at the Dover reception of the Return of the Coffins....where (Sir Edmund) assured the survivors of the returning dead that ".....we are going to catch that terrible person who made that video.....''.  Valerie Jarrett wanted to put (Sir Edmund)'s face on as much of the mess as possible.
    Of course the guy speaking at the microphone has an Aunt and Uncle living at the time on long-term public assistance (welfare) in Massachusetts in spite of being illegal aliens from Kenya.   The guy speaking at the microphone will outdo himself by doing the "selfie shuffle" at the Mandela funeral and reading a teleprompter that failed to tell him that it is not Marine Corpse...but rather the Marine Apple Core.
      Of course, Michelle Robinson took scowling exception to Barry's love-cuddles and selfie posturing with the Prime Minister of Denmark....or whatever place it was that has a lot of blonde people....while Mandela's remains warmed in the South African sun.   As an aside, we were gratified to learn later that Mandela's family had first things first in correct order.   As did the Martin Luther King, Jr. family, the Michael Jackson family, the Gentle Giant Ferguson Martyr family, the Whitney Houston family, the Mandela family did not allow the "core" of Mandela to reach room temperature before beginning to fight over the assets and residuals.    They learned a bit on how to sack Mandela's assets by studying the "wife" of Yassir Arafat who managed to grab Ole Yassir's assets and ensconce herself on the Champs Elysees.

     All these people are frauds.   Leftist and popular uprising social justice activists???  Almost all frauds.   But Dr. Crowley is probably correct.  It is similar to Stalin and Trotsky....and the scores of top-dogs that wound up at the top of the heap of some Nazi or Bolshie rubble and promptly began the effort of each to kill or exile the other.

      Thanks for your time and patience.   We shall await news from the Stork and advise one and all about any blessed event that might occur during the next few days.  There is still a departed friend to remember and other matters  requiring attention.   We shall stay on top and keep the information coming in and out.

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