Sunday, 2 August 2015

COMING UP FOR DEPARTURE TIME - We begin leaving a potpourri of thoughts.....


    These various points all have their roots firmly planted in the soil of understanding and misunderstanding.   The use, overuse, and indiscriminate use of the shoddy approach to reaching a conclusion by non-critical thought and imprecise expression....weighs upon this mediocre writer.   Inferior intellectual processes, and incorrect notions about the meanings and origins of words dog even the best of us and those who have the best intentions.

     (1)   You are a bad person because you are a racist and because we are all immigrants.   You are a racist because you say bad things about immigrants who do not look like you.

     To begin, most of the people who are coming across the borders of the United States, and certainly of Texas without benefit of necessary paperwork and entry permits are definitively NOT immigrants.   They are aliens....persons not citizens of the country in which they find themselves..and they are therefore illegal.  Illegal Aliens....not immigrants.
       An immigrant is a person who interns according to the permissions and  conditions of the nation receiving that immigrant.   He or she is known as a legal alien which is a lot better and healthier than being an illegal alien.

         Therefore, when we are invaded by people who chose to not abide by the law and they arrive especially with the intent to whelp on American soil so as to have a cause that justifies being allowed to remain in the country because one's infant daughter or son needs her or his mother nearby at such a time, we are not being invaded by immigrants.   We are being invaded by parasitic organisms  who have found the promised land of 35,000 dollars worth of support simply by whelping one.   Texas has become unwilling now to issue birth certificates to without identification of any kind.

     Those of you who think you are doing wonderful things by going to the "immigrant emegency care centres" with money, food, clothes and the like might feel really good about helping someone who is downtrodden.   The fact is, however, that many of the same people who are coming over here have been or continue to be involved in on-going criminal activity.   One learns as he/she deals with the "immigrants" and their "already here children'' that they are a sullen bunch.   There is little or no gratitude expressed for the free goodies they are receiving.   They frequently openly complain about the clothes, food, shoes, underwear, women's necessities, toiletries, and even money they are given.   They make it plain that there are two realities.  One, everything back in Honduras or El Salvador was better....and two, everything  in Texas is garbage....and more had been expected.
       This message is mixed into the Queen for a Day tales about how bad things are in Honduras and El Salvador.   One has a hard time keeping it straight.  The Roman Catholic parishes and agencies have specialists who "provide care" and help the"immigrants" make it to their next destination (why?).  They speak of the "immigrants" as if they are a special people and we are blessed to have them among us.   But in the bus station at McAllen, armed with their free goodies, free money, gifts from people they do not know, nor five a damn about....the "immigrants" freely talk about what a dump Texas is and how much worse they have been treated as compared to what they had expected.   They openly express resentment that so-and-so "got" more and better "stuff" than the complainant.  "I have three children and I am pregnant, and she only had two.   So why did they give her 600 dollars and me only 390 dollars?"

    These people are not immigrants...and they should not...must not be confused with the bulk of the Latin population that was invested in this country before 1965. Frankly, most of the illegal aliens who are here right now are a net positive group....but that margin shrinks daily.   The criminal element, as a percentage of the universe of illegal aliens is increasing rapidly, on an hourly and daily basis, especially those originating from El Salvador,  Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras.    We have addressed the absurdity of the notion that O'Reilly can say that "....over 230 people have been murdered in the last 6 years by 'undocumented immigrants'. 
         As we repeat that the actual figure of people killed feloniously over that time is much closer to 1.2 / day.    And they are not immigrants.  They are illegal aliens.

(2)   Next we have the word "hero".   My FOX News people repeatedly referred to a nice woman, a store proprietrix, who went forth and knocked out the window of a motorcar because a two-year old had been encountered in the vehicle, drenched in the very point of heat prostration and/or stroke.   Her body temperature was 104 degrees, even some minutes after her liberation from the oven that was her mother's auto.
     The lady who owned the stored was repeatedly called a Hero.   If in fact she had been qualified for such a title it would have been more properly ''Heroine", because of her gender....which some people still have, without  doubt.
     But Hero or Heroine, it is required to expose oneself to almost certain or certain serious injury or even death without regard to such consequences when involved in the saving or another human's life or risk of very serious injury.    The word "Hero" was used, even yesterday, when one of our Barbies referred to a Copper who had stopped his patrol and gotten down on the sidewalk with a gaggle of nicely presented and civilized pre-teen boys.   They had one of their bicycles in intensive care, due to a slipped chain.
     Because the Police Patrolman stopped and put the chain on and made the adjustments necessary for it to stay on, our Bimbo referred to him as a Hero on three or four more effusive segments.   No...not hero, SeƱorita Bimbo.  You are a nice girl...but the policeman was a Good Samaritan...he was noble...he was not "too good" to get down and really help what to the boys seemed to be a major disaster.   He was, simply, a good man going out of his way to do a good thing.
     Last year, maybe he was a hero....perhaps three months from now, he will be called upon to be a hero.   But last week sometime, depending when the phone-video was made.....he was just that guy that stopped and made everything perfect for four boys he did not know....just because he could.  'Nuf Sed, and Dun.

(3)     The UBS Bank and (Sir Edmund) Hillary.   Flabbergasting.  Billy Jeff receives 1.6 million dollars in "speaking fees'' from the Union Bank of Switzerland, as well as other considerations to (Sir Edmund) Hillary herself that ran into seven figures for the Clinton's 'global initiative'.   This is after the State Department decided to "help" the Union Bank of Scotland avoid compliance with certain demands being made by various investigations into the nature of confidential accounts by foreign leaders and "important" personalities.   Among these could be the billionaire leaders of the "poor" such as the estate of Yassir Arafat, the Castro Brothers of Cuba, and  various of such ilk.....including, some say,  Marc Rich...the "investment analyst" who made off with a third of a billion dollars of other folks' money back in 1990.

     Were these two....(Sir Edmund) Hillary and Billy Jeff have been Republicans, the piles of license plates would never have been finished over at the Department of Corrections.

     We  have a couple of more entries to-morrow, and then we'll be heading South for a few weeks.
El Gringo Viejo