Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Teachable Moments: a few brief points concerning current events and the public theatre of madness


     THE FIRST point concerns ex-Governor O'mally of Maryland.  He was famous for having turned over Maryland's largest prison for violent and other felony offenders to one of the prisoners.   That prisoner ran the prison in the way of all mafia-like...criminal-enterprise type convicts. The prison became essentially a criminal enterprise headquarters.
    His (O'mally's) conduct of State business was so bad that the body politic of Maryland voted for a Republican to be Governor of their State.
     O'mally made further inroads on the point that liberal Democrats have no inner moral compass, and they have no guiding moral or philosophical convictions.   He was answering a question about some matter, when he made the unfortunate remark, "Black lives matter, White lives matter, All lives matter."
     The assembled group of Democrats, mainly people of the leftist Negro pursuation, went berserk.  They shouted down the ex-governor, and drove him from the stage.   During a later interview with one of the berserk, marxist Negresses, she asked the ex-governor if he understood that the inclusion of the term White lives matter was offensive to what she and her fellow berserk-0-matic nut-cases see as the truth that she felt moved to force the ex-governor to confess, grovel, and essentially excuse himself from existence.
      And, do you all know what....????   He did.   He apologised for having said such an offensive thing as 'White lives matter' and he now understood the error of his ways, and he begged forgiveness from a socially psychotic, berserk marxist and her posse of nut-cases.

     Who needs critical thinking, testosterone, normalcy, and backbone when you can grovel?

    Ahhhh!   And then there is that friend to the woman....I am woman...I am strong!!!! Planned Parenthood.   The spin-off subsidiary of the Margaret Sanger legacy.   Margaret Sanger who make truck with the Ku Klux Klan, the Prohibition Movement, the Communist Party USA, and with the innovative public health and cultural improvement measures of the German Democratic National Socialist Workers' Party.   You had to admire that she could put together such a gaggle of perverts, murderers, arrogant holier-than-thou meddling old WCTU battle-axes, Negro/Jew/Catholic/hating white-trash Klanners (the vast majority of whom were in northern States by that time).
     Throw in a contingent of wealthy New York and Massachusetts doctors and eugenics "scientists" of the day....the same people who in previous incarnations came up with the idea of "abolition" as a solution to the "Negro Problem".....and what a wonderful witches' brew of death and hate they could brew.

     In 1970....thereabouts...your humble writer was working for a community action agency in Hidalgo County...actually the largest one in the United States.   It was funded by the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO - Executive Office of the President) and other central government and State bureaucracies.   Among the programmes operated by the community action agency in question was a sub-contracted project titled "Family Planning Services".   The receiving agency was the Planned Parenthood Association for the county in question. 
    It fell to my task....(actually my task was to Republicanise to the extent possible the programmes operated by the Agency)....to evaluate and assure compliance with stated objectives and procedures.   My job was to do this for all the programmes, including Head Start for the whole County, and various other  projects....totalling to almost 10,000,000 worth of annualised funding...a fortune in those days.

     The Planned Parenthood account was relative small, because they had other funding and many volunteers.   My number one task was to make certain that the operations did not include abortions, or even the insistence that clients and participants consider abortion as a Family Planning alternative.  The Executive Director, a long-term combat public health Registered Nurse (RN), was definitive, "We do no abortion.  We recommend no abortion."
     Still there were wisps of opaque smoke that seemed to spell out to people in the inner sanctum,"Yes, officials in the Planned Parenthood Association organization in this County recommend and direct girls and women to abortion services."
     It was true that the Executive Director RN, a brilliant medicine woman and excellent administrator, was telling the truth.  It was true according to all the women working in the five or six sub-stations of the organisation throughout the County.   The normally-disposed-to-gossip women did not "drop the dime'' on some surreptitious aborting going on late at night in some alley somewhere.   They could not, because in this area, much of the gossip and "chisme" (whisperings), is based in truth.

     A couple of months into the passive investigation later, it was the task of this humble employee to drive down to Weslaco where the Board of Directors of the Planned Parenthood Association for the County would be meeting at a public facility.   The community action agency had a clause in the agreement that its inspectors and programme analysts of the grantor could come by at any time, and attend or presence any activity of the grantee.
     And it dawned on me as I drove down.....the staff knows nothing about anything pertaining to abortion.    What about the hootsey-tootsey snootsies, all rich-folks and real, live MD-type doctors?   I went into the meeting room and took a seat in the far back.   As people filed in...finally about 15 folks...I stayed seated in the back, minding my own business.
     There was a call to order...no prayers, pledge of allegiance, etc.  A report of the balance and a report of the activities was read.  Then the chairwoman called a certain doctor to report on his research about the need for intervention services and availability of provision of such services.  A very well known Ob-Gyn strode to the lecturn.  He immediately announced that he had good news.  He took his wallet out, extracted a small piece of paper.  He then declared, "Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud and excited to tell you that we now have a women's health centre facility in Corpus Christi....a telephone number and address....where elective pregnancy termination has become a reality for women in South Texas.   There is some indication that soon there will be a facility in Harlingen.   So, nobody can say that we haven't been doing  our job down here."
     There was applause and "hurrahs" and other celebratory comment.  The chairwoman reminded everyone before departure that, in spite of this 'good news', everyone needed to remember that so long as Planned Parenthood was receiving money from the community action agency it would be necessary to continue to follow the line that there were no abortions performed by Planned Parenthood Association in the service area covered by this local chapter.
     She reminded that all referrals will be discreet and handled by the man who had made the announcement a few minutes previous.   As we broke up, some of the people who knew me socially and others who knew me as an officer of the community action agency exchanged salutes and comments, but none seemed at all concerned that I had been there.

     A full report was made.  Preparations were also made to begin to withdraw funds from the local Planned Parenthood Association over the next eight quarters.    Some time after, however, there was an out and out firing of all the top ranking personnel...the RN and her bookkeeper, several of the office managers, and so forth.    People more "realistic and sophisticated" were put into place and the PPA became integrated into the abortion chain of relationships.  You know...women's health issues.

Planned Parenthood has always been a House of Horrors, a ghoulish dealer in the death of innocents and the barter of their dead flesh.   It is the crime of the Century and the Judgement will come upon America when and/or if we ever stop fighting this macabre worship of Baal on American soil. 


     And now at the risk of being called an Old Grumpo, we are totally disgusted with the stupid advertisements that dwell on the fact that there are auto insurance companies that force people to drive around on three wheels.   The insurance companies do this to the hapless policy holders on purpose because they want the poor unsuspecting policy holders to stop saying things like, "Hey, insurance companies, nobody's perfect!"
     Be there a mind so numb, be there so many stupid people who believe Banks when they offer "Buy one suit and get 10 suits, FREE!"?

     Did the stupid people whining about having to drive around on three wheels think that the insurance company they were using would be glad to essentially put on the "accident forgiveness" rider just like the one advertising with these stupid advertisements, if the client agrees to begin paying for the rider that provides that coverage.   Then, perhaps, the hapless victim client might have a chance to uselessly expend money for something that might be better covered by a savings account.

     And no, Virginia, the shipping is not free, either.   It might be included in the cost of purchase of the product, but it is not free.

More later.
El Gringo Viejo