Thursday, 30 July 2015

Enough reason to never vote for sad.....

Recent interview with Bloomberg Financial News

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) acknowledges human activity contributes to climate change but cautioned against actions that would harm the U.S. economy. In written answers to Bloomberg BNA, Bush said the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan is “irresponsible and ineffective” and “oversteps state authority.” He also tells Bloomberg BNA reporter Anthony Adragna that phasing out the renewable fuel standard “over time” is the “proper thing to do.” Bush, who served as Florida governor from 1999 to 2007, also called approving the proposed Keystone XL pipeline a “no brainer.” Bloomberg BNA has reached out to all presidential campaigns and will publish other substantive responses in the days ahead. 
Bloomberg BNA:Is climate change occurring? If so, does human activity significantly contribute to it?
Bush: The climate is changing; I don’t think anybody can argue it’s not. Human activity has contributed to it. I think we have a responsibility to adapt to what the possibilities are without destroying our economy, without hollowing out our industrial core. 
I think it’s appropriate to recognize this and invest in the proper research to find solutions over the long haul but not be alarmists about it. We should not say the end is near, not deindustrialize the country, not create barriers for higher growth, not just totally obliterate family budgets, which some on the left advocate by saying we should raise the price of energy so high that renewables then become viable. 
U.S. emissions of greenhouse gasses are down to the same levels emitted in the mid-1990s, even though we have 50 million more people. A big reason for this success is the energy revolution which was created by American ingenuity—not federal regulations. 
Bloomberg BNA:Should the Keystone XL pipeline be approved?
Bush: Yes. Construction of the Keystone pipeline is a no brainer. It moves us toward energy independence and creates jobs. The President’s politically motivated veto of the pipeline is an example of how this administration supports policies that suppress economic growth.

Dear Jeb:
     Global warming begins with the rising of the sun.   If it is climate change that you are trying to scare the hell out of the children about, try telling them that there have been thousands of climate changes during the existence of the planet Earth.   Tell them about the coal deposits in the Antarctic.
     If it is the intensity of the numerous storms and hurricanes that we are suffering, try the Galveston Hurricane of 1900.
       Please spare us.  You do not know the difference between Pacific water layer inversion and the aurora borealis.
El Gringo Viejo