Saturday, 18 July 2015



     It is well that the Republican class see the disadvantage to having a person such as Donald Trump leading any charge, heading up any faction or fraction of the GOP, or in any way postulating as a valid candidate or spokesman.   The notion that he could denigrate the service and sacrifice of John McCain is preposterous beyond description.   We remember that McCain was also a hero in terms of the on-board catastrophe that affected his aircraft carrier before the Viet Nam War intensified.   McCain ran towards the fire that killed many and manned the hoses until the fire was done.  He was seriously injured along with several other F - 4 Phantom pilots who became firemen that day and not combat pilots.

     I am not a first line supporter of John McCain in terms of my positions as opposed to his within the debates held inside the Republican universe.  I am, and will continue to be a supporter of Ted Cruz.  But, I shall defend Governor Perry and John McCain from these ridiculous attacks made by a man who cannot help but say terribly stupid things and do astoundingly silly things as though he thinks it makes him irresistible to a gullible, ignorant political party.

     We are neither gullible nor ignorant.   We do await the moment when the deck is cleared for 19 better boys and girls who are on the "A list".   We have no time for clowns who are just another form of Hillary and Obama narcissistic self-adulators.

These comments are addressed to the OROG community and to the GOP community in particular.
El Gringo Viejo