Monday, 8 June 2015

This too must change....The Septic Tanking of America: But first....

On the left - lying, self-consumed snip
On the right - frumpy, self-consumed hag

     The (Sir Edmund) Hillary on the left spent her renowned commencement address at Wellesley lambasting the "establishment" in general and certain personalities in particular, including United States Senator present in the audience that fine day,  Edward Brooke III, a Black man, and also the first popularly elected person of black African ancestry to the United States Senate....a Republican.  The second, of course, is another Republican by the name of Tim Scott, who is much more conservative and quite a bit Blacker, as would be expected of a Senator from South Carolina, of course.

Edward brooke senator.jpg
Senator Ed Brooke (R)
United States Senator
1966 - 1979
   The frumpy - self-consumed - hag - Hillary is that great frumpy hope for all women who lost out, who wake up hating themselves and blaming men and "things in general" for their misery, who know that the lottery ticket and/or bingo card they are drawing has been marked as a loser by "some man" who is in charge  ''somewhere".  They love (Sir Edmund) Hillary because, no matter how much she and Billy Jeff steal, no matter how many lies they tell, and no matter how much false posturing they do or destruction they cause, at least someone is getting away with something and it must be hurting the same people who hurt "me".

      In Conservative Sociology it will probably be known soon as the Sandra Fluke Psychotic Group Syndrome.

part of the overall plan to drive America into
the magnificence of open sewers and favelas
with millions of naked, filthy pre-primary
school babies
________________(and you guessed it:   It's your fault)________________________
NOW, AND as inspired and compelled by El Zorro, a much more somber matter.    To wit:
  • Church World Service (CWS)
  • Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC)
  • Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM)
  • Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)
  • International Rescue Committee (IRC)
  • US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI)
  • Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS)
  • United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
  • World Relief Corporation (WR)

         Yes, these official sounding agencies are actually officially endowed, recognised, integral parts of the official Churches inferred by their titles.  They operate as contractors for and with the United States State Department, working in league with the United Nations, and other repellent organisations, insidiously involved in the quest to destroy both the United States and Israel.   Yes, Virginia even the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.   None of the "immigrants" or "refugees" represented by these organisations as "new residents" in the United States....especially into Texas.... are Arabic ancestried Jews or Christians.    Almost all are not "moderate" that they believe in Sharia as a law superior to English / American Common Law and Constitutional Law forged through interpretive precedents.   Almost all believe that the killing of apostates, heretics, and infidels is probably necessary, and the killing of all homosexuals and adulteresses and un-married but betrothed maidens who are "soiled" is honourable.
       Aiding the above named Agencies are their localised, on-the-ground, Acorn-type community "service" placement facilitation workers who are dedicated to globbing these very probably rabidly anti-American people into our midst.
         It is the same as what they did during our immediate past Summer of Discontent when 60,000 women with very small children, along with perhaps as many as 8,000 Mara Salvatrucha (perhaps the world's worst and most bloodthirsty thug-gangmembers).   They trundled up from Honduras and Nicaragua and Guatemala and El Salvador.  They were invited, quite literally, by elements within or endorsed by the United States government. Radio and television programmes in Central America gave repeated and detailed instructions about how to seek out and surrender to United States Immigration and Border Patrol officers, and ask for refugee status for their children.
       They were escorted, tended to, fed, given clothes, sheltered, given transportation by the agencies listed above and by common citizens who felt move to provide Samaritan Acts.   None or few of these people ever said even so much as a thank you.  They were never reluctant to complain and/or ask for "more" or to complain about the colour of the new pull-over T-shirt for the four-year-old child she had lugged up from bowels of Honduras.
         They are now being helped by "immigration attorneys" to file complaint after complaint about their treatment by the authorities, the quality of their free food, their free accommodation, their free transportation to places from whence they will probably never be extracted....all of which places are in the United States.   It was easy to note by the fact that many of the "madres solteras" had salon nails and other indications that they were not "refugees" in any sense save for the desire to be in a place where they could be paid for having babies.
       Most of them will be "stabled" by criminal elements who are also from the girls' own home countries.   They will be "milked" for percentages of their AFDC, WIC, food stamps, and Housing subsidies, all conducted by teen-aged spawn of Hell, full of MS-13 and Santa Muerte tatoos.   They might even be forced into prostitution or, if luckier, to tips-only work as bar-maids in dive-saloons.   It just the way it is.
          That will be success for the above named groups and agencies.   Their mission is to foist the quagmire caused specifically by the NON-IMMIGRANT type entrant into this Republic.  They are not the Mexicans of the previous-Amnesty and Pre-War-on-Poverty period when the arrival of Mexicans was actually a positive  thing for the American fabric.   These people from last Summer,  in their 85 - 90 per cent, were not Immigrants....they were barnacles.  Digestive tracts and reproductive systems.
        And once again....the agencies listed above are the complicit interface inducting the obviously unqualified into the country.   Their "start-up" money is given by good or complicit people who are members of the sects, denominations, and groups listed above in the form of tithing or the alms-basins of their offertory.  Greater money comes back to the denominations' and sects' upper tier the Presiding Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church of America, for instance and she then uses that money to fight, not poverty and suffering, but to pay expensive lawyers who are fighting Parishes and Dioceses who  wish to retire from the "greater" Episcopal Church and join the North American Anglican Union....or stand as independent Anglican Dioceses.    That is actually what is going on...that, and the destruction of American traditionalism.
    We leave you with that, and thank you for your king attention and patience.
    You all can thank El Zorro, Mrs. Corcoran, and others for trumpetting these realities for all to hear.
    El Gringo Viejo