Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Susan Sarandon proves that all progressives are liars

     We happened to see Susannah Sarandon for a few seconds before being able to find the channel selector.   She was carefully explaining to the show host, another  progresso-drooler, how Ronald Reagan caused homelessness to arrive on American Shores by emphasising the notion of rugged individualism.   Along with that emphasis, Reagan let it be known that if a person were to hit a rough patch it was because of his own moral and psychological inadequacy.  This policy on the part of Ronald Reagan began in 1981 or 1982, she was not clear which year.

     Therefore, to set the record straight, and as part of my own self-inflated notion of importance, El Gringo Viejo forwards this message to the very loopy diva of illogic and cluelessness.

        Dear Miss Susannah Sarandon -  During the latter half of the 1970s, in keeping with the American Progressive Movement's  overall objective to tear down the communitarian, traditionalist American landscape and force it into third-world conditions found in 93% of the remainder of Planet Earth, repeated efforts were made to release all the kooky-bongos from the asylums.
     This is not a joke.  It was true that there were a few people who had been railroaded into the psychiatric clinics and hospitals.  It was also true that very few of those places were what might be considered a Sandals on the Beach somewhere in the Bahamas, or at least South Padre Island of Texas.

     The problem was that many of the people who were interned  at psychiatric facilities, frequently under judicial order, actually needed to be where they wound up....under supervision, without any guns, sharp instruments, glass bottles, or access to drugs and/or alcohol.
Some women age well and
 some hags age like
 (Sir Edmund)
     After repeated assaults against this reprehensible condition affecting the kooky-bongo  community there were finally enough dullard, anti-American judges who decided that kooky-bongo people needed love too, and that the Constitution has it clearly printed in Article XXXVII of the 43rd Amendment that ".....no kooky-bongo, notwithstanding his level of kooky-bongoness, shall be forced to remain apart from the general community unless it can be demonstrably demonstrated that the kooky-bongo of the first part presents a clear and present danger to himself or another kooky-bongo(s), or to a member of the general community, except in the States of New York and California where everyone is kooky bongo, and therefore, under the intermutual exclusionary clause of 1848, can neither be excluded nor included in any or all of the foregoing."    WHEW!
     (We would like to point out that these are the same type of ACLU allied judges who somehow find that the Ku Klux Klan has the "right" to demonstrate without first officially repudiating any mention in their charter about the elimination of Jews, Negroes, Catholics, and atheists.   So long as anyone swears allegiance to these objectives, their presence constitutes a continuing shouting of "fire!" in the crowded, darkened theatre.  The Constitution requires that Congrefs shall make no law restricting free speech....it does not prohibit locales from doing so, nor does it restrict States in their wisdom to do so.)

     And the gates were opened.   Marginally competent people who did not know what century it was or what planet they were riding, were allowed to leave the "facility".  After all, what could go wrong?  It was something similar, and simultaneous,  to homosexuals learning that they could take over the bathhouses, and the heroine addicts learned that they could share needles.   Heck, after 1,200 sexual contacts in a year or shooting up with 30 different needles who were shared with what's-his-name (or was it her name?) what could possibly go wrong?    The cultural junkyard cum Hiroshima soon followed.

     And....according to Sarandon, it was all Reagan's fault.   In truth, El Gringo Viejo never saw Ronald Reagan walking around in front of a "bathhouse" in San Francisco with a sandwich board saying "Welcome, free steamers, towels, friends".  We never saw  Nancy Reagan who was supposedly seen frequently in male-drag, offering heroin addicts hypodermics that she had recovered from Dempster Dumpsters.   We know it must have happened because Susannah Sarandon said so, and she is, after all, an actress.   I mean, if she doesn't know things, who does?

    We have to leave, because we have been giving all of our loose change to the Sandra Fluke Birth Control Pill Charity so that she can avoid having to spend 3,500 dollars a year for her birth control pills. It's the time we normally send our loose change to her.  We also sent her a map showing various CVCs, Wal-Marts, Walgreens, and other popular and accessible places that sell the same pills for what would amount to less that 360 dollars per year....but we never heard back from her.

More later.   We are humbled by the back-count on our circulation.  We are expecting the Men in Black to arrive at any time.
El Gringo Viejo