Sunday, 31 May 2015

General Comments - Some New Topics, Some a Bit Old

     We have been a bit snowed-under (not literally) with various small to medium-sized responsibilities and therefore have relax from the responsibilities to pontificate at every corner and creek.   However, allow us to catch up, at least in a brief way.
(1)    The previous posting concerning the matter of "climate change", written by the hand of a noted and respected meteorologist was refreshing.  While we do not agree that there is fault on the right for sealing ourselves away and listening only to our own echo chamber music, there was much about the article that attempts to bring considerable reason to the table  of reasonable things.
     To begin, though, it is not thought by most of us who never fell for concepts such as "hope and change" or the snake-oil shysters who sell such products that we have any obligation to listen to snake-oil shysters.     We understood that the "Climate Shysters" only real product is the increased gouging of the American Taxpayer, ostensibly to offset the costs  borne by the undevelopable world in its effort to grapple with global warming, cooling, climate change, nuclear winter, and Polar Bear shortages.
      That cost, quite obviously, is neither justified nor justifiable.  One cannot doubt that giving money to any selected group of General Assembly members of the United Nations....let us say, to the level of 70 per cent....would be any less a warping of moral and legal purpose than Obama giving 700,000,000 USD to crony capitalist Democrat thugs to build solar panels.   You all remember, I am sure....the solar panel factory that employed people to do nothing except play chess and cards....since no one bought the two or three thousand solar panels they ever built.
     Of course, in keeping with the third-world, low-class, ever-crooked, thoroughly corrupt way of doing things that typifies all Progressive "Great Leaps Forward" the Solyndra mess did generate millions in kick-backs to Obama and ultra-leftist campaign coffers.....the original intent of the "shovel ready stimulus investment for the middle class that Bush left in poverty".   You just gotta luv' that hope & change.
     To seal off point number one, there never has been a discipline-wide agreement or consensus of any kind about any of ghostly, floating notions  about warming, cooling, changing, or anything.  It has all been a running sham to scare the h-lasting Hell out of grade school children, to defame America and American industriousness, and to raid the exchequer of each productive household and of the Treasury of the United States.
     It is like the Lie of Three Mile Island.....and....can you imagine, the Great Oil Spill of California....where over 100,000 gallons of oil leaked up on the beach from a filthy, crummy, purposefully left unrepaired, polluting for-profit fossil fuel big business.   Any real Texan knows that 100,000 gallons of oil is not a disaster of any kind.  The first thing to do is find animals that might be affected (there will be relatively few), grab a few bottles of Dawn, and clean the animals.  The oil can be either vacuumed, or mopped up, to lesser and greater degrees of effectiveness.   Very quickly.
     It was a source of considerable humour to note that about a week after the pipe-leak, there began to appear on another beach, quite distant from the first, tar-balls....actually coagulated oil blobs, from 1 - 3 inches square....began to wash up on the beach and also blob and bob around on the surface of the surf, just off-shore.  On the Texas coast, we are accustomed to these outbreaks of oil that rise up from the ocean floor, usually a few miles to many miles offshore.  They do it naturally....without any provocation from dirty, for-profit companies.   They almost always degrade, onshore or off, after a few days.   It is recommended to not allow your children to eat too much of the oily, "tar"-balls.
    One might notice the level of significance of the pipeline leak was such that not even the marxist, anti-business Obsolete Press could maintain interest in the matter for more than 9 days.
(2)   We go back and forth between an Episcopal Church, or what is left of it, and a Roman Catholic church that never ceases to leave one scratching his head in wonder.  My better three-quarters is very active on both fronts, as are many in the South of the Republic of Texas.  El Gringo Viejo attends with a regular irregularity the Episcopal Dresden-scape, and only very occasionally manages to loop the Roman Church into his orbit, save on infrequent occasion in Mexico.
    As an Orthodox believer and communicant, however, one tries to keep up, and to try to care even though both Denominations look like Dresden in late 1945, at least to this observer.   This past Sunday the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brownsville sent a message out to all the parishes....the communicants number in the area of 400,000 or thereabouts.  In the communication he states that (a) the poor are never considered when it comes time to provide free medical services,  (b) that neither he nor the Church would assume to tell people what to think or how to vote or advocate concerning the matter of establishing a free-medical hospital district for the Poor Community,  (c) and, further, since they were not going to be told what to think and what to do, they might want to turn the announcement over where the parishioner will find a petition sheet, with ten entry line for signatures.   These petitions will be collected by the laity and clerics and then forwarded to or collected by the See of Brownsville.  The petitions will then be delivered to the various concerned political authorities so that they will be better able to determine the attitudes of the population concerning the need for free medical care for the illegal aliens, the poor, those with chronic and self-induced infirmity, the anchorbabymothers, and whomsoever else feels self-entitled to latch on to someone else's estate. 
     The Bishop did not speak consolingly to the productive class of people who have been good stewards of the vineyard to the glory of God, and according to the parables as instructed by the Nazarene.  He spoke rather to the needs of the multigenerationally defective cultural units who have become accustomed to free housing, food, school, Head-Start (babysitting), medical services on-demand including free ambulance rides, etc.
     His Reverence did not speak to the literal carpet bombing of the four-county "Magic Lower Rio Grande Valley" by those disposed to commit home invasion, harbour illegal aliens under the most brutal of conditions. He seems to not be concerned that the culture concocted in a "Soul Free Zone" is about its work of killing common, working people by incessant DWI collisions, entering into membership with depraved criminal gangs that commit all manner of heinous crimes from rape to arson to murder to armed robbery, etc.etc.etc. 
    We live in a "Free Crime Zone" for all practical purposes, and after a really good intergang confrontation where one might have a few wounded survivors, it will be certain that the wounded will be literally dumped off at the entrance of a hospital convenient to the midnight basketball facility where the shootings and knifings took place.
     But instead of striking out and beginning what will be a long, multigenerational journey back to reality, the good Bishop decides that instead it would be better to provide more cannon fodder for the gang wars (over 6,000 gang members in the LRGV) and more "hungry little mouths to feed" and "broken little bodies and medical conditions common to poverty".
  The problem can only be solved by wading into the filthy waters, full of sharks and serpents, and re-establishing a spiritual culture and a certainty of reasonable paternity.   This can only be done by minimising the certainty of receiving rewards and accommodation for bad decisions.  This can only be done by stopping the incessant insult against those who strive to care for self, family, neighbour, and friend and to those in true, temporary need.....and set them free from being incessantly taxed and shamed for having paid so little tax to support the criminal and dependent bottomless pits.   Pity we can have.   But there comes a time when it has to stop!!  All of it has to stop;  the infirmities brought on by peculiar sexual practices, self-abuse, drug addictions, and the like....  28 year old non-citizen grandmothers who are living on an equivalent of 40,000 dollars/year because their fatherless babies were born in a midwifery..... midwives trained to make the new baby a US/Texas citizen and that the mother, illegal alien though she is, is the only means of support for the baby...and therefore must remain in the country on complete public has to stop.
More later
El Gringo Viejo