Thursday, 28 May 2015

El Zorro sends this stunning piece of film about German work ethic / except on the East side of the Brandenburg Gate

     El Zorro sent this film, contributed originally by a German adolescent and his family, apparently shortly after the termination of World War II hostilities, being taken in August of 1945.   The film, in a very positive way, is a tribute to the work ethic of the German people...although it is clear that progress was much slower in the    Deutsche Demokratische Republik east of the Brandenburg.
   As a German, this camera operator could make a few moving picture records of the difference between East and West even by August of 1945.  More concern seemed to be exhibited in the direction of building a suitable monument to Uncle Joe, than to advancing the life-condition of the Deutschevolks for those "volks" who were living under the Bear's thumb.
    El Zorro is a bit reticent about his work in Cimarron, because it remains still, one of the most premier "living communities" in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, and the "engineering the cable placements" involved things about which nobody had ever heard in those days.   Because of his studies and experience in the Air Force...frequently under combat conditions....he melded into this very advanced projection of technology in those days.
    Cimarron is referred to as "Stalag San Pedro" due to the number of multi-millionaire, old-money wealthy people who own one or more homes there, and who are from the city of San Pedro de Garza Garcia, the contiguous city to Monterrey where the maids have masters degrees.   The development is something like "The Villages", and remains a golfing paradise, along with being an idyllic way station in life (especially for people from San Pedro de Garza Garcia).
Gringo Viejo,

This came to me from a friend who lives in Mission.  He was my boss in McAllen in telco engineering.  He lives in the Cimarron development… a subdivision where I engineered all the cable placements for telephone service (has nothing to do with the message below).

I thought this, below, might be of interest to you in case you ever get to the Mission Int’l Lions Club.   The linkage is at the bottom of this overall transmission.

This shows what happened with the defeat of the power hungry Nazi Regime.   Destruction!
This video was sent by a friend who was there.
Thank you Lion Ron for sending the Video of Berlin 1945.
   Yes, when I look at this video I can say our city Offenbach am Main across the river from Frankfurt looked just as bad, those images can never be erased, I was 12 years old.  
   I clearly remember, my father died in May of 1942 of poison, a chemical reaction from work. My father's brother Kristian was unable to work, he was ill with Parkinson's disease, the Nazis came to my aunt's house in early 1943 and told her that they have to take him to  a clinic, two weeks later they said that he died and sent her his ashes. In August 1943, we were totally bombed out, we were only able to save our lives; we had nothing but the clothes we were wearing. 
   But life is good. I legally emigrated to the United States in October 1952. 
Lion Henry (Heinz), Member of the International Lions Club, Mission, TX  
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Lion Henry:
Came across this 7 minute color video - - thought of you