Thursday, 23 April 2015

So much to say, and time is fleeting


     All should be aware that El Gringo Viejo has been dealing with  a bit of a computer problem that we would prefer to not discuss in detail.   Suffice to say that all should triple tier their computers with cast-iron and titanium firewalls and change 28-character passwords on an hourly basis.  (well, almost)

     We shall be heading down to the south on Saturday due to increased interests in visits and activity at our little mud-hut hideaway, the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre.   With a new "chip" and fresh batteries, we shall try to bring the OROG community a set of fresh pictures of our place and surroundings.

     We have various thoughts and observations to leave behind that have no particular profundity, but that continue to circulate in those deep recesses of my mind.

      One of the main things is the recurring recognition that all the problems we have in the American economy and society and culture are derived from programmes foisted upon the people by "forward thinkers", "progressives", "intellectual reformers", "liberals", and the like.   All of the above are people who not only know, but understand and agree, that they are innately endowed far beyond the ''common people" with a greater understanding of why society is as it is.   Further, these wise ones know what should and must be done to correct and improve what Jews and Christians and common/natural law agnostics have ruined.

     An income tax will solve all the problems of the government's operation.  Before, a few tariffs and excise taxes sufficed, and during war the Yankees printed Greenbacks and sold bonds so as to finance the war to free all men to stamp out grapes and make wine or whatever.   And remember, the income tax will never exceed 1% and it will only affect the rich.  (1917)

    Then we had Hoover's idea that Roosevelt rejected as profligate.  It was the idea of "pump-priming" by spending huge sums of government money to "stimulate" the economy, thereby providing worthwhile employment for the "disadvantaged" or the "unemployed" or the "exploited".    Worked real well, in that it extended the Great Depression by four years and served as a whipping boy against the Republicans.   Roosevelt campaigned against Hoover's pump-priming, WPA stupidity, and immediately adopted it after being inaugurated.

     A Social Security programme that would "guarantee" a sense of dignity to geezers in their final days, since the rich had everything, it would only be "fair'' to require the "rich" to pay for just a bit of "fairness" by giving geezer a few coins at the end.   The Marxists-Bolshevik elements within the "progressive" Roosevelt administration before the was with the Germans and Japanese knew that from the time of the enactment of the Social Security programme that they could beat the dead-mule to death over, and over, and over again, every two years by saying that "The Republicans will take away your Social Security Benefits, and leave you sitting on the curb in the snow, slowly starving and freezing to death while they go to balls with tuxedos and fancy Parisian gowns after repealing your hard-earned benefits.  It is their plan to destroy the middle-class and turn us all into servants of the Romanoffs and British aristocrats.   They want to keep all the money for themselves and let the rest of us starve."
    And they have used this canard every two years, like a dull, unthinking metronome:

(touch the wind up dial of the metronome)

     "They're gonna take away yer SSI, your disability, your stamps, your Medicaid, your housing.  They're commin' tuh git us....yer kids' free lunch, yer AFDC....they're cummin' tuh git the old people....all of us.
     The estimable Henry Cuellar, who had been of service to George W. during his first term as Governor of Texas by serving as Secretary of State, later became a Democrat office-holder as the United State congressman for a district that includes Laredo, Texas and quite a bit of the IH-35 from Laredo to San Antonio.   Since his district extends down into the Lower Rio Grande Valley, we receive his Spanish-language mailings warning that "....los Republicanos intentan eleminar todo tipo de sus benficios....el Medicaid, el Medicare, el Lone Star (food stamp card), la asistencia a las madrecitas solteras, el Seguro Social, la ayuda de la Section Eight....todo te quieren  eleminar y devolver as sus amigos ricos."    All of this has blared from Spanish-language radio, pamphlets, and other advertising, not just from Henry, or in Spanish, but on all "preponderantly Democrat" advertising venues.

     And of course, the Progressives joined hands with the Ku Klux Klan in their effort to eliminate alcohol from the public view or use.  They also agreed that Jews, Negroes, Mexicans, and the retarded and such should be at least segregated and perhaps even "helped along" to the eventual end of their journey in this Planned Parenthood was born and since its establishment, among their successes, is the fact that the horrid 7% rate of illegitimate births by Negresses in 1950 has since been improved by sex-information and counselling and planning to where now the Black illegitimacy rate is only 77%.   Tell me if AFDC is working or not?

Image result for welfare mothers - images
1,200 Pounds Sterling per month
rendered by HRH Elizabeth and
the Parliament.

Where one finds a government stupid enough to buy votes by paying for this...that empire deserves to die.   Eight babies, eight different unknown fathers, free housing, free food, and 1,200 pounds sterling to buy lottery tickets and cocaine lines.  The "progressives" want us to have nationalised health care and a social welfare system like the "more advanced industrialised democracies".  Puhleeze!!

     Progressives mean for things to happen exactly to the opposite of what they are proposing.   Progressives, communists, national socialists, and the like have always practiced the rule that they should always accuse the Right and their opposition of doing the things that the Progressives, in fact, are doing, whether the Right Wing is doing them or not.   They are convinced that the Vox Populi Americanus is too stupid and ignorant to keep things separated and clearly understood.   They also count on the fact that only focus groups can possibly plumb the depths of ignorance and stupidity of the American electorate.   Gruber declared it to be true....Candy Carley and George Stephanopoulos....they and theirs count on it.   Sandra Fluke believes it and demands that my girls pay for her BCPs.
     (Sir Edmund) Hillary counts on the fact that Dancing With the Stars and the need to go down and buy a lottery ticket for the big drawing will trump the need to do the least critical thought before voting.   After all, the Democrats say that Negroes and Latins are too stupid to figure out how to vote, even though they frequently vote in higher percentages  than the other cohorts of the electorate.   But what sense does sense make.  Can't we all just reach across the aisle and say "What difference, at this point, can it possibly make?"

     We shall have a few other matters to clear up before departure on Saturday Morning.   Please bear with us.
El Gringo Viejo