Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Back Again from the Paradise of the Adobe Hut

     We returned yesterday, and endured the wonders of a bridge dysfunction that caused a delay of a couple of hours.  The combination of keystone cops administrative inefficiencies and the over-dependence upon inertia and computers has placed us all in a dependency mode that can be exasperating at best and dangerous at worst.
Elegant Trogon.jpg
The Elegant Trogon
     It was an interesting better part of a month, lots of fulfilled hopes for floridity, birds, butterflies, and rejoining with occasional friends and other visitors.   We have pictured above the Elegant Trogon, who along with the other sub-species (Mexican Mountain, Resplendent, Collared) are found within certain specific geographical environments near our little hideaway.   This particular visitation came into our "land down-under", which is situated between our little adobe hut and the Rio Corona.
     It is about two acres worth of somewhat disciplined and totally- returned-to-primeval status.  But, oddly enough, this event occurred at the point almost contiguous to the house where the moderately huge mora tree (mulberry) has put on its spring leafing and first crop of purple-madness for many species of bird feast.
Warbler or Nuthatch?
     The birds had been heard the day before, but closer down to the river's edge, among the huge cypress trees that line the banks.  At first my thinking was that the sounds being heard were collared doves, who also have come into our little compound en force.  But no!   It was a tribe of elegant trogons....perhaps as many as fifteen.   When speaking among themselves they make a low, almost grinding sound from the throat like a cross between a tom-cat growling mixed with a tom-cat purring.  Trogons have a wide ranging of linguistic tricks so it is necessary to be able to identify the various "methods of expression" they have.  Each sub-specie has as many as five "songs" or calls or close-in group signalling speech.
     We were restored somewhat by the arrival and comfort level of these birds.   Their appearance coincided with the return of a very large flight of the Monarch butterfly, several thousand of whom decided that the hideaway of El Gringo Viejo & Co. was their personal rest stop.  Couple this with the repeated visits by the smallest warbler (or it might be a nuthatch) we have ever seen.
      We could go on and on about the flood of birds, butterflies, and such but it becomes tedious to write as well as to read.  It is best experienced.   Our flamboyan trees have just begun to leaf so we should have a good crimson show of it for late May through September.
    Now, in spite of the common understanding and the very shallow news reporting, the sense and reality of a substantially restored social environment in Mexico has taken hold amongst the populace.   We have seen a bit of weakening of the Mexican peso due to the fall of petroleum prices.  This has helped us a bit and seemed not to effect the burgeoning tourism and other economic sectors in Mexico much at all.
    Also, we shall be posting contributions from El Zorro along with other readers during the next several hours and close-by days.  We appreciate everyone's presence and interest.
El Gringo Viejo