Friday, 24 April 2015

Admonition from one who has faced the fire of the enemy before.....


     What is so disturbing is the ignorance and apathy of Kafirs (any people not Muslim) generally about the state of Islam. It is a very simple society that has the ultimate goal of converting or killing all Kafirs until all people are under Sharia law. Sharia is Islamic law based on the Koran that dictates every aspect of human activity. Women are subjected to men totally. Freedom of speech is non-existent.
     There are two major parts of Islam the first being religious and the second being political. The religious part was conceived by Muhammad in 610 until about 624 in Mecca. He had revelations that Gabriel the angel sent him. The Jews, Christians, pagans and others did not accept his religion of tolerance. He was driven out of Mecca. He took his small group of followers to Medina where he developed the political and militant side of Islam. In Medina he was gaining over 1,000 converts a year by destruction and intimidation. Newer Sharia law superseded earlier. The political goal (cannot be separated from religious) of Islam is to convert the entire world to Islam.
     Islamists are using the first Amendment to gain power in the United States.  Freedom of Religion in the Constitution says there can be no persecution of it.  By that, the radicals demand special accommodations for the religion of Islam.  Schools should make allowances for prayer by giving Muslims time to pray, give them special places (rooms) to pray where they need facilities like pluming to wash their feet, etc.  The schools must teach Islam because the Koran says all people have to abide by the Sharia.  Clothing has to be Muslim specific.  Lunches have to be religion specific.  On and on...
      Islam tells Muslims they may appear moderate to deceive the Kafir until they have the strength to become militant.  The Koran says Allah allows lying to get the power to convert or kill non-Muslims with impunity.  Our ignorance of Islam by our leaders is going to be our downfall as a free society.  Our Constitution is being used against us by either closet Islamist leaders or conspiratorial ones.  Our legislators and Judiciary do not understand the nature of this enemy.
     We cannot allow the religion of Islam to be accepted because of the political implications that are in conflict with our Constitution.  Since Islam does not accept the political and financial systems in the Western world, specifically America, they use the guise of religion to implement Sharia that is not compatible with the Constitution and our way of life.  Also since Islam is not purely a religion and is in conflict with our Constitution it cannot be treated as a religion.  Religion is a rationale to implement Sharia not the purpose of Islam per se.
     "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his only prophet!  Sharia is the only law!" There is no interpretation of the Koran.
The recent discovery of Islamic camps in Northern Mexico is evidence that Islam is here.  We know of the Islamic cells in Detroit, New York, New Mexico, and many other places in the US.  They are waiting until they have the strength to become militant.  We convert or die. Be afraid!
We have to educate ourselves. A must-read is “Sharia Law for Non-Muslims” by Bill Warner. It is only 48 pages and very concise and easy to read.
(editor's note:   The choice of words by El Zorro .....".....recent discovery of Islamic camps in Northern[most] Mexico is evidence that Islam is here".....meaning of course the most dangerous form of deranged, and already trained Islam.   The Mexican Army's analysis of the site to the west of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua was not that it was a training base, as Glen Beck and Hannity say...but rather a place where clusters of Sharia motivated "freedom fighters against the heretics and Kafir-class of gentiles".  Their assumption was/is that these people are already trained up.  Therefore, the simple choice of words used by El Zorro are well chosen.