Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Please, (Sir Edmund) Hillary: Please just frump off the stage....stage left.

      Please.  (Sir Edmund) Hillary!!  Snap out of it....Your Majesty!!! Your Majesty!!  Please, wake up!!!
     We remembered when you tried your best to give us free medical services.   You were brilliant when you and your super-secret 'study group' came to the brilliant decision that the way to stop increasing costs of treatment in some specialised medical matters would be to stop graduating doctors in that specialty from medical schools.   Repeat,  brilliant!!  The perfect marxist remedy.
     We admire your knack for blaming your many enemies of doing something they are not doing.   It does seem that what you do blame them for doing, however, is always something you practice on a continuing basis.   You have been fortunate to have a gaggle of dolts and dumboes who cannot think in any critical manner to form your cheering section and choir of the un-reasoning and incurably stupid.
     As they say, "What difference, at this point, could it possibly make?   After all (Sir Edmund)Hillary has done for women and all the miles she has flown, who are those who can think in some coherent manner to say that she is not the Lady in the Lake?  Was not Vince Foster the Gentleman in the Park?  Huh?  Huh?  Wouldn't anyone become hopelessly dizzy corkscrewing down to all those airports....with women waiting....and the Children?"
     To-day we shall be treated to an "explanation", quarter/truths, assumed ''misunderstandings".  We shall be told  what others had been doing that was the same or worse, but (Sir Edmund)Hillary will make certain that we know that only she is singled out by the "conspiracy".  She will offer that pitiable whimper of the wounded soul, "I would be judged differently, as so many times in the past when I was suspected of something and after exhaustive investigations, costing the taxpayers millions and millions of dollars, nothing was ever found....".
     (Sir Edmund) Hillary's explanation will be designed by Huma and the Choir so as to play to the stupid and worshipful, and it will signal to the Obsolete Media that they should remember that old Hemingway line, "Ask not for whom Fort Marcy Parks calls. It calls for you, and all who cross me in the slightest."
More later.   Perhaps we can figure out some way to explain how the Ponzi Security System's accounting with almost seven million geezers on the rolls who are aged 110 or greater, and the VA and ''If you want to keep y'er  (enter whatever), you can keep y'er (enter whatever)".   Here's to ya', Lois Lerner....welcome Shady Side Rest Home for those who have done nothing wrong.  Here, let me help you with that straight-jacket.
El Gringo Viejo