Friday, 20 February 2015

Fifty Shades of Red - "Patriotic" O'bama

       Much is made of Mayor Giuliani's "insensitivity" demonstrated by his referring to Barry Soetoro as "un-patriotic".  What seems strange is that such a reasonable and provable conclusion would seem to be so controversial.   Hizzoner was only following his normal, Italian, emotional, and reasonable notion that he likewise exhibited during his opposition to public funding for the portrait of the Blessed Virgin Mary covered in elephant dung.  He seemed to take exception as well to the notion that placing a crucifix in a jar of urine was an art-form.

     No man would attend a church where the daily bread was baked up in raving, lunatic hatred of America as the only place in the world where any injustice had ever occurred to anybody, if in fact that man did not agree with the preacher who spewed such vomit.
      Ill-treatment of poor, downtrodden Mexicans?  Try the post-revolutionary administration of Mexico by the marxist cabal that flowed into the vacuum left by the deaths and/or departures of the ghoulish, deranged Marxist-Leninists Carranza and Obregon.   In their efforts to shut down the Catholic Church....exactly in the manner that an Austrian corporal would be shutting down the synagogues of Europe at almost the same time.....over 100,000 Mexican Catholics were murdered.  Another 150,000 died fighting, and finally stalemating, the much superior Mexican official military arrayed against them.

     Present-day, daily reports for genocidal depravity in Africa, by different ethnicities within the black-African cohort are standard fare.  Or slavery
Frank Marshall Davis
being practiced to this day by Arabic and black-African traders?  No problem. Pol Pot, anyone?  We shan't bore the readers with the other two or three hundred thousand recent cases of gross injustice in the world that is not caused, even remotely, by the existence of the Great American Experiment in the making the common man sovereign.
     The individual pictured stage-left, is a classic piece of the Red Brick Road that Barry Dunham Soetoro Obama stumbled over during his pot-smoking truancy from responsibility.   Sometimes referred to as Barry's communist god-father, Frank was just your normal perverted porno producer who liked to befriend very young white women and young boys.  He was something like a spiritual counsellor.
     He liked to recite his volumes of perverse poetry about underwear, etc. and was a well known member of the very active Kremlin- controlled communist presence in Hawai'i.  He made no bones about his membership in the party.
     At every turn, Barry's guides, tutors, advisors, and choir of docents were very far out commies and marxists (same thing), dedicated to the "fundamental transformation" of the only shining city left on the smouldering ruins of the mountainside that used to be Western and European Judeo-Christian Civilisation.
     Obama's biological father, his mother, his grandparents, and once again, the whole choir of the Greek tragedy that performed the acts that brought up Barry the Magnificent to become the greatest single legal, political, and cultural scholar in history gave us this Grand Gift for Eternity.
     And that grand gift is detestable, an insult to all patriots, and more than enough justification for Mayor Rudy to speak out, accurately, about the horrid pretender who presently occupies the White House.   Long will Barry give thanks to Lucifer, the object of Alinsky's dedication of his book "Rules for Radicals" that served as Barry's guidebook for "spreading the wealth" and punishing the traditionalists.
    We must speak clearly and not suggest that Barry is somehow a patriot, if only in a different way.   We must not "cut slack" and assume that there is some kind of hidden love-of-country that we are incapable of comprehending because we do not have Barry's superior moral and legal angle or prism of reflexion.  Barry is a fraud.  He is not especially intelligent or even above average in terms of his mental acumen.   He is a liar.  He is immoral and self-indulgent.  He is a poseur.  And, he is, oddly enough, a bully.   In a twist to the concept of Yin-Yan, we note the perfection in the relationship between Barry and (Sir Edmund) Hillary in that each is worse than the other.
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El Gringo Viejo