Friday, 27 February 2015

A bit of a warning - We begin the March and April Recognition of the Events between The Alamo and San Jacinto (inclusive)

     During the next few days we shall be re-publishing a few articles we have done about the times and events that pertain to the Thirteen Days of Glory and to the actual taking control of the reins of self-government and self-determination from a tyrant worthy of the name.   Much that is said and written about the period from 6 December, 1835 through 22 April 1836 is un-necessarily hyperbolic.
     There is plenty of stupidity and brilliance, cowardice and bravery, dedication and vacillation, and all the emotions humankind could ever evoke surrounding the events of that period.  There is no need to inflate any of it.
     We shall submit that further research has been done and another very excellent treatise has been read and digested to add onto the many hundreds of articles and scores of books we have tried to intellectually digest over the years.   We shall continue to have an even hand, favouring neither side in particular, although we do give short shrift to one person who is certainly in the running as the most useless, horrid, and evil personality to have ever existed on the North American Continent, that estimable fellow Antonio de Padua Maria Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón.....a huge name for a small man who did immense damage everywhere he went.

     In the lyrics and the depictions that accompany this opening anthem, there are a minimum of 12 major errors and several omissions that might be considered lamentable....but we shall attempt to repair the leaks, and shoe the unshod mounts at this incredible episode unfolds.   We remember that admonition of the professor who pleads, "Just search for the bare-boned truth, for its value almost always has greater weight than an inflated legend."

    More later.  We shall probably post our first comments during the late hours, to-night.   Also, be aware that we shall also try to do some commentary about the current state of affairs in Washington, District of Columbia.
El Gringo Viejo