Monday, 26 January 2015

To Continue to the Point - We must start thinking in this vein.

      El Zorro enunciates in better words than I, and shares the following.   This passage is perhaps the best statement about the ethos of a Texian, a Confederate, and/or an American that I have ever studied.  It comes from one of us...El Zorro. 

El Zorro informs:

Here is the comment I would have shared:
“It is a sad thing that we should worry about our neighbor and who he might be with some hatred for us hidden in his ethos wrought by such an evil theology.  After all, this is America where Americans used to help their neighbors and were sure of thier reciprocity.  But, here we are.  Unfortunately we have to take care of ourselves first.  We cannot depend on a government to ensure our wellbeing, especially not this one.  So we have to profile our neighbors, acquaintances, and fellows with whom we share our earth.  The hatred against us does not go away because we say we will not participate.  Jan Morgan chooses to risk some of her business to keep it and her clients safe.  As the saying goes, ‘We have to be right always, they only have to be right once’.  I don't like it but I understand it.  To those of ethnicities who are suffering from the hate and ignorance of the few among them we would offer apology; however, that is a small recompense.”