Saturday, 24 January 2015

Suffer ye not the fool.....

     It is good advice.   We should not listen to, or especially follow, bad counsel.  Do we follow those who say that the United States Army developed Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome and sold the idea of contaminating homosexuals so as to eliminate that "problem" to Ronald W. Reagan? 
     Do we solve social problems brought on by multigenerational welfare dependency (developed cold-bloodedly as a vote-slave project for the leftist parties), and then listen to people say things like, "Just think what she has done for women and children".  Do we then blame white people, the self-sufficient, and conservative "minority" individuals for producing the crime statistics?
     Do we follow the advice of a prevaricator who jets around the world, shaking down countries, businesses, and people with the notion that only he can save the world from drowning and burning down....if only we can starve the trees from eating carbon dioxide.

   Now, cometh citizen Charlie Rike, from Donna, Texas who prays to establish The Truth.  He writes to the Editor of the McAllen Monitor, a generally leftist, "pro-minority" daily the following piece, truly drawn from inter-planetary inspiration:

     Climate Change:
          I could not let the letter recently from a gentleman from Edinburg go unanswered.  I think I can tell by his denial of the change in climate that he is a neo-con or a far-right type who still refers to "climate change" as "global warming":   who still believes that there are no changes in the weather caused by our pollution.  I happen to believe, however, like the majority of people who are alive and awake on this Earth , that there are indeed dramatic radical sudden changes in the weather!  We have witnessed here in the sunny (Lower) Rio Grand Valley, two crazy winters in a row.
     Just think that the temperature dipped to just 36 degrees (F).  That's unheard of here  and the same is happening all around the world where people are experiencing very radical sudden changes in weather.  That is what we are having, my friends:  climate change!
Charlie Rike
Donna, Texas
(21 January 2015
McAllen Monitor)

diabolical steeple, facing the
 smog of Pelosi and leftism
University of California -
     Of course, your humble servant ruminated about this for a few hours.   Then he remembered the arrogant professors who came from the Planet Berkeley to give the geography department at Louisiana State University their marching orders back in the 1970s.   "We are all going to go with global cooling in order to hasten gaining control of American industry!" was their equivalent to "The British are coming!"   That was their new replacement  for the anti-war, anti-Vietnam Invasion cause, they proudly pronounced.
     So El Gringo Viejo just could not help himself.  He joined the pages of the deranged and forlorn (Letters to the Editor), where he had not been for over forty years, and reached out to touch anyone.

     With reference to the January 21st letter on "Climate change" from Charlie Rike, I was unable to determine if it was written as sarcasm, cynicism, or sincerity.  Though we are not "neo-con" nor "far-right", we are closely associated with such people.  Their opinions and conclusions are sturdier and more accurate than those who follow fad science.
     My great-grandfather had a small hacienda in Vera Cruz State of Mexico.  It was west of Tuxpan.  During the decade of the 1890s, three devastating freezes destroyed most of his mango, banana, coffee, and other plantings.
     In those days, there was a man, Agustin Salinas, who would become the mayordomo of my parents' agricultural and grove-care enterprise north of McAllen.  This elderly man remembered the great snow of 1876 in Mier, Tamaulipas, and brought photographs to show us.  He spoke of the time in the 1890s when he and his family took their horses across the Rio Alamo and Rio Grande for a Christmas visit in Salinen~o, Texas.  He said that the horses' hooves did not become wet.  Why?  Because both rivers were frozen solid.
     Great and sudden climactic events?  The hurricane of 1933 caused the Rio Grande to run almost 100 miles wide at its mouth.  My father was in the Ist Division, 12th Regiment, Headquarters Squadron of the United States Army mounted cavalry at Fort Brown (Brownsville) at that time.  He knew that storm personally.
    As far as the other writer's astonishment to find a thermometer reading of 36 degrees (F) in the Valley, in my lifetime we have had brushes with single digits, but certainly it was so bad in 1949, that even at two years old, my memories carry forward to the entire family sleeping around the fireplace at our home on what would later become Nolana Boulevard and 10th Street.   To re-enforce that set of memories, we did it again in 1951 - an episode that essentially wiped out all of the area's citrus industry.

     Even while this was going on, we endured the drought of the early 1950s, when 9 inches of rain was recorded over a nearly three year period.  For the Lower Rio Grande Valley, that drought was broken by Hurricane Alice, which dumped  almost two feet of rain in the Del Rio, Texas area and thereby filled the newly built and dedicated Falcon International Reservoir.

     Were these climactic events?
      Let us consider four days of continuous below-freezing temperatures in January, 1962.  It was so cold that the girls at McAllen High School were allowed to wear pants to school - as long as they were also wearing a skirt over the pants.   Also, consider the rains brought by Hurricane Beulah, when the Sierra Madres, near Monterrey, picked up 50 inches  (more in some places) in 1967 and flooded much of the Valley, over 125 miles away.
     And, what about the brutal Christmas freezes of  1983 and 1989 when water pipes burst throughout the Valley.   This is not to mention the February, 1988 event in Saltillo, Coahuila when my touring company had a group trapped in that fine city where the temperature was 17 (F), and we had an equal number of inches of snow.   We made it out after two days, thanks to the efforts of the Mexican Army.   I was there.
     Finally remember the White Christmas of 2004.  We drove from McAllen to Round Rock, the first 200 miles in a white wonderland of 5 t0 13 inches of snow.

     So, please!   Suffer me not the fools.  Climate change politics is another way to ship the money of Americans to corrupt politicians throughout the world to address both a tempest in a teapot and much ado about nothing.   Thank you for your time and attention.
David Christian Newton
Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico
(23 January 2015,
McAllen Monitor)


(a brief note:  the film states 2005, but the event occurred during
 the Christmas Eve'n through the morning of Christmas, 2004.  
We chose this video because it was totally home-spun, sincere,
 and expressed a good levelof talent on the part of the family
 ....and the pets)