Sunday, 18 January 2015

Returning from wedding and attendent pleasant madness.....

     Our family is a bit larger now.   Our daughter married some years back and now has, along with her husband, two beautiful girls, an idyllic living situation with a perfect husband, in a perfect place in Central Texas.  They are Dell People, as are many in that area of the Republic of Texas.
     Now comes our son, and he has married a remarkable young lady from that area of the Republic that carries both the traditions of the Frontier Southwest and the Old South.   She is a belle of the Tyler (Smith County) area....known as the Rose Capital of the World.   Her town of reference is named Alto (Cherokee County) in Spanish, but long after the dominance of the area by Spain and Mexico.  Alto in the Spanish   means "high" (and also HALT!) in the English.
      And such is the placement of the community in 1849.   First named Branchtown and finally named Alto some years later,  it was placed on high ground between the Rio Neches and the Rio Angelina, each of whom flow through the dark and mysterious forests and thickets of East Texas.  You all can see that Corin did not need much help with her height, but when the floods come, high ground is always good to have nearby, just in case.

Corin Newton's photo.
This is the crew, minus a very few important figures.  As Texians,
it seemed very appropriate to begin the post-wedding activities
by visiting the extremely handsome and august precincts of the
Capitol Building of the Republic of Texas.
The Couple is at centre, of course....Corin and Christian.  Each
has a mother at elbow.   The two fathers are the tall guys at the
second-from-the-end on each appropriate side.
These people all have literally scores of folks buried in the  Lone Star
 Republic's sacred soil, and networks of scores of descendants,
and hopefully, more to come.


     The meshing of the two families was without any difficulty.   We are very similar;  deferential, and, save for this writer, strong on civility and intelligence.

We appreciate all comments and positive observations from the OROG community.   It was a pleasant episode in the Extreme Centre of Central Texas, we think enjoyed by all.

El Gringo Viejo