Sunday, 25 January 2015

And now for the "What if?"

Somewhat in keeping with the previous post, one stands in the shower thinking about stuff, and every now and then there arrives a real live thought.   This time it came from the Holy Land.  It had to do with the whole Gaza thing.  Perhaps it was provoked by a mailing from El Zorro.  The mailing had to do with the Jan Morgan girl who has quite a nice firing range over in Arkansas.  Not long ago, she decided that for her own sensibility and for the safety of her clients, she was going to prohibit the access to her facility to Muslims.   She felt that the because of the proclivity to kill infidels, apostates, and heretics on a "self-starter" basis by a certain percentage of Muslims, she could not in good conscience allow them into her place of business.
     We were familiar with her story from when she first made the announcement.   What El Zorro sent was her totally fleshed out, and a bit repetitive, rationale and justification in well-stated detail.   It seemed obvious that she was not happy about coming to her conclusion.  Turning away business is not a good way to do business.   And there was the matter of the school shootings by Euro-ethnic post adolescent males (and one Korean - VTU), and the killing of America's number one sniper by a fellow serviceman who was under treatment for PTSD.   Ironically that fellow was being treated by said-same sniper to "rifle-therapy" when the afflicted Marine turn on our essentially un-armed sniper and killed him.   So we have to be a bit realistic about from whence the danger emanated.
     But, we also have to be realistic to the point of being almost un-Texian about the issue.  Texians will do almost anything to solve a neighbour's, a visitor's, a foreigner's, or almost anyone's problem.   We are childish to a fault about "helpin' hand" imperatives.   Although, as all Southerners are, we are maligned as being primordial, definitional racists and bigots, it is simply not true in the overwhelming majority of our population.  Arkansas is not much different.
    We diverge briefly to point out that Billy Jeff did go out of the way to appoint one of his white bimbettes to a very high position in the Child Protective Services, while passing over a highly qualified "coloured woman" who was anticipated to be named, overwhelmingly, by almost all observers.
     So, it is difficult.  This matter of saying "All you Muslims cannot shoot in here, because I cannot tell who is tame and who is wild." is a hard row to hoe.  We know the true tales of how many Muslims have stood in with the Gringos in the issues of Afghanistan and Iraq....under fire and under threat.   We do not say..."All Muslims are...or All Mexicans are....or all Frenchmen are"....especially when it comes to business.
     We have thought through it and decided however, that in order to further secure the precincts of my business, especially if it dealt with the operations required in target shooting with very advanced weaponry, I would do the same.
     We go on to the real point of this missive.  Not long ago there was a movie titled something to the effect of "A Day in California without Mexicans", and it was a big hit with the arts and croissants crowd over there on the left side of the ballroom.   El Gringo Viejo had a brief conversation with a lady who brought up the topic and thought it was "....cute, and thought provoking."
     Of course, your humble servant, being ever courteous and deferential suggested that the impact might be more severe if one were to considered "...a day in California with no Gringos...".  At that point, everything would collapse.   This takes nothing away from the Latin element, which is integral and needed.   But the fact is, if all Angloid investment and activity and presence in California were dispersed to other quarters of the Earth, California would be in ruins before the end of the decade.
     La Inundacion of Gringos in Baja California has aided in bringing the general standard of living in the two States of the Peninsula to a median level higher than the middle classes of Argentina and Costa a par level with southern less than 15 years since the privatisation of ejido lands and their eligibility for foreign ownership.  The investments and eleemosynary activities of the Gringos has been legendary.
      As I lecture the Gringos about judgementalism with reference to the Mexicans, I advise the same discretion for the Latin element as well. 
     The moment all OROGs wait for...the ending.  The entire Muslim thing is built upon a monstrous fallacy.   Not about the 12th Imam jumping out of a well or any of that.   It is about the fact that the Arabs and  their neighbours, once vanquishing their hated Jew and Gentile enemies, should that happen, will immediate set about blowing up each other's mosques and primary schools and busses and planes and trains and taxis and wedding parties...primarily because Ahab's mother's great-great aunt walked under the bung-bung tree on Tuesday and should have been beheaded and stoned.
     The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, fresh off of the murder of the Japanese reporter, and the beheading of 13 who were barely teenagers found guilty of watching a soccer game on television on the Sabbath last week, is what will befall all of Arabia.  The floods of refugees will be phenomenal.  And nobody will want them.
     That is where we are right now with the so-called Palestinians.  It is readily known and understood that there is no Palestinian ethnic tribe or grouping.   They are not the "Philistines" of the Bible or Torah or the Koran.   They are an amalgam of various Arabic groups, clans, and ethnicities that were essentially left over after the ridiculous boundary drawing in the Middle East following World War I.   That is why, after all these years, the second name for the Palestinians is "refugees".   Why still refugees?   Because no one wants them.
     They have been under the control of the Ottoman Turks, Russian communists, then the secular revolutionaries, then the Muslim Brotherhood - Palestine Liberation Organisation farce, and then the twin mafias of Hezbollah and Hamas.  The local population of "Palestine" is made up of frightened little birds who fear the knock on the door.  Will it be a Hezbollah soldier coming to take out a child to serve as a martyr with a suicide vest?  Are they coming to take a daughter to sell to the human traffickers?   Are they coming to take their portion of lucre of what little was sold to-day in the little shop with rebuilt auto-parts?  Are they coming to take the eldest son because Fatima told them that she had seen him talking to a man suspected of being a spy paid by the Israelis.  If they take him, they might bring his head back in a bag, to-morrow morning.
A place governed by the rule of
the Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah,
 and Hamas
       And they guard and enforce the rules around the Dome of the Rock, making certain that no descendants of any pig or monkey set filthy foot upon the sacred floor of Mohammed.  Little matter that the place is sacred to three religions.
  Little does it matter to the functionally psychotic mullahs and imams that the Koran identifies clearly the Nazarene as a true prophet...nay...the second most important prophet of Islam.

     So then, we move on to the point at hand.  Let us imagine a day, a week, a month, a year in the life of Gaza and the Lands of Adam, Noah, Abraham, David, Solomon, and the Nazarene.....without Hebrews.   It would be a desolate, blood-stained place, full of graffiti and filth, overwhelming violence and corruption, and misery so severe that within two generations no one would be able to recall what fine things were to be seen in Tel Aviv and the Jewish parts of Jerusalem.
And now a bit of interlude from the Judio-Arabe (Jew-Arabs from the
time of the Saracen Invasion in the late 7th Century) people who
that populate even to this day much of Morocco and the Asturias
the southeastern one-third of Spain, and much of northcentral
 Mexico, historically. Most "Arabic music" comes from the Jews
and that same music forms the basis of much of what we think
of as Spanish, and it even fathered the Musica Huasteca and the
ubiquitous Mariachi music, that to many people, means
Mexican Music.

And then we have Jan Morgan's explanation and rationale behind her rule about Muslims patronising her firing range and firearms and ammunition
business.   This is her writing and you can take your own positions.
To wit: 
The owner of Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range in Hot Springs, Ark. has drawn a line in the sand, and while critics will get angry they should read her reasons why.
After the recent influx of violence perpetuated by self-proclaimed Islamists, Morgan began to study the religion and discovered “109 verses commanding hate, murder and terror against all human beings who refuse to submit or convert to Islam.”
On her website, Jan Morgan Media, Morgan, an investigative journalist and certified NRA gun instructor, explained that her decision was made based on facts.
Read her ten-point reasoning that has already provoked controversy:
I officially declare my business, The Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range, a MUSLIM FREE ZONE . . .
1)     The Koran, which I have read and studied thoroughly and (which all Muslims align themselves with), contains 109 verses commanding hate, murder and terror against all human beings who refuse to submit or convert to Islam.
·         Read those verses of violence.
2) My life has been threatened repeatedly by Muslims who are angry that I have studied their Koran and have, over the past two years, been exposing the vileness of the Koran and its murderous directives.
3) * The barbaric act of beheading an innocent American in Oklahoma by a Muslim
* the Boston bombings (by Muslims)
* the Fort Hood mass shooting (by a Muslim) that killed 13 people and injured over 30 people
* and the murder of 3000 innocent people (by Muslims) on 9/11
This is more than enough loss of life on my home soil at the hands of Muslims to substantiate my position that Muslims can and will follow the directives in their Koran and kill here at home.
4) Because the nature of my business involves firearms and shooting firearms in an enclosed environment, my patrons are not comfortable being around Muslims who align themselves with a religion that clearly commands hate, murder, and violence against all non muslims. Therefore many of my patrons are uncomfortable around Muslims with guns. (can you blame them?)
5) My range rents and sells guns to my patrons. Why would I want to rent or sell a gun and hand ammunition to someone who aligns himself with a religion that commands him to kill me?
6) * Muslims, who belong to and, or, support ISIS, are threatening to kill innocent Americans.
* Muslims, who belong to or support AL Qaeda, are threatening to kill innocent Americans.
* Muslims who belong to or support HAMAS are threatening to kill innocent Americans.
See a common thread here?
7) I not only have the right to refuse service but a RESPONSIBILITY to provide a safe environment for people to shoot and train on firearms. I can and have turned people away if I sense they are under the influence of alcohol or mind altering drugs. I have a federal firearms license…
The ATF informed us when we received the license that if we feel any reason for concern about selling someone a firearm, even sense that something is not right about an individual, or we are concerned about that persons mental state, even if they pass a background check, we do not have to sell that person a gun.
In other words, a federal agency has given us this kind of discretion for service based on the nature of the business. I can and have turned people away if I sense an issue with their mental state. So… its difficult to imagine how the DOJ could have issues with this when ATF gave us this discretion.
8) I have no way of looking at Islam other than as a theocracy, not a religion. Islam is undoubtedly the union of political, legal, and religious ideologies. In other words law, religion and state are forged together to form what Muslims refer to as “The Nation of Islam.” Once again it is given the sovereign qualities of a nation with clerics in the governing body and Sharia law all in one. This is a Theocracy, not a religion.
The US Constitution does not protect a theocracy. The 1st Amendment is very specific about protecting the rights of individuals from the government, as it concerns the practice of religions, not theocracies. It clearly differentiates between government and religion. Again protecting the individual’s religious beliefs and practices from (the state) government. In Islam, religion and state are one.
We are a Nation governed by laws, or the law of the land the U.S. Constitution. We are not a Nation that is governed by religion, politicians or clerics.
How then, can anyone say that, the practice of Islam is protected by the U.S. Constitution?
The Muslim brotherhood has a documented plan for the destruction of America from within, discovered by our own government during a raid of MB operatives in America. In addition, I am very cognizant of the civilization jihad under way in my country by American Muslims. In a number of states Muslims, through our legal system, are trying to force us to accept Sharia Law over Constitutional law. I do not wish to do business with people who stand against the Constitution and are fighting to replace it.
9) Islam allows Muslims to kill their own children, (honor killing) if the behavior of those children embarrasses or dishonors the family name. (did you know that dating outside of the faith is justification for murdering their daughters and this has already occurred on American soil?) Why would I want people (who believe it’s okay to murder their own children), be in the presence of other children? My patrons often bring their kids to the range to teach them to shoot. I am responsible for providing a safe environment for those children to learn gun safety and shooting sports.
10) In the 14 hundred year history of Islam, Muslims have murdered over 270 million people. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists in the world right now are Muslim. Since you can’t determine by visual assessment, which ones will kill you and which ones will not, I am going to go with the line of thought that ANY HUMAN BEING who would either knowingly or unknowingly support a “religion” that commands the murder of all people who refuse to submit or convert to that religion, is not someone I want to know or do business with. I hold adults accountable for the religion they align themselves with.
In summary, I not only have the right, but a responsibility to provide a safe environment for my customers. I do not believe my decision is religious discrimination because I do not classify Islam as a religion.. It is a theocracy/terrorist organization that hides behind the mask of religion in order to achieve its mission of world domination.
People who shoot at my range come from all religious backgrounds… some are atheists… I do not care about their religious beliefs. I care about the safety of my customers who come to shoot here. The government allows businesses to ban me from entering their business with my gun because the property owner feels uncomfortable or wants to provide a “safe” environment for their patrons which is in clear violation of my 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, so…
I should be able to deny service to people on the same premise. Can my government really force me to invite someone who had threatened to kill me, into my home or business?
I will do whatever is necessary to provide a safe environment for my customers, even at the cost of the increased threats and legal problems this decision will likely provoke.
Jan Morgan- owner / The Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range
So we now beg your leave, and apologise for having taken up too much of your time.  These are wondrous but treacherous times.  We hope that we have helped arm one and all with understanding of self and with resolve and with resilience.
El Gringo Viejo