Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Alberto Nisman's Argentine Mystery - Where is Poirot and Miss Marple?!!

Alberto Nisman
Alberto Nisman - RIP

     Guess What?   The lead investigator in Buenos Aires says that the above pictured Government Prosecutor's hands tested negative for GSR.

     Well...then?   The problem is that the pistol used in the supposed "suicide" is a .22 calibre semi-automatic.   According to the same lead investigator who is supposedly doing an open and above-board case study, due to the circumstances surrounding the matter, the pistol is prone not to have much leakage of contaminant-bearing gasses at discharge.

     At that point, El Gringo Viejo is thinking, "Okay, no GSR, so now we'll tell the world that the gun is hermetic at discharge.  No way to prove the presence of a second party.   Then it's case closed, suicide!!   Fiddlesticks!" 

     But wait!  There's more!   The same lead investigator says that there has to be something when a shot is delivered by the same person who is is just too close.  So the lead investigator is going to have another person fire the same pistol under controlled conditions with witnesses, and then they will check the target paper.  The shot will be delivered at the point of touching the target. with another about 3 inches removed from the target paper.   Then hands, fingers, forearms, clothing, and surroundings will be checked.   We shall see.
     It is very, very improbable that the GSR will be fully contained, and (sorry for the gruesome) delivered into the wound along with the bullet.  There would also be at least some indication that the firearm was handled by the individual who was taking his own life, obviously.  But, guess what?   There are no fingerprints on the pistol-butt, and there are no gloves on the hands of the deceased.

Very Interesting.

     Please remember that this particular deceased prosecutor had legally obtained, co-ordinated with Interpol, authorised by legitimate Argentine authority wire-taps.   Said wire-taps contained conversations between Iranian officials and Cristina Ferandez de Kirchner's people, as well as conversations dating all the way back to Cristina's husband, (now deceased).   This matter also includes relatively new news from Iranian informants who have given information that pretty much nailed the case.   The case was to have been presented for indictment yesterday in federal court.  The panel of judges had already declared that they were disposed to issue an indictment and a trial date.

Very, very interesting.
El Gringo Viejo

     The building engineer and the locksmith from the day of the purported suicide have found another unlocked entrance into the up-scale apartment of the deceased investigator, Alberto Nisman.  It seems to reveal that someone came and went through that shaft recently.
19:20 CST -  21 January 2015