Friday, 14 November 2014

Waves batter the White House while Republican leadership cowers

      The most discerning voters, in the main, voted during the last electoral process.  They waded through the "war on women", the "Republicans are racists and need a big tent or else" and "the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative is settled law", olus a myriad other ridiculous charges.  They threw their best "raise the minimum wage" and the "Republicans are going to pass pro-lynching laws" and "Republicans are going to cut your help and Obama checks".
     Once again, the discerning and the ideologically rational went ahead and voted Republican, even though at times it was like using mayonnaise in lieu of salsa picante.   There was little hope that the Republican leadership and their friends and allies such as George Will and Brit Hume and Karl Rove would genuinely take faith, strap on their armour, and take to the front.
     As El Gringo Viejo sits in his darkened corner and nibbles on his NoDoze and sips on his Air Wick, so do the Correct and Moderate Republicans.  So we are treated to a bunch of old, white, and chubby men wobbling over to the warehouse and pulling out the made in Red China Trojan Horse, wiping it down, oiling the axels, to be redeployed.   Redeployment means rolling the trusted Beast once again into the mass of snake handlers and blue collar rubes who just call themselves Republicans, and then pouring out the army of real Republicans into the talking head battlements to lecture the unwashed, one more time.
     I remember Romney's campaign having skilfully snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in 2012.  We were admonished to either induct more "Hispanics" into the GOP or we would be ushered into the dustbins of history within 48 hours.  Even our best friends, the ultra-leftists and the progressives and the Save the Elephants chapter of the Democrat Party came forward to give us grief counselling on a pro-bono basis.
     When the Majority Leader-in-waiting declares that there will be no budget battle nor will there be any challenge to Obama's illegal and unconstitutional immigration "reforms",  we begin to have that old, familiar feeling....of nausea.   We begin to wander aimlessly through all those old, familiar places that brings to mind not only what could have been, but also most certainly should have been.
     It is a simple matter in this days to reach out, over, into, through, and among the hoi polloi and hobnob without permission from the Obsolete Media, Michelle Robinson, or Nancy Pelosi.   It would be well to put the "close down the government" argument precisely where it belongs:   on the backs of the deceptive, deceitful Democrat scoundrels.  Mitch, and John, and Ted, and Bill, and Mario, and Mitt, Ben, and twenty other heavy-duty Republicans could make all kinds of ready-to-distribute quick messages to explain to all what the truth of the issue is, and how Valerie Jarrett is involved in the mess along with people who say, "We have to vote for it in order to find out what's inside of it".
     It requires shaking off the phobia about being accused of shutting down a government that 60 per cent of the nation detests and that 30 per cent is dependent upon.  If we do not show strength, resolve, and purpose then why should anyone follow us?
     The rule must be:   The only "immigration reform" that will be endorsed by this Congress will be the absolute requirement and certainty that all efforts will be directed to the successful sealing of the two international borders, all airports, train stations, and other such secondary sites against the unwanted intrusion of people not qualified for entry into the United State of America.
     Further, the new Congress should assert that the various States must be allowed to devise adjunct laws that do not contradict the newly established, legal, and Constitutional laws enacted by said Congress.  Sanctuary areas must be declared illegal, and no illegal alien can have any prerogative of any kind to expect that his and/or her baby is an American citizen simply due to the fact that said baby was delivered over American soil.

The Roman Empire in 117 a.d.
   If these measures are not established we shall see the invasion of people who will cause an imitation of that bleak period of the Roman Empire that endured in decline for eight or ten generations and then finally collapsed upon its own weight.   When the time came to turn out the lights in Rome, it was directly due to a 10 year episode of hostility between the heavily ethnically diluted Romans and the Germanic group we know as the Vandals.  Thence the term vandalism in to-day's lexicography can be explained.
    There is nothing good to come of being "fair".  For, if we are "fair", the ruin will fall upon us all.  Both the recently arrived and those who have many....perhaps scores...of generations buried in the soil of this Continent.  This would be a miserable commentary on the type of governance we practice, with politicians such as Obama being so willing to sell a fine horse for a couple of packages of Nicorette.  
    It is a time to be bold and decisive and to defend the Republic for the good of all.  Why so for all?   One need only ask, "If America is severely weakened by the need to care for a new batch of huddled masses....who will care for the huddled masses elsewhere?''
Thanks for the time and interest.  More will follow soon.
El Gringo Viejo