Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Seedy Iguala, Guerrero Affair: Beware of broadbrush reporting

     Foreign reporting on affairs in Mexico are terribly oversimplified, frequently misleading, and almost always told from a decidedly leftist perspective.  The seedy matter presently affecting the area of Chilpancingo, Guerrero (the State's capital) and the major county seat town of Iguala is one of those murky places that always seems to be in some kind of upheaval.  It is also the third largest city in Guerrero, following Acapulco and Chilpancingo.

El exalcalde de Iguala, Jos￿uis Abarca y su esposa, Mar￿Pineda, fueron detenidos la madrugada de este martes en la delegaci￿ztapalapa

     Jose Luis Abarca (pictured above) was a businessman, trading in gold and operating a somewhat legal currency exchange house before he encountered his opportunity to expand horizons, by becoming active in the Partido Revolucionario Democratico, (PRD).
       He was investigated for involvement in "organised delinquency" in 2010, but federal authorities could not make a "provable case" in court in the opinion of Victor Humberto Beatriz Trevino, then Mexico's Attorney General during the previous presidential administration of Felipe Calderon Hinojosa.
      During Abarca's tenure presently he was also named as a suspect in the murder of a city councilman for Iguala, Arturo  Hernandez Cardona.

El exalcalde de Iguala es detenido en el DF       Maria de los Angeles Pineda, wife of Abarca, (pictured above) is also the sister of two men who were gunned down in Morelia, the large capital city to the north of Iguala,  The cause of the killings was competition between the brothers and a  another middle-range cartel grouping.   Maria de los Angeles is said by all reasonable respondents to be the "power behind the throne".  Her mother and father were recently incarcerated in Morelia under suspicion of murder and operation of an "organised delinquency", along with 12 of their underlings.
     Amazingly to most Americanos, Maria was doing all the necessary things that would result in her being chosen as the next gubernatorial nominee of the PRD....which is the party of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the defeated PRD presidential candidate during the last two presidential campaigns in Mexico.
     Further,  we need to study and be familiar with the repetitive...rote...predictable events leading up to the conflagration for all the anguish and gnashing of teeth, plus several score dead and/or missing "students".   It is the nature of all marxist movements, especially among labour and "students".  The students, of course, are all cannon-fodder to be used in demonstrations and contentions with the "powerful" and the central government, or any available government.   They are also used, very often in street riots and demonstrations in matters wholly within the PRD  itself.   They tend to be quite a violent cohort of the human race.
      The OROG has seen our previous postings the nature of the "normal school" to which some 42 "students" are now missing.  One will remember the pictures of leading communist figures on the exterior end walls of the various wings of the "normal" school.
        There are presently Mexican, American, Argentine, and German or Austrian forensic teams working on bodies that were found a couple of weeks ago, but they appeared to have been dead for a really  long time.   None of the bodies found to this point, according to preliminary reports, can be a match for anyone known to be missing.
      But, as in the case of Treyvon and The Gentle Giant, people have come literally from far and near to literally attack the ancient doors of the National Presidential Palace in the very middle of Mexico City....far from the scene at Iguala.   They have burned down the town hall and several buildings in Iguala and Chilpancingo.  They are blaming everyone, yet the people with whom they are fighting are of their same marxist party.   Abarca and his horrid wife Maria de los Angeles Pineda, have been tracked down in Vera Cruz and subsequently been transferred to detention in Mexico City.
     There is so much made about the "missing students" :
     Literally thousands of people, few of them real students,  are marching into Mexico City, and yet they know naught about the facts of the case.   Both your humble servant and other observers in Mexico have pointed out that a reasonable case could be made that the "students" could possibly be hiding out, having tired of being ordered into the incessant marches, the Molotov-cocktailing of public and private properties every month or so, and just the perpetual aggressive and combative posture that must be maintained.
     Much more improbable things have turned out to be the true case.  Just think.....we have to put the National Guard at the ready because of what "might" happen in Ferguson, Missouri.   We live in a world where there is always a crowd waiting to burn down the bakery when the cake runs out.
More later.
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