Saturday, 11 October 2014

Stupidity, Conspiracy, or just a stupid conspiracy, so transparent, we cannot see it?

     Left-think, right-brain think, hate and blame America first think, stupid-think.....all come together in a perfect storm.  And it is coming to get your children and grandchildren....because these people despise America, hate America profoundly because the commonly-found American of the 1950s is a better person than 93% of the rest of the world.  And they hate us for that.

World War II Japan ketsugo
Japanese Girls learning Ketsugo - a martial
 form of self-defence through offensive action.
This picture was made early in 1945.
   Some 400,000girls were proficient in this practice.
  We remember the line by John Wayne, in some war
 movie, when he said to his troops,
 "Gentlemen, I would like to tell you that the enemy you
 are going to face to-day is stupid and cowardly, but
 that is not the case."
     Even the blasts of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were done because it could be reasonably calculated that (a) the Japanese had 10,000,000 troops that they were willing to transfer into Japan from China to fight for every inch of Japanese soil, resulting in a minimum of 2,000,000 American dead and wounded, and (b)  the Japanese would have lost up to 12,000,000 mainly dead because of their characteristic to never surrender.   Hundreds of thousands of girls as young as nine years of age had been trained to do the "door-spin" with the bamboo punji aimed at the throat or under the sternum.

      So, at what is held up to be our truly evil character, of blowing up a whole bunch of hapless Japanese people, possibly saved the entire Japanese race and national identity, saving literally millions and millions of our erstwhile enemies.
     This does not even mention the willingness of the Americans to help rebuild what they had blown down, rehabilitating the Japanese industrial and cultural situation so that they could build themselves up into the economic power they remain to this day.
     But, who cares about facts when the task at hand is to always, always, always, presume the worst of America and the Americans?   We are now told that to require the suspension of the direct and indirect entry by airplane into the United States from the west of Africa would be a demonstration and proof of our incurable racism.
  This would include Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cote d'Ivoire, and probably Nigeria.   These places are suffering from extreme to moderate outbreaks of a disease that is so pernicious that it is killing about 90 per cent of those who are afflicted.  We have been told by experts that it can and cannot be transferred by airborne means.  We have been told that it can or cannot be readily cured with various medicines soon to be available.  We are told that sweat and oil from normal handshake contact can or cannot be a means of contamination.   Frequently we are advised by the braying mendacious president we have, now suddenly as much a medical expert as he is an economics and military genius, even as he contradicts his own weasel-wording head of the Centres for Disease Control, sometimes within the hour of a CDC announcement.

     The keystone cops - chicken with the head cut off routine is to be expected of people whose job it is to spin, lie, prevaricate, obfuscate, position, and above all else seek more money for self and programme...and seek more power over the lives of people.  This is done in the name of "protecting" the citizens, when in fact the measures they propose might or might not have a positive or negative effect medically, but it will certainly cut down a bit more on what little is left of personal liberty in this Republic.


     Before the OROGs tune me out, consider just this one point.   We are told that we are racist pigs because we want to stop the airplanes coming in with western African peoples.  The authorities assure us that they are going to check these people with notoriously inaccurate thermometer laser guns  (tragicomically inaccurate).   But there is an obvious and even bigger problem:


     They are convinced that if a majority of the voting population is stupid enough that they will vote for "hope and change" without asking once for a definition of said terms...then the White House can say and do anything and the dullards and dumboes will drool and nod their heads in the affirmative, with unblinking, mentally dumboed  obedience.  Let them eat "shovel ready jobs" and give them "free medical" for dessert.   And remember, "If you want to keep your doctor.....etc.etc.etc (tee-hee-hee)."

     So, going back to the main, basic point, Ebola does not present until  21 days after exposure.   That means any exposed person, be he/she Negro, Caucasian, Mongolian,  Polynesian, Austro-Aboriginal, Indigenous Americanus, or any such member of the race of humans, can easily fly from Monrovia to New York City without showing any has already happened!!!!!
Roberts International Airport
Monrovia, Liberia
     A lock-down on all flights and sailings must be vigorously enforced at the point of mortal enforcement.   There are already people trying to make their way to Mexico or Central America or northern South America in order to then make their way to the United States...either to avoid the Ebola or to seek treatment because they think they have been exposed.   If they land in Mexico, it will be at the main airport in Mexico City, or perhaps Merida, where medium and short distance flights originating in Cuba and Central America land.   These airports have advanced medical screening along with customs and immigration rigmarole to bottle-up people with confused passports and medical symptoms.
     The best "secret" way to make it to the United States is to fly to Spain, and then take the direct flight to La Havana de Cuba, and then mix in with those who might be taking a boat-for-hire to Rotan Island of Honduras or Puerto Barrios, Guatemala.  Exhilarating, and sometimes the people even survive the trip.
     Lucky for us, the Euros are less confounded by the idea that Western Africans really need not be travelling in sealed tubes at 39,000 fasl for 9 hours.  Most, and by this point, perhaps almost all the trans-Atlantic airlines are avoiding service to flights from western Africa connecting with theirs.   Several airlines that serve Roberts Field - Monrovia have mainly suspended arrivals, including BritAir and AirFrance....the two largest foreign carriers. 

     Where these people find their money, it is hard to say.   Some of these places, even in the urban areas, the vast majority of the people live somehow on less than 3,000 USD per year.   In the rural areas that figure could be as low as 300 USD per year.   To give a person an idea how desperate and essentially hopeless anti-colonialist, socialist rule has been for Africa, especially Black Africa.....all of Africa, with 700,000,000 people does not produce in one year what Mexico produces with 115,000,000 people.   Texas, alone with fewer than 30,000,000 out-produces all of Africa.   S0, one must wonder where any person comes up with the money....about 900 USD, one-way, after fees and taxes, from Monrovia to JFK in NYC.   That is on Air Moroq, flying over Casablanca, Morocco, and the flight requires two calendar days, including connection in Casablanca.   Usually one can assume that the person deplaning is a government official or a friend of such an official, and the individual might well be financing his trip, "temporarily" from money "borrowed" from some public coffer.

     So, if one person can fly, already infected but undetected, then how many hundreds upon thousands can fly or pop over the northern or southern border....?  Do we really want to get onto a carnival ride that has a 90 per cent mortality rate?   We are really tired of this White House and all the players in it.

El Gringo Viejo