Thursday, 2 October 2014

Hector Beltran Leyva captured in San Miquel de Allende, State of Guanajuato, Mexico

     Supposedly, various agencies were aware of the existence of, and residence by, Hector Beltran Leyva,  aka "El H" (in this case the 'H' is pronounce AH - chei, as a letter in the Spanish alphabet) in the famous and idyllic colonial town of San Miguel de Allende.  The Beltran Leyva people, as cartels have gone during the past ten years in Mexico, were thought to be the "aristocrats" of the general group of thugs who constitute that body of sub-humanity known as "the cartel".

Hector Beltran Leyva
Hector Beltran Leyva's Arrest mug shots
     El H's brother, known as Botas Blancas.....because he wore special white boots made from expensive leather...such as either mountain goat, albino elephant, Machu Pichu llama, ostrich or some such, depending upon which "corrido" being sung was setting the story straight.  It did not really matter, however, because the brother, Arturo, was killed not long ago in Cuernavaca, another pleasant place, but further south, below Mexico City.   We are not aware of whether or not he died with his boots on.

     There were five brothers, at one time associated with Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman in the western, coastal of State of Sinaloa, and Hector was the last one standing, but no longer.  Since he has already been convicted, en absentia, by several trials in Mexico for trafficking crimes and for many direct and indirect acts of murder, he is on his way to Almoloya Federal Maximum Security Prison.  While there, the American authorities, and perhaps the Colombian and some European governments might wish to request his extradition.   The United States, alone, had a five million dollar reward for "El H", while the Mexican central government had authorised  32,000,000 Mexican pesos "recompense" for information leading to, and resulting in the arrest of ...etc. etc.

     One small detail on this matter was that Hector Beltran and another man were kept under observation for some time in San Miguel by an expert Army recon group, who took copious notes about the comings and going of associates, license plates, habits, and even conversations at bars and restaurants.   Beltran had managed to change his appearance considerably, and was operating as an art dealer and real estate agent under a carefully constructed alias.   He just couldn't stand hiding out in the jungle.  He liked the good life, and hobnobbing with the tourists, and doing the really excellent clubs, restaurants, and theme saloons in the quintessentially pleasant San Miguel de Allende....the town with no stop lights.

     Speaking of lights, we'll leave it at that point....

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