Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Leave me alone, Mr. President.




Long, boring, grovelling, anti-American


     The present holder of the office of the  presidency of the United States is going to employ his symbolism, arrogance, and narcissism once more, and we can see it as it sets up.  Teleprompters place at "up-angle", cameras in a bit close so as to avoid any real close-ups of sweat and grey hair.   He will not use the Oval Office because of all the slimy Crackers who allowed the bust of Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill to stay in that office for so very long.   And after all Churchill did to poor Barry's father during the communist-provoked uprisings in the 1940s and 1950s.  And besides, Churchill's mother was an American with Indian blood.

     It is not anything El Gringo Viejo shall watch.  We have heard the "You can keep your doctor, just a soon a we put this line in the line here, and find the IRS emails.  You can count on that!!!   I'm gonna give all these people in the shadows here a Food Stamp Card, even if they already have one because it's only right, since they've hung around in the shadows so long they have vitamin D deficiency."

     The man is a certifiably dishonest, mendacious conniver.   He hates America.  He hates Americans.  For instance he and his apologists point out that "Obama has hit ISIL over 150 times since the airstrikes began."   This is said in the vein that it represents a really, really great knock-out punch.  "We have them staggered and now we're going to hit 'em again with the knock out punch....and it will be just like we taught Kaddafi the lesson he learned when we killed him!!!"

USAF F-16A F-15C F-15E Desert Storm edit2.jpg
     Folks, on the first 24-hour cycle of Desert Storm's air campaign, there were almost 1,000 sorties flown into the fray in eastern Iraq and lower Kuwait, and in the capital area around Baghdad.  IN THE FIRST 24 HOURS!! The willingness for the slavish Obsolete Press to continue to simultaneously dumb-down, instead of inform comes running to the fore, with reporters throwing themselves by the hundreds upon the barbed wire fences of truth so as to let the lies pour into the living
rooms and breakfast tables of the
hoi polloi.

100.000 sorties in 36 Days 
17 January 1991 – 23 February 1991
Coalition victory
Air superiority gained in a month
Start of the ground offensive

     Instead they circle the wagons to protect the poseur. This  can be underscored by pointing out that in the limited-objective war against Iraq in 1991, in a little more than one month, the Allied forces flew 100,000 sorties, most frequently being done wings and squadrons, not individual "knight" fighter-bombers.  One hundred thousand. 

     We needn't move too deeply into Kobe and Tokyo, or Dresden and Berlin and Nuremberg.   These places, singly and especially combined,  dwarf the human toll of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.   Estimates range from 500,000 to over 1,500,000 dead, mainly civilians, many of whom were children, old people, and women, almost certainly most of them.   Some were war-slaves, forced to work in war materiel (ball-bearing and sheet steel underground factories for instance).   The Americans, British, Canadians, and French bombed them, and bombed them all, and bombed them frequently, and bombed them again in the morning.  The Americans alone lost nearly 60,000 dead in the flights of the B-17s, B-24s, and the like in the European Theatre alone.  There were 20,000 recovered injured on return to base, and about 10,000 prisoners of war who were lucky enough to be captured by home-guard and turned over to the regular German Army's POW camps.   The number of German and Japanese civilians, who were certainly good people in their way, misled and patriotic, children and loved ones at the front, etc.  were blown to gut-spattering smithereens.
     And deranged Japanese leadership...up to and including the Emperor of a way had less concern about the salvation of an otherwise intelligent, productive, and admirable populace that did the Gringos and their allies.   By killing many, it is certain that the Gringos saved ten times more.  Left to their will, the upper echelons of the Japanese military would have introduced the Chinese Expeditionary and Occupation Forces back into Japan and the subsequent carnage would have been millions of Japanese dead.  There were no estimates lower than 1,000,000 Gringos dead should combat have included an invasion of the Japanese main islands.
     Without the same treatment of the Germans and their allies, all derived in the main of good, solid, and admirable, intelligent people....they would have still be climbing out of the rubble to this day had we not destroyed Dresden, Nuremberg, and Berlin.
     And all of it was due to the unwillingness of the Powers to knock the legs out from under the rearmament by the Germans by an obviously deranged person during the 1930s.  Kill a thousand now....or see 60,000,000 die to-morrow.  Blow up that factory now, or watch 2,000 medieval Cathedreal and Churches, works of art all, reduced to fine sand.   Point at where  1,000,000 libraries, museums, concert halls, homes, saloons, restaurants, and storied places "used to be".  Romance, elegance, children's laughter, kites, big steins of great beer, music.....Cathedral choirs...Christmas scenes.


This is what the Austrian Corporal was willing to lose in the gamble that he could destroy the English, the Russians, the lesser peoples of Europe, the Americans, and obtain those lands and South America and much of Africa as well.

     The poseur we have as President is counting on the fact that we think that 150 single plane "sorties" has any strategic effect upon deranged Muslim maniacs.  They need to be captured on the battlefield, taken to the wall for war crimes, and in their presence, made to watch the dipping of the bullets that will be used by our firing squads, into pork grease and entrails.  That way they will know that their contaminated-by-pork souls will never reach the paradise of the 72 virgins who look like (Sir Edmund) Hillary.

     In the moments immediately following the flowering of the ISAL offensive, Obama stalled and dallied when any decent brigadier general  or old sergeant would have know instinctively that this was the very time hit them and to hit them relentlessly.  They were, many if not most, drinking alcohol...gathering in columns of scores and hundreds of vehicles,  on the main highways...driving around celebrating their having murdered several thousand innocents.  But for Obama, demagogic harangues and inciting racial hatred over Ferguson (or whatever), fundraising for the progressive movement, and golfing with his millionaire / billionaire buds while vacationing among the "white folks" at Martha's Vineyard....are much more important things to do.

     Finally, there is no "moderate" anti-Bashir Assad resistance in Syria.  There is a gaggle of groups, almost all backed by different entities within the Persian complex.  Hezbollah has a general if not total control over the gaggle.  One must remember that while all this has been going on for the past two or three generations, the Assads have gradually moved...very, very slowly...over to an almost neutral position concerning the Hebrews.  Syrians, if they can every make it and their perpetual ruler (enter name of latest Assad) would love to have a Jordanian or Lebanese existence.  They are a similar people.  One of the united qualities about them is a willingness to somehow tolerate or even co-operate with the Jews and the Israeli state.    What is interesting is the huge number of Arab Muslims and Arabs who can get along with the Jews and visa-versa.  If only there were a mighty power to stand behind the people who would be willing to just "get along".   Obama is not that mighty power that could unite Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, the Emirates, to some degree Yemen, Dubai, and of course the Kurds of northeastern Iraq.   All of the previously name Muslim and substantially though not totally Arabic, seem to be able to argue and agree with the Gringos and the Jews.  Throw in the Saudis if in fact they would promise to spay and neuter all the Wahhabis under the control of the Crown and/or on Saudi soil.

     There is nothing worth hearing from a person who thinks that he can, just for yuks, spin double-entendres and obfuscated meanings that only Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Reggie Love, and that posse can understand.  There have been too many executive orders rescinding this or demanding that, too many lines drawn in shifting sands,  to many doctors kept, too many lectures from a racist who calls me a racist when neither I nor my cohort within the body politic is racist.   No more spread the wealth.  No more "workplace violence" by Islamic terrorists on American bases, no more "torture lectures" when we are fighting people who behead the unarmed, the eight year old Christian and "wrong denomination Muslim" girls, who gun down prisoners of war, legally surrendered by any standard the thousands....No, No, NO! 

    We must dull, bend, and melt down their scimitars and the demons who wield them.  There are probably several score million Muslims worth saving, quite frankly, but they will not follow or consult with anything less than Lawrence of Arabia outside their sub-set of the white race.  Frankly, I doubt that Obama's colour and racial composition helps him at all among these folks.   I know, without reservation, that Obama is no Lawrence of Arabia.  That personage is used because there is, quite frankly, something to be said for a non-Arab, non-muslim to be involved in establishing a proud, conservative, faithful, and prosperous assembly of peoples in northern Africa and our shared Holy Lands.   The Turks did it with an iron fist, T.H. Lawrence did it with measured force and algebraic reason.   Obama cannot do it because his vision is bounded by his hatred of white people and anyone who does not cleave unto the undefined notions of socialism that he failed to learn or that Saul Alinsky failed to reveal to him in his Sacred Luciferine Text "Rules for Radicals".   The above-left inclusion leads off the dedications of Alinsky's above-named book.
Destruction.   The word '' decimate" that is used so much to indicate total destruction, is also used by Obama.   Obama snickers when he uses it because he was told a secret by someone who can speak, read, and write better than Obama's  "Marine Corpse" understanding  and use of the English language.    The word "decimate" means to reduce by one-tenth.   Decimation was a punishment of dishonourable performance by military units of the Roman Legion.  Upon the determination of pertinent authority that a unit had been dishonourable they were taken to a cliff or some appropriate place, and every tenth man would be pushed off into the abyss or speared by ten javelins thrown from a close distance, until one-tenth of the unit was dead.   Other systems of arriving at that outcome were used.
      But I call for the total, absolute destruction of this group, ISIL which we and many other identified 14 months ago...predicting every move they would make and every step they would take.   If I can, then why not all the King's horses and all the King's men?   Because he wants American to lose, to be humiliated, and to assume its correct place in the septic tank with the nations that have been exploited by the Americans.
     Not listening intently five hours from now.  What ever he says will not count and will have to be re-explained to-morrow morning.  I am going to Youtube and watch a video that makes fun of Mohammed.  Apparently it exists, because Barry and (Sir Edmund) Hillary told me so.
El Gringo Viejo