Thursday, 4 September 2014

El Zorro's 5th Amendment Guru and general wise man, Mark Levin, speaks

Radio Talker Mark Levin on his show August 22, 2014 to a caller on why liberal Democrats lie.....

"Listening to you, something else really came to mind here too. You know why the Tea Party is hated so much really?

And conservatives are hated so much, really? It’s because we tell the truth.

It’s because we tell the truth. In order to be a Utopian Statist, on the
left, which is what the Democrat Party represents, you must lie.

You must lie about the future. You must lie about entitlement programs and whether or not they’re financially.

You have to lie about securing the border. You must lie and you must lie serially, all the time.

And if you’re a RINO neo-statist Republican, you have to lie a lot too.
And you have to abandon core principles because you have to make a choice.
Do I throw in with the neo-statist forces or do I tell the truth.
So the reason why I believe, listening to you and thinking about this, off the top of my head; the reason to why I think conservatives and the Tea Party which is a part of the conservative movement, are hated so much is because we tell the truth about what’s going on and the truth (about) what needs to be done."
     The big business types who think that they need the government to help with making "private, public, and community organisation  co-operation" to do this or that project are National Socialists, whether they like it or not.  They especially want to use the central government to freeze out competition, and to underwrite the losses of big business.
     The big fish throw out ideas to "help the working man" like minimum wage, social security, Medicare, and college student loans, knowing full well that all such things are traps for the working class and even the upper middle class of citizen.   Every social welfare programme and intervention made to "protect" one class or another of the population has finally served to enslave those who were supposedly to be helped.

     One watches with sadness at the surly, arrogant swagger of the obviously not underfed "minimum-wage, fast-food workers" demanding  at the very least a doubling of the present minimum wage.   Even to some people who have a bit of a brain, it is not understood that if a person is making 15.oo/hour it actually costs almost 20.00/hour due to employer contributions that are required for the social security Ponzi scheme and the  Medicare-(charge your children or die quickly scheme).   As of now, about one-half of the adult population is incapable of remotely understanding that a 15 dollar per hour wage costs the business 20 dollars per hour.
     I have had the pleasure to try to explain that fact to a fairly sharp dullard, and have been met with, "Yeah..but you just take it off of your income tax.  You rich people gots all kinds of write-offs that poor people don't gets."
     There is so much that has been placed forever in in the bulk of the Black African cohort of the American Republic's population...sacrificed cold-bloodedly to the end that people like (Sir Edmund) Hillary could flop her big.....coterie down in the Hamptons.   We look at the reaction of marxist saboteurs such as we have throughout this Administration and shake our heads in wonder.
     Eric Holder has spent more time in Ferguson, and committed more people  including 40 FBI and DOJ investigators for the purpose of essentially suborning perjury than on the IRS, Benghazi, and Fast & Furious combined.  For what?  For the purpose of raising the value of a cheap, thug, bully....another Treyvon Martin.... to the value of something human.  No matter how many times one asks, ''Why do you not attempt something reasonable in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Los Angeles, New Orleans and the like?  The murder rate affecting black people in such settings is incomprehensible," the answer is always silence.

    The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost the United States about 6,500 dead and 50,000 wounded.   That is a bit less than the three days of battle at Gettysburg.  Of course, both sides in that particular engagement were Americans, and brothers are best at the art of killing each other.
     Not to be outdone, the predominately Black zip codes in middle-sized and large cities killed more people each year during the 12 years of War in the Middle East than we lost fighting said wars.  A fair estimate of the average lost in the "urban wars among young Black men" is 8,000 to 9,000 per annum, and that is being a bit conservative.   These numbers are catastrophic.  Coupled with the purposeful whelping of babies strictly for AFDC and public assistance in many forms....and all the attendant wonders if the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives people might think about devoting a couple or three agents to the Urban Murder Plague.
     It might help to determine why the guns sent to Mexico did not have tracking devices.   And also, why the Gestapo Division of the Internal Revenue "Service" is allowed to crunch the bones of Conservative groups while the NEA and Labour Unions are left un-fettered.   Just one or two...maybe five agents to take care of cases that would be a slam-dunk in a rural Texas county with a real DA and a real investigation unit instead of a goon-squad-against- normalcy.

     We are living in the worst of times because of the fact that the holder of the office of president is most certainly a Manchurian candidate, a veritable Fifth Column drone, and the zombies of the Obsolete Press have essentially woven him a magic carpet to keep him out of reach of what would put the rest of us in prison.

More Later, and we sincerely appreciate each of you putting up with my ire.
El Gringo Viejo